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Chapter 3 Xiaorou from Snow Clan

The climbed of the palm of the wind Guonan the scalp numb.

but his body was motionless and his face was full of freeze.

big Palm to meet Guonan's hair is stopped.

Guoziyi glaring at the Guonan, angry whole body shivering!

"You get out of here! "

Guoziyi a foot Guonan kick fly very far, then toward Guo Yao squat down body, tearful."

Guonan cover the lower abdomen up, watching crouching on the ground holding Guo Yao body, seems to instantly aged a few years old Guoziyi, heart can not bear: "Grandpa, carefully hurt the body." Guo Yao has the way to die, and keeping it is also a scourge. I killed him today without any mistake. "

said, Guonan trotted away, his face extremely indifferent.

"to deal with the enemy, must be ruthless!" ASIO, sooner or later, it will be a scourge! "

back to his own hospital, see Guonan, a beautiful maid met, surprised way:" Master you come back? " "

Guonan looked at the beautiful maid in front of him, Xiao Soft, his close servant girl.

so-called close servant girl, that is, a lifetime to follow the service of the master, signed the deed that. When the master marries a formal wife, close-fitting servant girl will often become a concubine room. The close servant girl of the Master of the family, the looks will not be bad.

Guonan in front of the small soft, long beautiful and vulgar, although only 55 years old, physical development is excellent, so that Guonan can't help but have to hold her in the arms of the urge to love hard.

"Damned predecessor, really colored embryo, memory fusion unwittingly affected me." But it is strange, how can the soft body have the snow family Yarragua printing? "

Guonan eyes squinted into a seam, staring at the small soft lower abdomen," I was reborn strength completely lost, induction force is still in, snow family Yarragua printing, that is the very north of the snow family unique chastity defense ah. " "

," master, what's wrong with you? "See Guonan eyes eccentric staring at their own look, small soft blush panic, young master will not think about that again?"

several times Guonan want to make out with her, to the last step, always by a strange force to fly out. For this reason, Guonan not less distressed, guarding a beautiful as a flower of the little beauty, but can't eat, not to mention how helpless.

small soft also very depressed, teenage girl is always spring, Guonan although naughty unbearable, but to her very good, never beat scolding, she also want to meet Guonan, only pity ...

"Nothing, go inside." "

Guonan temporarily put the Snow clan Yarragua printing things aside, in the small soft service under the wash and dressing, then fell asleep." For several days of cultivation, he was tired, the Iron Man can not boil.

early in the morning, Guonan held a rusty iron sword and stood in a secluded place in the garden of Wangfu.

"I am now too poor, deep martial arts can not practice, first practice the basic sword style, have some self-preservation force." "

the Guonan of the previous world, the cultivation of a number of strong martial arts skills, the most powerful, is the swordsmanship."

"Royal body, shredded gold, snake, these three sets of basic sword type fierce bully, each set is 12 tricks, the most suitable for me now." "

Guonan, with his eyes closed in his mind for a while, began to practice his sword.

rehearsed five times after the sixth time, Guonan back the feeling of the year.

far away, his pace movement chic to the extreme, swordsmanship subtle, quite a bit of flowing out of the breath of dust. Sword Light glittering sword gas rolling, the royal body, shredded gold, snake 36 sword-style sword is better than a sword, the connection between the moves are closely no flaw!

Snake Sword out, that whoop of the empty rattle, seems to have to tear the air in general!

The Royal Sword is also exquisite, in his body formed a fine net of the sword, will be his whole cover. The rusty iron sword seemed to have transformed all over his circumference into thousands of swords, and the Red Mans twinkled and chilled sen!

Broken Golden Sword out, rusty iron sword seems to become a bit of dragon, with shredded gold chop stone, cut off a pine ancient tree, leaving a smooth mirror section.

Guonan to collect swords, the body of a burst of warm currents gushing out, the naked eye visible white heat steaming up. Tired as he was, there was a color of satisfaction in his handsome, tender face.

"Billions of miles of road, have to walk step by step, when I re-board the day of subversion, chopped up those five villains to feed the dog!" "

Guonan thought, eyes appear fortitude color, cross-legged sitting on the ground, and found a martial arts, called the law of the Control Yuan, began to dive. The method of

control element is a very basic tip for controlling the release of force forces. To the four segments of the cluster, can barely practice. In the gathering environment, can cultivate the martial arts, really not much.

"This kid, can't you meet any tall guy?" "

Guoziyi stood in the distance, staring at the Guonan, frowning. In the past Guonan, where will take the initiative to cultivate? And Guoziyi deeply know, Guonan meridians blockage, talent is poor, doomed not to have great, this seems to be a completely different scene.

"is like a change of person, in the past, unless he put a knife around his neck, he will fool to practice for a while ... Last night to his eldest brother under the fierce spicy, where is the previous he can compare? "

Guoziyi thought, the dim eyes gradually rose a bit of relief.

"Anyway, this kid can suddenly turn, no matter what happens to him, it's a good thing." We Guo's family, only so one only child left. Long Yangcheng soon will be changed, Guo family seems to be beautiful scenery, but it is stormy ah. "

for a few days, Guonan in the Royal Palace peace of mind dive." The death of Guo Yao, the so-called ugliness can not be ugliness, Guoziyi closed all the news.

"Master, Master, I'm looking for you." "Xiao Soft found Guonan in the garden," said the pretty voice.

See Guonan diligent cultivation, Xiao Soft is also from the bottom of my heart for Guonan happy.

"This small Niko, the development is really good, some have has, the character is also very good, if not that damn Snow clan Yarragua printing, really want to find a time to eat her ah." "

Guonan looked up and down the small soft, provoked the small soft face ashamed red."

"Xiao Soft, look at that fish. "Guonan pointed to a fish in the lake with a smile.

"What's wrong? "asked Xiao Soft.

"It's going to die soon. "Guonan smiled.

small soft flat mouth, when Guonan is in search of happiness.

Guonan fingers slightly moved, pinched a few hand tips, transport control Yuan method, a water force quietly in the lake condensed out, stabbed into the fish body.

the poor little fish's internal organs were devastated and his white belly turned over.

small soft anger tongue look at the "curse" died of the small fish, and then look at the Guonan, that guy carrying a rusty iron sword, has gone far.

"Grandpa, are you looking for me? "

because of the guoziyi under the nose killed Guo Yao, in the face of Guoziyi, he was a little guilty."

"You've been practicing very well lately." "Guoziyi looked at Guonan.

"It's okay." "Guonan smiled modestly," Grandpa came to me just to say this? "

Guoziyi staring at Guonan looked at for a while, the bottom of my heart wry smile, a few days of observation, did not see, this boy in the end is what realm, to their own Dan Yuan initiates, should not AH!

"Emperor has given marriage to our Guo family, Prince Ji with the exquisite Princess is on the way." Alas, the emperor did not name the marriage to who, I was going to let you inherit the title, let your eldest brother married the exquisite princess, but your eldest brother ... "

" ready, this marriage, inevitably. "

Guoziyi is extremely ugly.

before the Guonan coveted Princess beauty, want to marry that woman, including Guo Yao, are fascinated by that woman. But now the Guonan mind meticulous, from Guoziyi's face, can see a lot of problems. Emperor

gave the marriage Guo home, not grace, but want to rely on marry control Guo home. For Guo's family, it's not a good thing at all.

Guonan smiled bitterly and asked, "Grandpa, what happens when you refuse a royal marriage?" Are you afraid of offending the royal family? "

" that is not, as long as you can master the military power, offend the royal family and how? Military power is still in my hands now, the Royal family dare not deal with our Guo family. But with the royal marry, is in my absence of seal before the order, if I refuse, will be ridiculed by the world. At that time, the royal family in order to inspire us Guo family to work on the initiative to put forward marry, to the present, has become a shackle. "Guoziyi helpless way."

"did not expect, killed Guo Yao, on the contrary is lift." "

Guonan eye beads around, evil and evil laugh up, a ruse, in his heart formed."

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