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Chapter 094: A Bad Mind (1/2)

Translator: Sarah

"Failed again… However, it is obvious that the difficulty increased. Oh right, this is designed especially for Burners."

Luo Nan exited the Frost River Waterway, not attempting to try it consecutively again. He simply sat on the high-back starship chair and closed his eyes, feeling the discomfort after the stimulation signals left his body.

Although there was no more pressure from the rushing cold water, his body still felt like it was a few dozen kilograms heavier. There were coordination problems in various parts of his body; he felt like an old machine that hadn't been oiled, he was a bit stiff between the joints.

He also felt muscle pain and cramping from the tearing of some of his muscle fibers. This was all caused by the discrepancy after the separation from the ‘Archetype Format’ model. The pain that he was experiencing at present was proof that the standards of his body were far from passing.

Luo Nan started moving his fingers after a minute and regained control of his body which had suddenly felt foreign. At this moment, an analysis hologram had risen up in front of his high-back chair, which continuously replayed the success and failing factors of his previous waterway adventure.

Luo Nan watched the evaluation out of habit; however, the evaluation was severely harsh and unlike anything he had seen before. "As a Burner, low-level mistakes that were hard to believe occurred with the basic Archetype Format; the distribution of internal energy were that of a beginner and the coordination ability between the body and internal energy were close to zero. It is recommended you immediately test the faults in the format as well as undergo strict basic training and go back to school for reconstruction..."  

"I was this bad?”

Luo Nan touched his head and could not help but laugh despite himself. Perhaps it was because the system went according to the standard of Burners and the requirements went up by a lot...

After that, a 3D full-body image appeared on the screen. On the image, red and green lights, as well as blue and white lines, formed some close-knit nodes and outlines. The ‘red lights’ which represented mistakes were shockingly eye catching.

Luo Nan found this to be a bit surprising. "Even if this was a template selected by the Dynamo Core, why are there so many mistakes?"

He randomly selected a ‘red light’ that was located on the chest. This caused quite a few lights that were close to the area to light up as well. Even a group of nodes that were located far away on the leg were affected. It evidently showed a very systematic connection between the two areas.

The hologram beside it showed a close-up of the corresponding part and used a clear icon to portray the internal energy as the ‘axis’.  It also showed the flow, confluence, manifestation and mutual interference of the relevant energy and information in the special structure of the corresponding body part. Even the direct and indirect effects to nerves, blood vessels, muscle fibers, bones and internal organs in the material plane were shown. 

Even though Luo Nan did not understand half of the many models and formulas but with the basic concept of how energy and information operated, he could make out most of the rest. He looked on in both interest and agony.

He had found the source of the problem very quickly: No wonder there were so many mistakes. A lot of the nodes in the ‘Archetype Format’ model were affected by the interference of the ‘Self-Format’. It was all jumbled up.

Even if Luo Nan deliberately distinguished between virtual and reality; the innate ability that he had continued to rectify for the past five years included a sharp increase in his soul strength and continued to deepen this impression. It was something that could not be easily removed. 

From the playback system, it could be seen that the ‘Archetype Format’ model had already undergone a transformation within half a minute of covering Luo Nan's body.  Many key nodes were displaced and by this time, even the virtual ‘Format of Fire’ had yet to be ignited.

The strange thing was that at the end, when many nerve wirings were disturbed and distorted, he had actually succeeded in an ‘ignition’.  What was the reasoning behind this? 

Luo Nan subconsciously pressed his hand against his lower abdomen. He did not know whether it was due to the heat conduction from his palm, but he could vaguely feel a hint of warmth emitting from this area that would not go away.  


Luo Nan could not think of an explanation and could only continue to consult the system analysis playback to find the reason. As he watched, he came across a comprehensive, all-around analysis which left him slightly startled. 

Let alone anything else, just this error correction system was absolutely unattainable for his ‘family workshop’ style Format research.

With time, it would be very difficult for one not to succeed if one had such a system. This system had its timely and accurate simulation, playback and error correction methods all one needed on top of that was a little knowledge, talent, and hard work.

It was no wonder that within the short span of five to six years, the number of Deep Blue Walkers were already enough to fill four to five divisions while it continuously expanded.  

The Archetype Formatting Theory had indeed sky-rocketed after receiving support from capital and political power. It would be next to impossible to counterattack against it in the current social context.

"As expected, I can only expand my influence in the ability user society...Currently, I have made some progress as a psychic, or perhaps as my identity as Scout. However, it's still not enough, far from enough!"

Luo Nan was a bit distracted and right at this moment, his wristband vibrated. A call came through; it was Mo Qiu.

"Third Brother?”

"Nanster, where are you?" Mo Qiu asked straightforwardly.

Luo Nan was slightly startled. "I'm upstairs...”

"Upstairs where? Forget it, Come down now." Actually, Mo Qiu didn't care where Luo Nan was. Having been able to contact him, he let out a long sigh. "Come to the guide platform in the waiting lounge. I'll wait for you here."

"Third Brother, what's the matter..."

"Nothing much, Peng Seventeen just went overboard and had a bit of an extreme reaction. I think it's best to go home early and rest, come down quickly." 

"Oh, ok."

Luo Nan furrowed his brows after the call ended. Third Brother Qiu was obviously lying; there was a sense of forced calmness in his voice, he probably didn't want to let a ‘kid’ like him worry. However, the nervous tension both within and outside his words had totally betrayed him.

What happened?

His brain went into overdrive and Luo Nan took off his peripheral equipment and exited the VIP room without delay. As the door closed, he remembered that he was invited by Hu Huaying and should let him know that he was leaving, just to be polite. However, he did not get his contact details at the time...

Luo Nan shook his head and power-walked towards the elevators. After a short while, he met the two beautiful guides again. Both the long-haired and short-haired guides broke out in a sweet smile at the same time and playfully lifted their hats to him in greeting from a distance: 

”Hi, Chief!"

Luo Nan responded with a nod and told the two as he got closer. "Later, when Senior Hu comes back, please tell him that something came up and I need to leave first..."

The short-haired guide widened her eyes. "You're not going to play for a while longer, Chief Luo? It's not even been an hour."

"No, something came up." Luo Nan nodded to the two and walked towards the elevator.

Seeing that Luo Nan was in a rush, the two guides exchanged glances then bowed together. "We'll be sure to pass on your message."

The elevator rang and the door opened to the side. As Luo Nan was about to enter, he saw a group of four or five people laughing as they exited. They were all drunk and one of them was Hu Huaying.

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