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Chapter 127: Change in the Turbid Clouds (Part 1/2)

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Through this complex method of interference between the mental plane and the material plane, Ouyang Chen realized a 'peeling' of the material plane. The virtual and the real both appeared, establishing a spatial rift that was like the real world. 

The rules and laws were within the rift. However, the delicacies were not as easy as constructing skyscrapers. The deeper details would only tax the mind to the extent that the gains did not outweigh the losses. Luo Nan just observed the general outline. He did not continue to be entangled within.

To explain such things to Red Fox would involve far too much information. Quite a bit of it was of Luo Nan's individual understanding. He lacked confidence in expressing himself with words, so he did not talk for a time.

He heard the sound of a car come extremely close to him while he pondered about how to respond. Luo Nan was about to check it out when his neck suddenly tightened. Someone was pulling his collar, dragging him. His back collided with the car.

"Don't waste time. Get in the car now!" Zhang Yingying emerged from the vehicle, urging Luo Nan with impatience. She had brought over a military medical vehicle. The space in the back was sealed and rather large. It could load several dozen people without any problems.

"What's so pressing?"

Luo Nan thought that another mission was given to them and he did not bicker with Zhang Yingying. Instead, he nodded to Red Fox and entered the vehicle first. Xue Lei, Red Fox, and the others followed behind him. They went in one by one. However, everyone soon became a bit dumbstruck.

The scene inside was a bit different from what everyone had imagined. The space was relatively narrow for various equipment and instruments were packed densely within. When the few people went inside, the space became a bit cramped.

"To the hospital."

Bai Xinyan had taken off her jacket and changed into the white gown of a doctor. She even wore sterilized gloves on her hands. She was dressed all out.

Luo Nan stared stupidly while Zhang Yingying next to him took off his clothes. She pulled off his outer garments and lifted his undergarments.

"Woooow," spoke Xue Lei with emotion.

Luo Nan's face soared in temperature with these many people in the car. "HEY!"

Zhang Yingying outright ignored him. Her fingers crawled under Luo Nan's undergarments and she touched the contours of the muscles of his back and waist quite impudently. "Though this body is F-Rank, a candidate for disability, he isn't that thin and weak."

Her soft and smooth fingers slid around. They felt warm, but they made Luo Nan quiver and shudder. He had forgotten the words that he was going to say.

"Looking at his body fat percentage, his body is still lacking compared to those of his age. However, it is nothing compared to his soul strength... Stay still!"

Bai Xinyan yelled at the squirming and struggling Luo Nan and stuck the electrical leads of some device to various locations on Luo Nan's body. Now it was quite awkward for Luo Nan to move even if he wanted to. As he was forced to obediently let Zhang Yingying take off his upper clothes, he asked with helplessness, "What the hell are you all doing?"

"You must feel great showing yourself off. You've turned into an incinerator in the blink of an eye. Don't worry, I'll reduce your fever for you!" Zhang Yingying was acting as an ad hoc nurse. She was quite amused as she jabbed and poked Luo Nan's body with her fingers. She played around quite delightfully.

Bai Xinyan saw how Luo Nan's body temperature was rising and she stopped Zhang Yingying from teasing him. She then began to calibrate her instrument and at the same time, she explained, "No one knows when the effects of the Shield of Truth will disappear. Right now, the growth rate of your soul strength is quite dangerous. One misstep and your soul strength will overtake your body. There won't even be the chance to save you. Therefore, we need to keep you under observation for 24 hours... No matter how good the equipment here is, there's nothing like the peace of mind of being at a hospital."

Luo Nan smiled bitterly. "It can't be that serious, can it?"

"We're just being prepared for the worst case scenario." There was a de-emphasis in Bai Xinyan's tone, but her mind was set. The troubles in the future were certainly going to be large. A bit of this could already be seen based on the way the previous two generations of the Luo family had left society.

In addition, Luo Nan's current troubles were not limited to just the imbalance between his body and soul.

As Bai Xinyan's words hung in the air, Red Fox frowned. He unconsciously extended his hand and pressed against his ear. His gaze turned toward Luo Nan. 

Xue Lei saw his actions to the side and said, "Hey! Did you hear something too…?"

Red Fox motioned for Xue Lei to keep quiet; then he made a few gestures to Papercut. "After the Logic World was erected, the Psychic Wave Network entered a frozen state. Even now, it has yet to be restored. Communicating secretly between us is now way less convenient than before."

Papercut read his gestures and soon nodded. He closed his eyes to sense for a moment and his expression turned grave. "Soul calling?"

"Yep, soul calling," said Bai Xinyan as she let out a rarely heard sigh. "I don't know what disaster your boss Luo has provoked now. An Weng is clearly stuck in the Logic World; his situation is dire. However, An Weng doesn't care about the damage to himself. He still tries to lock onto Luo Nan's position. In addition, he has already succeeded, more or less."

Within the vehicle, all their gazes were cast onto Luo Nan. The latter had nothing to say. With all those leads connected to his body, he could only act as a puppet to be moved about by others.

The door to the vehicle opened at this very moment. Cat Eyes, who had been idling away and lost, entered the vehicle as well. Then Bai Xinyan said, "Sister He and Bamboo Pole will move with the military. Right now, all our people are accounted for. There's no need to delay... No matter who we're facing, our number one priority is to create distance."

The car accelerated as she spoke and soon the building complex of Frost River Reality was tossed to the background. This was the same as withdrawing from the battlefield. 

Two minutes passed with several people exchanging glances. "We should be out of the range of the soul calling."

The group let out sighs of relief. They could finally disregard the intermittent callings within their ears. Right now, the military medical vehicle was already over a straight line distance of ten kilometers from Frost River Reality. As a Secretbound First Oblatum, it would be difficult for An Weng to contact Luo Nan at these distances. In addition, An Weng was isolated within the Logic World.

However, Luo Nan was not particularly optimistic... He was not hopeful that a moving vehicle would be able to remove the pressure from An Weng.

This thing known as 'distance' was not that significant to the current An Weng, to Luo Nan.

The twisted and tangled state of the multi-layered curtains of the Logic World caused distortions to appear in the distance of the mental plane. In a situation where the distance did not change on the material plane, there appeared a deviation between two points on the mental plane.

It was like the overused example of space folding. Take space to be like a piece of paper. There are two ends that are away from each other and there was originally a great distance separating them. However, they would become within reach when the paper folds and the two ends came together.

In regards to this sort of special structural pattern, Luo Nan could do more than just observe. In fact, after An Weng had driven his Human-Faced Arachnid to consume the high-imitation Human-Faced Arachnid in An Chengli's body, Luo Nan immediately discovered a hole and a chance.

Through the dark chains, Luo Nan established a connection between the Order of Justice's Human-Faced Arachnid and the Wraith Sign hidden far away in the Bloodflame Order. He utilized the special characteristics of the Logic World. He took advantage of the opportunity and built a colosseum. Or perhaps, one could call it an altar. 

Using the Format Pyramid as the foundation, Luo Nan erected the framework of the altar. Luo Nan was quite familiar with this action, so it was effortless.

There was only one thing different this time. It was the 'span'.

Luo Nan could make use of the Logic World and An Weng could do the same as well. This was because the Logic World existed within the seriously distorted mental plane. An Weng's evil intentions could not be blocked. Things were quite dangerous when An Weng began his assault with his evil intent. The projection of the Scales of Truth emerged in Luo Nan's mind. The most notable aspects were the unstable black and white plates moving up and down.

A seemingly familiar voice seeped into his heart.

"Those who yearn for the Truth will find themselves on the two sides of the scales."

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