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Chapter 79

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“The Realm Dou Yuan made was named the Realm of the Four Seasons, as, when all four seasons were present, the Realm could change, allowing the spiritual energy within to be recycled, never deplenished . It could be considered the best of first-class realms . The Closed Realm you explored was only the Summer section of it . ” Grandmaster Xuan Yuan’s voice was filled with pride as he said this .

Although Closed Realms were nicknamed “little Earths”, due to the lack of heavenly direction, there was the absence of the cycling of the sun, moon, and the four seasons commonly seen in the world . The cycling of the sun and moon could be easily substituted with the necessary magical treasure . Well, temporarily at least . It was the changing of the four seasons that were not so easily substituted .

The importance of the changing of the four seasons could be witnessed in the natural world . There was a saying: “Only the changing of the four seasons can achieve preservation in the factor of time”, without change, there was no possible way of achieving long-lasting effects . Heavenly direction ensued, sights changed, in the natural world, it was only through these cycles that an everlasting life was able to be preserved .

As for how to allow a Closed Realm to have the same seasonal changes as the natural world? Well, this had always been a problem for the cultivators . But Cultivator Dou Yuan seemed to have found the solution . By creating a separate Closed Realm for each of the four seasons, then combining all four into one, interweaving Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, he could achieve the feat of changing seasons within the Realms .

From Grandmaster Xuan Yuan’s tone, Cultivator Dou Yuan seemed to have succeeded in his task . However, for some unknown reason, the Realms seemed to have been yet again separated into four pieces . And one of these pieces had landed in the lands of the Five Sects .

Thinking back now on the shape of the Closed Realm, Ye Zan could finally understand why it was a fan . Obviously, it appeared that the other three parts were similarly formed, coming together to make a circle . Circles were not just a type of shape . In this world, they were a container of the Taoist cultivation .

“So, you mean that we have to find the other three parts before we can from the Realm of the Four Seasons? Then, this Closed Realm should have evidence of the whereabouts of the other three parts, or even mutual connections right?” Ye Zan immediately arrived at this assumption .

Grandmaster Xuan Yuan nodded, saying: “That’s right . The key to all of this is this Closed Realm Key . If you can temper this Closed Realm Key, then you can connect with the locations of the other three Closed Realms . So, after knowing all of this, do you still plan on giving this Closed Realm to Mo Rushi and the others?”

Ye Zan scratched, nonchalantly saying: “It’s not whether I’m willing to give it to them . I don’t have the ability to temper this Closed Realm . Instead of wasting my time, I might as well let them temper it and use it to raise Yu Qing’s skill . ”

Ye Zan was speaking the truth, as well as his true thoughts, but he hadn’t said everything . He was going to let Mo Rushi temper this Closed Realm, but that was based solely on his position as Taishang Great Uncle . It had nothing to do with his Closed Realm . Thus, it was better to temper it as soon as he could, saving himself from any possible dangers in the future .

But who knew that Grandmaster Xuan Yuan would pour a bucket of ice water on him, coldly laughing as he said: “Pff, not just you . Even they don’t have the skills to temper it . You must be at least a Yuan Sheng (Spiritual Deity) to cultivate this . ”


“Alright, you’re just messing with me?” Ye Zan’s was very displeased . They had spoken for so long, saying is this well, is that well, and asking, are you really going to give it to them, are you really willing? But now, at last, he was going to say, even if you are willing to give it to them, they can’t accept it .

“Young people, you lack patience,” Grandmaster Xuan Yuan made a face of disappointment, shaking his head as he said: “Although you can’t temper it, as long as I’m here directing you, you should be able to enter and exit with no problem . You can even change the entrance of the Realm . ”

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Hearing this, Ye Zan’s eyes lit up . Tempering or not wasn’t important . What was important was whether or not it was usable . As long as you could enter and exit freely and place the entrance in your own territory, what difference did owning the Realm make?


“Alright, don’t speak further, old man . You made records on making spiritual pills before, right? Finish a record on this Key now . Don’t worry about whether or not we can temper it . Just record all of the statistics . There will be a time when we will need them eventually . ” Ye Zan gave Grandmaster Xuan Yuan a job .

Grandmaster Xuan Yuan was bored . Finally being able to have someone to talk to and having his memories evoked after seeing the Closed Realm’s Key, he couldn’t help but talk a lot . Actually, you could tell how bored he was from his hobby of bullying the kids for “fun” .

“Aye, nevermind, go then . ” Grandmaster Xuan Yuan shrugged and said .


Ye Zan was about to exit the simulation before he suddenly stopped and appeared once again next to Grandmaster Xuan Yuan .


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“Right, Old Man, I have something else I need to bother you with . Do you know any cultivation techniques that involve Beasts?” Ye Zan was asking this for the golden python Goldie .

Goldie had already lived in the Closed Realm for more than a thousand years . Although she had enough power to kill a Foundation State cultivator like Zhou Ming in seconds, she wasn’t up to par with the standard of a Beast outside of the Realm . The reason was simple: she didn’t have the proper cultivation technique, relying solely on the natural absorption of spiritual energy, improving her skill in the lowest rates .

Seeing as he had taken Goldie as a pet, Ye Zan naturally wished for her to be as strong as she possibly could . So the most urgent issue was to find her a suitable cultivation technique . And things like technique? Well, Yu Qing wasn’t a Beast Training Sect . He could only ask this Google-like Grandmaster Xuan Yuan .

“There are many Beasts, each with their own cultivation technique . What type of Beast are you talking about?” Grandmaster Xuan Yuan was already solving the Key, answering without even lifting his head .

“Giant python, a golden giant python, two little humps on its head . From the information I got from you guys, it should be a sign of drakon-evolution . So, I took it as a pet . ” Ye Zan quickly introduced Godie, bringing up her picture .


Grandmaster Xuan Yuan took a glance and said: “This is worthy of being a pet? Years ago, it wouldn’t even have been worthy of being a soup ingredient . ”

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“Hey, what do you mean? Is it not okay for me to like her?” Ye Zan was unhappy . After all, it was his pet . You had to watch the owner before hitting the dog . Insulting his pet was insulting him!

“I have a set of techniques here that is suitable for it . However, I advise you to send it to Sky’s Peak . It is suitable for its cultivation . ” As Grandmaster Xuan Yuan spoke, he sent the set into the resource container within the system .

The technique Grandmaster Xuan Yuan gave was named the Tempering of the Dragon Within the Golden Pool . It was a special technique used exclusively for the cultivation of Beast from the Dragon’s Bloodline . The Yu Qing Sect of the Past had bred many Beasts, naturally, they would not lack techniques for training Beasts .

“Fine, but don’t abuse them!” Ye Zan uploaded the technique into his assistance chip and said to Grandmaster Xuan Yuan with a severe expression .

Grandmaster Xuan Yuan shrugged, growing silent .

Ye Zan exited the simulation . After a moment of thought, he decided to listen to Grandmaster Xuan Yuan and send Goldie to Sky’s Peak . Due to the great seal placed upon it, Sky’s Peak had already become a Closed Realm-like environment . Additionally, the fact that it was the central peak of Yu Qing caused it to hold a more prominent spiritual energy than the average Closed Realm .

Ye Zan didn’t waste any more time, taking the jade pendant and disappearing from the room with a “zoom” .

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