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Chapter 1068: Blood Cocoon

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“So that’s how it is. However, this body of yours is also very good. After I absorb it, it will be enough to make up for what you’ve swallowed!”

As Gorefiend Prime spoke, countless blood-colored dragons suddenly appeared on his gigantic body and pounced toward Qin Feng.

Using his consciousness to detonate Qin Feng’s body was obviously not enough to kill Qin Feng.

Thus, Gorefiend Prime intended to let his blood come into contact with Qin Feng and completely detonate him.

However, this time, it was exactly what Qin Feng wanted.

The dark serpent-man opened its mouth and swallowed the blood. Qin Feng’s physical strength also increased rapidly.


SSS1-tier physical strength.

When the Gorefiend Prime saw that not only was Qin Feng not injured, but had become more courageous as he fought, and had even advanced, his expression instantly turned ugly. The power he released was even more powerful.

However, these powers were actually unable to penetrate Qin Feng’s internal energy hard qi. Instead, they fueled his dark power.

“Gorefiend Sacrificial Heaven!”

The Gorefiend Prime could only release his consciousness again. This time, Qin Feng also had no way to dodge. That consciousness was omnipresent, causing Qin Feng’s blood to explode once again.


Several bloody holes burst open on Qin Feng’s body, and Qin Feng was once again covered in injuries.

However, this situation quickly eased up, and his body began to heal on its own. He was as good as new.

Not only that, but this time, it was even faster.

“I don’t believe that you can continue like this. You can have energy, but what about pain? Can you endure it?”

The energy life form of an Immortal did not have any pain, but Qin Feng was still a body of flesh and blood. How could he endure it?

The Gorefiend Prime crazily detonated the blood in Qin Feng’s body.

The attacks of the two were also released frequently.

In the universe, black colors and blood colors formed an alternating large net that continuously destroyed and devoured.

Qin Feng did not know how many times his blood had been detonated, whether it was dozens of times or hundreds of times. He could not count it anymore.

However, as the battle continued, Qin Feng’s strength became stronger and stronger. He had already advanced from the strength of an SSS1-tier to an SSS3-tier.

Such an advancement was extremely terrifying.

However, this was not surprising. When Qin Feng devoured the Gorefiend Prime’s blood, it was equivalent to directly devouring an Immortal’s resources. Just the death of the Giant Star Turtle Immortal was enough to allow Qin Feng’s physical strength to leap to SSS-tier, the Gorefiend Prime was actually sending his own energy and life up for Qin Feng to devour.

Qin Feng was already numb to the pain, but his consciousness was on the verge of being depleted.

“Hahaha, let’s see how long you can last. You human, you’ve really impressed me!” The Gorefiend Prime laughed out loud. He had already sensed the weakening of Qin Feng’s strength. The number of phantoms of the human-faced snakes had changed from nine to one.

This was because Qin Feng’s consciousness was only at the SSS-tier, so he could not last long.

When Qin Feng was unable to cast the Absorption Ability, it was the time for him to die.

Gorefiend Prime firmly believed this.

However, at this time, Qin Feng did not use the human-faced snake-body phantom of the Absorption Ability to attack Gorefiend Prime again. Instead, he raised his hand and took out a large saber from his back.

The beast skin fell off and the large saber was revealed. The green material on it was obviously ordinary, but it gave off a very heavy feeling.

“This is…” Gorefiend Prime was knowledgeable and quickly realized something. This saber was actually made from the materials of an Immortal-level ultra beast.

This made him very shocked.

What was the origin of this human in front of him? Even if he was the descendant of an elite, those people might not be able to possess such a weapon. Who was so rich and powerful?

This was simply impossible.

At this moment, Qin Feng’s consciousness was transmitted out.

“Gorefiend Prime, you only have half of the energy left in your body, right? If that’s the case, I wonder how many sabers you can withstand!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Qin Feng raised his Verdant Emperor Saber.

In an instant, Gorefiend Prime sensed danger.

“Immortal Spirit Chain Rend!”

Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber was infused with internal energy, and an incomparably powerful spirit began to expand.

The spirit of the Giant Star Turtle Immortal revealed a powerful might, and then pounced toward Gorefiend Prime as if they were going to die together.

They were not truly going to die together, because at this moment, the spirit of the Giant Star Turtle Immortal was in the form of a saber light.

Originally, Qin Feng was incomparably small. Compared to Gorefiend Prime, his body was like a drop of dust.

But now, the Giant Star Turtle Immortal’s spirit was slashed out along with the Verdant Emperor Saber, slicing through the universe. Powerful energy surged out and swept across the stars.

The power of the star-slaying iron was also unleashed.

“Not good!”

Gorefiend Prime also realized something. In the next moment, the blood-colored robe on his body grew bigger and bigger. It tore through the universe and collided with the Giant Star Turtle Immortal’s spirit.


The blood tsunami was instantly shattered, and Gorefiend Prime’s expression changed drastically.

Even though the power of the Spirit Chain Rend had been blocked, the energy in Gorefiend Prime’s body was instantly reduced by one-third. This meant that if Qin Feng released the Spirit Chain Rend again, the fourth slash would be the death of Gorefiend Prime.

Most importantly, the star-slayer hit his body. It had the power to cut stars. Although the realm core was hidden in his body, the weapon with the star-slaying iron had power equivalent to killing the energy core with each strike.

It was very likely that Gorefiend Prime would be killed by Qin Feng!

“I don’t believe that you can still use such an ability a few more times!” Gorefiend Prime roared angrily. Then, his consciousness rapidly enveloped the blood that had been dispersed into the surroundings and drew back his own power.

Gorefiend Prime was thinking that it was fortunate Qin Feng would not be able to use such power again.

However, he was disappointed.

Internal energy appeared on Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber once again.


The Giant Star Turtle’s spirit appeared once again and charged over.

Gorefiend Prime let out an angry roar, but his body quickly shrank to form a giant blood-colored cocoon. The spirit slashed down on it.


The outer shell of the giant blood-colored cocoon quickly melted and became thinner. Finally, it turned into a translucent red color.

However, one could see Gorefiend Prime from within the red color. He was now only two meters tall, and he looked just like a normal human. He raised his blood-claw-like hand and drew a line through the air in the middle of the cocoon.

In the next moment, a spatial rift appeared.

Gorefiend Prime then quickly leaped into it.


The Spirit Chain Rend instantly pierced through the outer shell of the cocoon. Then, it hit the top of the rift, tearing it into tens of thousands of meters long.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Qin Feng did not know where Gorefiend Prime was going, but at this moment, Qin Feng definitely would not let Gorefiend Prime off.

Qin Feng’s body whistled through the universe and fell into the rift.

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