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Chapter 675: Deciding Victory With a Punch

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A figure rushed out of the moon and actually smashed the moon into shattered light spots that filled the sky. Then, he rushed towards the high-level Void Break Martial Artist.

The high-level Void Break Martial Artist was immediately shocked.

This kid was actually able to take his move head-on. It could even be said that he had cracked it head-on. His strength was really extraordinary.

Then, he sneered again.

No matter how powerful this kid was, he was not a Heaven Control expert in the end. If he received it head-on like this, he would definitely be heavily injured. What ability did he have to fight him?

Seeing Chu Nan fly over, the high-level Void Break Martial Artist circulated his Internal Breath. He risked having his meridians damaged even more and forcefully adjusted his Internal Breath which had been chaotic after fighting Chu Nan a few times. He raised his palm and a faint silver light condensed in his palm as another moon rose.

However, he was surprised to discover that Chu Nan still maintained the unbelievable speed. Before the moon in his palm could appear, he had already flown in front of him and threw a punch.

This made it impossible for him to adjust himself to his best state, but he knew very well that he could not retreat at this moment. He could only grit his teeth and make up his mind.

“Kid, don’t you know where you are? You actually dare to fight me?”

Seeing that the moonlight in the palm of the high-level Void Break Martial Artist suddenly soared, it was obvious that the other party was already disregarding everything and putting on a posture of both sides being injured, Chu Nan was not shocked but happy. His body twisted slightly and his palm that had already slapped out gently spun. As his wrist retracted to his waist, his right foot took a large step forward in the air. His left arm that was behind him pierced through his left waist and his left fist struck the other party.

He actually displayed the first move of the first stance of the Hong Clan’s Long Fist in the air—Sitting Horse Rush Fist—although it was his left fist.

It had to be said that the Hong Clan’s Long Fist was really a magical fist technique. When Chu Nan first cultivated it, he discovered that it could even automatically help him mobilize his Internal Breath and unleash extremely powerful power.

Now, Chu Nan’s strength far exceeded the first time he came into contact with the Hong Clan’s Long Fist. He discovered that when he used it, not only could he automatically mobilize his Internal Breath, he could even perfectly condense the spatial energy he mobilized, causing the power of this punch to even surpass an rank martial technique like the Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm.

In fact, the reason for this result was very simple.

The most important reason why the Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm was rated as an rank martial technique was that its moves were exquisite. When cultivated to a profound level, it could allow the spatial energy condensed in the palm technique to become as ethereal as the flowing clouds, causing it to be very difficult for the opponent to grasp the palm momentum through the change in spatial energy.

However, the Hong Clan’s Long Fist was different.

The Hong Clan’s Long Fist was divided into three stances and twelve moves. It could not be considered a technique at all. It was only a simple twelve punches, but it was precisely because it was simple enough that it could unleash all the strength it could mobilize the most.

This power included Internal Breath when Chu Nan only had Internal Breath.

When he could fully master spatial energy now, he included spatial energy.

Therefore, this punch was not fancy or unnecessary. It was a simple punch.

However, when this punch was thrown, coupled with Chu Nan’s powerful data ability, it actually gathered all the Internal Breath that had been adjusted to the sixth circulation high frequency in his body and all the spatial energy he could mobilize into this punch. In terms of power, it was definitely much more terrifying than the Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm.

Chu Nan even gathered the spatial energy he used to maintain flight into his fist and only relied on the high-speed inertia to fly towards the high-level Void Break Martial Artist.

When he threw this punch, he actually did not leave any room for retreat.

One punch was enough to determine the outcome!

Although the high-level Void Break Martial Artist immediately felt that something was wrong, Chu Nan’s speed was too fast. Moreover, after this punch was sent out, it actually affected the space around him and did not allow him to change his move.


In the night sky covered in black, a terrifying pale silver light exploded, as if a moon had suddenly exploded in the sky. It enveloped the entire Sand Eagle headquarters below and the surrounding dozens of kilometers in silver light, as bright as day.

A moment later, a loud bang sounded as if the sky was collapsing, causing the entire ground to tremble.

Among the people who were alarmed by the commotion in the Sand Eagle headquarters below, not only were countless ordinary people who did not cultivate martial techniques shaken until they swayed, many people were bleeding from their seven orifices. Even some low-level Overlord Body Martial Artists’ eardrums shattered and they felt dizzy.

Everyone looked up at the sky in shock.

The battle between two Void Break Martial Artists was actually so terrifying!

Then… who won?

The dazzling light in the sky dimmed, and a figure suddenly fell from the night sky at high speed.

A moment later, the figure smashed into an empty space in the Sand Eagle headquarters at an astonishing speed, forcefully smashing a pit.

The surrounding people dispersed and did not dare to approach.

The scene of the two of them fighting just now was too terrifying, leaving an extremely deep impression on ordinary people like them.

A moment later, Modo flew down with the other two high-level Void Break Martial Artists and landed beside the deep pit. He lowered his head to look at the pit with a gloomy expression.

“Chu Nan, what do you mean by this?”

A milky white and light green light lit up in the pit. A moment later, Chu Nan was already unharmed. He flew up in high spirits and floated in front of Modo.

“I’ve already made my meaning very clear just now. Do as you see fit.”

After saying that, Chu Nan flew away and instantly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Modo looked in the direction where Chu Nan had disappeared and discovered that this direction should be the direction where he, Angie Prairie, and High Priest Zima were staying. It seemed that even though Chu Nan had caused a commotion, he still stayed and looked fearless.

Modo’s expression was terrifyingly gloomy.

Andrew was the powerful martial artist closest to the fifth-stage Void Break Realm in the Sand Eagle headquarters, but he was defeated by Chu Nan in such a short period of time.

This kid was so arrogant, so he indeed had the qualifications to act like this.

After a moment of silence, Modo opened the personal terminal on his wrist.

“Lord, I feel that… your idea of recruiting that kid is probably not appropriate…”

On the virtual screen, Grek was still smiling.

“The stronger this kid, the more meaningful it is to recruit him, right? In addition, did you discover a very important problem?”

Modo was stunned. “What problem?”

“That kid is decisive and extremely ruthless, but he hasn’t even killed a single person until now. Don’t you think… this just so happens to be a way out for him?”

Modo was stunned. He opened the other interface of his personal terminal and saw that he had indeed received a message regarding the survival of the martial artist.

From the situation of his battle with Chu Nan earlier, he should have had the chance to directly kill him, but he did not do so.


Could it be that it was really as the leader had said? Chu Nan was leaving himself a way out and trying his best not to kill anyone so that it would not be difficult for him to rely on Sand Eagle in the future?

However, when he recalled Chu Nan’s arrogant expression when he left, Modo always felt a trace of unease.

Could it be that this kid had other plans?

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