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Chapter 125: Chains From the Void (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

An Weng was never one to reject order, but he demanded for order to be under his control.

Right now, he had focused all of his energy on controlling the probing process. He was completely unable to attend to the internals of the Human-Faced Arachnid... And even if he could, it would be useless!

An Weng had once tried to filter through the chaos within the Human-Faced Arachnid to create a complete model. However, he had failed against his expectations. This was because chaos was the nature of the Human-Faced Arachnid; it could not be altered.

As such, he had to use the kite-line that was Zheng Xiao to endure the chaos within the Human-Faced Arachnid and maintain his basic intellect. Otherwise, he would be completely suppressed by the Human-Faced Arachnid's instincts.

But now, An Weng actually sensed the power of order within the Human-Faced Arachnid. He never once doubted the results of his own research, so the answer became clear to him.

An external power had made its way inside!

There was no doubt about it. This power came from Mr. Spoil of War! This power had already been crushed to pieces by the devouring force of the Human-Faced Arachnid, but it had somehow reassembled itself.

Chaos once shattered would only become more chaotic. There was only one explanation that this power was able to restore itself. Its chaos was just a disguise. It was just a clever emulation.

This made An Weng think of the Faith Product he had developed not too long ago. The Faith Product was merely a reflection of his train of thought. He originally wanted to carefully sort through and gather much more information. However, Fairchild's appearance destroyed his initial plans.

From that moment onward, the situation grew more and more outrageous. The situation now had long since been unrecognizable.

Though the simple recollection of memory was meaningless, the clear context of details was able to help one sort through their thought process. Tracing back from this train of thought, An Weng finally confirmed that a mistake had appeared in his previous judgment.

The Human-Faced Arachnid he consumed was not a spoil of war. It was an imitated product; perhaps it was one of the Faith Products he had made. As far as he knew, that little toy had changed owners today. It had made its way to the hands of a certain teenager... 

From the taste of what he had consumed, this little toy was more advanced than his original version. It was to the extent that it could pass off as the real deal. This did not surprise An Weng. However, this teenager possessed some kind of inconceivable power of order. Additionally, through some special ability, this teenager stagnated the changes with the unbalanced state of the Scales of Truth time and time again.

Ouyang Chen should be expressing his thanks to this teenager, otherwise, he might not have had the time to erect his Logic World.

However, An Weng also recalled that this teenager should have been isolated from the Logic World...

Of course, this mystical little fellow made people furious!

With his attention deviating in direction, An Weng's efforts of probing the mental plane was all wasted; he lost the sensing trail that could have led him to the Gate of Truth. Yet An Weng did not let fury and related emotions take over him. Instead, he cast the probing waves in the complete opposite direction.

An Weng did a self-examination toward his Human-Faced Arachnid, locking onto the element of order incompatible with the chaos and pushing it back... If he did not get rid of the interfering element, all the searching and probing would be useless. 

The vibrating sound of shaking chains increased in clarity and its corresponding information continued to join and assemble. In the end, dark chains were formed, twisting, bending, and extending. It pierced the chaos housed within Number 3 and shot out countlessly linked barbs in all directions. These barbs seeped everywhere within the Human-Faced Arachnid. 

The situation was now much more troublesome than An Weng had initially judged.

In this form, the power of order declared its invasion toward the Human-Faced Arachnid. The end of the chains was long; it extended deeply into the depths of the mental plane. It was without a doubt that the mystical boy was connected at the other end.

Wasn't his name Luo Nan?

An Weng's thoughts coiled and knotted, forming an incorporeal chant. He had seen Luo Nan's basic information before, so locking onto Luo Nan's aura through the Evolution Field was more than enough for a Secretbound First Oblatum.

A highly fatal secret curse was gradually forming. The next time An Weng locked onto Luo Nan, he would unleash his curse without the slightest hesitation. The barrier between the mental and the material would be forcefully destroyed and all his worries would be resolved.

This was not the smartest way to go about things but it was the most direct. Even though this would put him in a dangerously weak state as a soul parasitically attached within the Human-Faced Arachnid, he was going for it.

An Weng's mind followed along the chains. With the aid of the Human-Faced Arachnid, the sealed and chaotic structure of the Logic World's space did not hinder him at all. In the process, An Weng accidentally affected the plane of reality but now a new change was occurring to the situation.

He had an approximate recollection of Luo Nan's last location before the Logic World was erected. He locked onto that direction and scanned the plane of reality. An Weng was confident that he would lock onto his target in two seconds.

The probing waves were able to smoothly cut out of the Logic World. It was hard for Ouyang Chen to restrict the probing power of the Human-Faced Arachnid. However, in the next moment, the external information that came over was not the scenery of the metropolis. Instead, it was a starry sky that made one dazed and lost; it was just that strange.

An Went was dazed for just a moment before he soon woke up. The starry sky was the projection of someone's consciousness.

He had made contact with Luo Nan. This boy seemed to be short of live combat experience. There were practically no counter detection measures on the exchange of the mental plane. 

In an instant, the two sides were engaging in combat with short-reach weapons... short eh?

An Weng was just about to unleash his deadly curse but he had no choice but to stop. He never imagined that the scene of this person's consciousness would be this vast and grand. Indeed, though the power within was near non-existent, this sort of manifestation was an inconceivable accomplishment. 

This was merely the reconstruction of Luo Nan's perception. An Weng needed to trace back to the source and find the core of Luo Nan's consciousness.

Yet behind this scene of a starry sky were the auras of countless living beings. They appeared here as stars and together they established a hazy and vast structure.

Moreover, the scene that was formed from Luo Nan's observations and perception could not described as just vast. Luo Nan fully utilized the mental plane and this included the Logic World's reality. Though the starry sky was smooth and uniform, if one looked at the whole, it was actually filled with complicated and warped details. It was like a labyrinth.

As for Luo Nan's core consciousness, it was hidden behind layers and layers of curtains. It was difficult to discern its location.

If Luo Nan had created this starry sky structure by force, An Weng could collide against different sides to find his target via feedback. However, within this realm of pure perception, the more he looked, the easier it was for Luo Nan to lead him by the nose.

In addition, from the perspective of a Human-Faced Arachnid, this environment was like a pot of soup with a smell that pervaded everywhere. The Human-Faced Arachnid began to get restless from an instinctual great terror. This spread An Weng's power thin.

An Weng made a quick decision. He gave up probing on the plane of reality to stop wasting time... There were still the chains.

The power of the dark chains continued to increase, restraining the chaotic nature of the Human-Faced Arachnid. It made Number 3 feel uneasy, so An Weng simply strengthened this instinct of Number 3 and had it search by following the chains backward.

In any case, the master of these chains had to undoubtedly be Luo Nan.... Huh?

Number 3's probing suddenly halted. An enormous sense of oppression came at this very moment. It was like a storm of flames that came screaming from the end of the chains. The sudden increase in external pressure heated the chaotic essence of the Human-Faced Arachnid into a pot of boiling oil.

If the Human-Faced Arachnid possessed awareness, the boiling of its instinct would surely cause it to scream loudly.

It would scream danger, danger!

This common yet different terrifying force came crashing down. Number 3's combat instincts were pressed to its limits. A battle through space exploded out in an instant.

In the face of the Human-Faced Arachnid's boiling instinct, An Weng's control ability plummeted to the minimum. He became like a small boat that was rocking up and down within a sea of lava. He could capsize at any moment.

The situation was once again out of his control.

He suddenly understood. Luo Nan absolutely was not on the other end of the chains. Instead, it was another damned Human-Faced Arachnid... And an extremely powerful one at that!

How could this be?

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