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Chapter 838: Divine Flame Imperial Robe

In the end the Gorefiend turned into an orange-red shade, as if it had been burnt as it started to melt.

The blood crystals inside its body began to fall out and drop to the ground. Unlike the flames set off by that imperial robe, a river of blood formed the moment it hit the ground!

The S-tier Gorefiend was completely different from the standard Gorefiend. Their crystal core was like a Sacred Stone, possessing a huge quantity of power. The blood quickly started to fill the crater, hitting the still burning flames and generating patches of blood-red fog.

The clouds in the sky were starting to get dyed red. If it rained right now, the people in this ruined city would probably get wiped out.

In the large crater, the blood got so heated that it had begun to boil due to the scorching aura but its power had dropped by a vast degree. At least, enough to the point where tiers could withstand it.

“Bai Li, quick!”

Needless for him to say, Bai Li was already taking him through the bloody mist.

She pointed a finger at the center of the blood lake and in an instant a basketball sized blood crystal exuding a powerful aura emerged from it.

Qin Feng could not bear the temptation of such an aura and wanted to absorb it immediately, but he knew that he could not absorb the blood crystal right now!

This blood crystal was in the S-tier, but Qin Feng’s current state, even if it was beast emperor level, was only B-tier. If something this powerful was ingested, even if he had the Absorption Ability, there was a likelihood that he would implode.

Bai Li could withstand such a feeling, as a spatial beast, she had a long life and was not constantly thirsting for progression in life. As such, she quickly put the blood crystal into her space.

Without this aura, Qin Feng quickly recollected himself and his gaze fell onto something more important nearby.

That precious god armor robe.

This long robe embroidered with the symbol of the sun was constantly rising under the cover of flames. The raging fire and the aura of this S-tier god armor could be felt at all times.

The moment Qin Feng appeared nearby it, he felt a hundred consciousnesses targeted and locked onto him!

A series of exclamations could be heard, followed by a roar from the consciousness.

“Who, who dares touch the Divine Flame Imperial Robe!”

“That belongs to our empire!”

“Get out if you don’t want to die!”

The threats carried at a resounding volume, but why would Qin Feng care? With his powerful consciousness, unwaveringly, he reached out to collect the item known as the Divine Flame Imperial Robe.

The Flame Scepter might have exploded earlier, but it did not damage the Divine Flame Imperial Robe at all. Maybe because the robe was not affected by flames, that or maybe because it was just that powerful. There was no doubt that this was a fantastic treasure!

Due to Qin Feng not working under any S-tiers before he was reborn, he had no idea who got this treasure back then.

Now, it belonged to Qin Feng!

In the next moment, a scorching aura exploded from Qin Feng’s hand.


A terrifying flame engulfed Qin Feng’s body!

The scorching heat felt like he was being submerged in magma from the center of the Earth, or like, he was standing on the surface of the Sun.

Such temperature could completely burn any human being into a crisp.

Qin Feng and the Divine Flame Imperial Robe formed into a massive sun beam, even Bai Li was forced to retreat thirty meters away.

From a distance came the consciousness of a different group of people.

“Idiot, did you really think that the Divine Flame Imperial Robe was so easy to obtain?”

“Just die, the Divine Robe will not yield to anyone. For thousands of years, only His Majesty managed to control it. Those of royal blood could only keep it in their vaults. If one isn’t a level eight pyrokinetic master, how could they afford to control the Divine Flame Imperial Robe?”

If they meant level eight as in the S-tier then naturally it would have been impossible for Qin Feng to reach that.

However, if they were simply referring to the strength of the fire runes…

In the center of the sun beam, Qin Feng’s internal force was scorched away as he was about to snatch up the robe, but when he felt that the object’s heat was about to burn him, his fire ability was automatically activated.

A shroud of flame enveloped Qin Feng, compressing into a barrier to protect him from his surroundings and preventing the heat from harming him.

However, he did not let go of the Divine Flame Imperial Robe, instead a spiral began to form between his eyebrows.

The artifact was alive, especially items that had reached S-tier. They must have their own special requirements, otherwise they could not be controlled by whoever killed their wielders.

This was the situation now.

“Taming you isn’t easy!”

As Qin Feng spoke, a red flame burst out from the center of his brow. The Sacred Flame Meteor he discovered under Mohrian’s lair was rolling out its billowing fire runes, once again trying to protect him and fighting against the Divine Flame Imperial Robe.

Not only that, in the vortex in Qin Feng’s brow, two planets began to rotate.

The largest black crystal planet began to burst forth with a horrifying attracting force.

The runes that threatened Qin Feng were gradually getting absorbed by this attraction and they involuntarily broke away from their previous arrangement to join Qin Feng’s consciousness.

Once in there, they no longer belonged to the Divine Flame Imperial Robe and instead obeyed Qin Feng’s command.

The second thing that was rotating was naturally the fire crystal core given to him by the Wisdom Fruit. This flaming gem planet was starting to absorb the fire runes from the robe one after the other.

In this state of ebb and flow, the runes around Qin Feng were quickly being absorbed and the burning force of the Imperial Robe was getting smaller and smaller.

At the edge of the large crater, the humans who had thought that Qin Feng would be consumed by the Divine Flame Imperial Robe were all slack-jawed as they watched the miniature sun become more and more transparent before revealing the figure inside.

In the end, the fire disappeared and the Divine Flame Imperial Robe could be seen more compliantly attached to Qin Feng.

Its overwhelming flame had disappeared and its terrible aura seemed to have been tamed. It had become an elegant and aesthetically pleasing article of clothing that was draped over Qin Feng’s body. It even automatically turned into a size suitable for Qin Feng’s figure!

The god armor had attuned to its owner!

“How…how is that possible?”

“He actually attuned with the Divine Robe!”

“No, the Divine Robe is mine! I, too, will obtain it!”

“He is not one of us! He’s a human from another plane, undeserving of the Divine Robe, let’s take it back!”

“Get him!”

Countless humans shouted out.

However, compared to them, there were others that were faster.

Boom boom boom boom boom!

From the blood lake under Qin Feng’s feet, five Gorefiends burst out from it and rushed toward him and Bai Li.

More accurately, they were going after Bai Li because she took away the S-tier blood crystal.

All of these Gorefiends were tier. Before, one Gorefiend could take on a beast deity, but now that she was facing against five, her face had begun to turn pale.

Only Qin Feng still carried in his eyes a thirst for battle!

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