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Chapter 102: Debating the Truth (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

"What chains?"

Of the people participating in the encrypted channel, only He Yueyin had somewhat of an understanding. Everyone else was completely lost.

Cat Eyes had once experienced them before.  She knew what they were but it was extremely complicated for her to explain it to them clearly. She could only simply say, "It's a skill Mr. Luo uses on the mental plane."

This explanation actually mixed up the nature and technique of Luo Nan's ability but no one was able to point this out.

Luckily, Fairchild possessed his own view only. He was not able to receive the information from the encrypted channel. He spoke calmly in his deep and low voice, "Looking at your chains is like looking at an airtight prison. The rules, regulations, restrictions, controls…your prison possesses a feeling of orderliness that makes one pleasantly surprised. I really like it."

This kind of evaluation in this kind of form was really unexpected. It was both admiration and idle gossip. Additionally, it gradually eased the tension that was previously in the air.

This was a good beginning.

However, there was still a problem. Everyone was able to tell that Luo Nan was not experienced at handling such situations—his responses were extremely slow. He had missed his best chance to talk. He did not respond at all while facing Fairchild directly even when the sound of Fairchild's voice faded away. He maintained his silence from beginning to end.

From the perspective of the observers, the alleviation of the atmosphere barely lasted for two seconds before turning back to being awkward and stiff.

The encrypted channel was in a hubbub. "He wasted his chance!"

Cat Eyes was able to feel things clearer since she was next to him. She was a bit worried so she stepped forward, wanting to replace Luo Nan in the conversation.

She made a step, half blocking Luo Nan, and suddenly stopped. The words she had formed in her mouth could not be spoken for some reason. Her aura also became a bit weaker.

She spoke with great difficulty, changing some of her words unconsciously. "Mr. Fairchild, we believe this is all a misunderstanding. We were chasing a Human-Faced Arachnid when we encountered this dirty secular exchange. We were also putting a stop to it…" 

Fairchild continued to be expressionless, he did not even glance at Cat Eyes. He just responded with some admonishing words. "The Truth stands at the forefront, the secular will give way in face of its superior strength."

Cat Eyes’ mouth gaped but she suddenly had nothing to say. There was a more direct cause besides Fairchild's callous words. She had suddenly discovered that there was a more dangerous and direct undercurrent beneath the awkward and stiff atmosphere.

The dark undercurrent flowed on the mental plane. It laid in a deep region that Cat Eyes found hard to perceive. When Fairchild opened his mouth, a mental attack set off an enormous wave, allowing Cat Eyes to get a true peek at what was going on.

The sound of the rattling dark chains fed back information continuously, bringing a scent filled with vicious danger. From this, Cat Eyes was able to confirm that Luo Nan and Fairchild were still engaged in an incorporeal contest by her side. She had actually been completely ignorant of it!

Cat Eyes did not know when this contest had begun, how long it had been or when it had started. But at this moment, she truly felt that she was an outsider… And a blind one at that.

Bamboo Pole discovered that something was off from within the encrypted channel. "Standing at the forefront? Fairchild really seems to view Luo Nan in a favorable light?"

Cat Eyes did not respond. She was still recovering from the attack.

In the end, Bamboo Pole did not understand the situation. He could only randomly guess. "This can't go on. Fairchild has already brought out his stance. If he doesn't get a response right now, or a response that doesn't reach his expectations, who knows what he will do. How is Mr. Psychic's achievements in research and theory? Soul studies and philosophy? Who's more of an expert?"

"Also, skills shouldn't be involved in a conversation such as this. At Fairchild's level, he is able to differentiate between lies and truth. Regular speech is fine, just say what comes to mind…"

"I'll try."

Luo Nan's sudden response stunned everyone in the encrypted channel.

Actually, Luo Nan had constantly been paying attention to the information from the encrypted channel. He was extremely clear on what Bamboo Pole and Red Fox were discussing and their worries.

Indeed, Luo Nan and Fairchild were still probing each other in their confrontation on the mental plane. They communicated in a special way but this did not mean that Luo Nan was content in communicating in this way.

He did not really feel too well because he was using his soul strength continuously. The pressure his body was taking on was gradually accumulating. Achiness, pain, stiffness… Various negative influences were transmitted throughout his whole body by his nervous system. The information was gradually fed back to form a vicious and increasing loop.

If everything could be satisfied using simple words to communicate, why should he take on these unnecessary risks?

However, Luo Nan did not know what to say. His brain spun round and round but no matter how much he cranked, he was unable to find the perfect means for a response.

He also knew that communication between two people could never be perfect. After all, fear and pressure were taking over. Stalling for time had its limits.

Bamboo Pole's reminder more or less gave him a direction. What did he want to say the most when facing Fairchild's evaluation?

Luo Nan stared unwaveringly at Fairchild's callous and calm face. Several seconds passed before he took in a deep breath and spoke softly, "Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Fairchild."

"It's over!" The channel was in a clamor. Cries that he was done for happened over and over. If Luo Nan had responded this way in the first instance, things would have been fine. But to wait until now to thank him, how long did that make his reaction time be? 

The channel was in a mess so He Yueyin, who had not spoken in some time, directly cleared it. She did not need to do this for Luo Nan had already given up on referring to the channel. He just said what he wanted to say.

"This is one of the results of my grandpa's research. I call it 'My heart’s a prison'. A prison's prison. It's erected on the basis of Formatting Theory…" 

His grandfather's achievements, his grandfather's Formatting Theory were the only things he could talk nonstop about like an unceasing torrent in this world. After all, he had spent five years of blood, sweat, and tears researching it.

However, Fairchild did not talk to him to listen to a popular science version of an explanation. A couple of sentences later, Fairchild cut straight to the chase. He began to talk formally. "It has a marvelous operational method, forming special structures and functions. This is great. However, it has done a terrible job of tempering your body. Is this because it lacks a system?"

This was Fairchild's criticism towards My heart’s a prison. Luo Nan knew that Fairchild was absolutely correct. However, in this moment, he felt he needed to reciprocate. "Mr. Fairchild, your mental storm also lacks orderliness and a feeling of tempo…"

The people participating in the encrypted channel lost their voices when these words were spoken. They couldn't even say, "He's done for." Where did his boldness come from?

The people in the channel finally reacted with a series of warnings.

"Calm down. You need to calm down!"

"Hold on for now. Fairchild doesn't have any bad intentions."

"You must not start a contention and make things worse for yourself."

Unfortunately, Luo Nan no longer paid any attention whatsoever to the suggestions from the encrypted channel. He continued with his words and said.

"Why is your mental storm like this?"

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