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1163 Could It Be That You Can Learn?

This sentence sounded a little arrogant, but Princess Romanti did not express any objections. Instead, she deeply frowned her slightly tough but still beautiful eyebrows for women, and lowered her head in thought.

Although she was a little unwilling to accept Chu Nan’s words, she had to admit that he was not wrong.

If she had not experienced it herself, she did not believe that there was any cultivation method that she could not master with her powerful talent.

It was not unreasonable for her to be reputed to be the most talented among the descendants of the royal family of the empire in this generation. She could almost master all the cultivation methods in the royal storeroom to a certain extent in a short period of time. Even the Exterminating Heart Technique was only grasped in a record period of time, let alone the cultivation method grasped by a martial artist like Chu Nan from a small border country.

However, after personally experiencing it, Princess Romanti discovered that the strange cultivation method Chu Nan grasped might not be very complicated or incomprehensible, but there was a very obvious characteristic. It could adjust the vibration frequency of his Internal Breath to an extremely exaggerated high level.

Moreover, she could clearly sense that while Chu Nan increased his Internal Breath to an extremely high frequency, he could still have extremely precise control of it.

Although Chu Nan only stretched out a weak trace of Internal Breath, when he controlled this trace of Internal Breath to circle around Princess Romanti’s palm for her to experience, it had always maintained an extremely stable state and did not show any signs of disorder and loss of control.

This was enough to prove that Chu Nan’s grasp of his strange cultivation method had already reached an extremely deep level. It also proved that his control of his Internal Breath had reached an extremely shocking level. Even Princess Romanti did not think she could compare.

Most importantly, Princess Romanti did not think that she could deliberately control her Internal Breath to increase it to such an exaggerated high-frequency vibration state.

She was certain that even if she had this ability, it was impossible for her to control her Internal Breath as accurately as Chu Nan.

Princess Romanti did not know if she felt that she would never be able to learn this cultivation method, but from the situation she had experienced just now, it was clearly impossible to master it in half a month.

However, Chu Nan had made it clear just now that the Internal Breath he left in Viennelle’s body to affect her was based on the foundation of this cultivation method. If he could not neutralize the special effect of this Internal Breath and her Exterminating Heart Technique at the same time, it was impossible for her to recover in a short period of time.

Moreover, after Princess Romanti experienced it, she also discovered that since Chu Nan’s cultivation method could increase the frequency of his Internal Breath to an extremely high level, it could definitely increase the spatial energy to an extremely high-frequency vibration state.

It was through this that Chu Nan had the ability to stop Viennelle and Safnis from using Spatial Extermination to escape.

In fact, from this point, Chu Nan’s cultivation method vaguely restrained the characteristics of the Exterminating Heart Technique.

Thinking of this, Princess Romanti was shocked.


How could there be a cultivation method in this world that countered the Exterminating Heart Technique?!

This kid’s cultivation method must have been accidental and only happened to interfere with the Spatial Extermination!

Seeing Princess Romanti’s expression quickly change and her eyebrows frown as if she had fallen into a problem, Supremacy Chloean suddenly took a step forward and stretched out his hand. He smiled and said, “Chu Nan, can you let me experience your cultivation method?”

Chu Nan glanced at him and lowered his head to look at his outstretched hand. He hesitated for a moment and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, Supremacy. Although my cultivation method is not a super cultivation method like the Exterminating Heart Technique, it’s still an exclusive cultivation method that I own. Unless it’s a special situation, I’m unwilling to leak it.”

Although Chu Nan spoke tactfully, the rejection in his tone was very clear.

Supremacy Chloean could only laugh dryly and retract his hand.

“Alright, I was rash. Just pretend that I never made this request.”

Chu Nan nodded and ignored Supremacy Chloean. Instead, he turned to continue looking at Princess Romanti.

It was not that he was really unwilling to expose the secret of his so-called cultivation method, but purely because Supremacy Chloean had appeared twice in a row and forcefully interfered with the process of the Garden Hunting Assembly, causing him to be wary of this Star-Grade Martial Artist sent by the Declan Empire.

Even if he had said it very nicely for Chu Nan’s sake, it was naturally impossible for him to trust him.

Most importantly, he was a Star-Grade Martial Artist after all, and was much stronger than Princess Romanti.

Chu Nan was confident that it would be very difficult for Princess Romanti to understand his special control method of Internal Breath, but if it was a Star-Grade Martial Artist, he was not so confident.

After calmly waiting for a while, Princess Romanti finally exhaled and smiled bitterly before shaking her head at Chu Nan.

“You’re right. If it’s only half a month, I shouldn’t be able to master this cultivation method.”

Then, her expression became serious and revealed a trace of unwillingness to admit defeat.

“However, even if I’m willing to teach you the Exterminating Heart Technique, can you learn it in half a month?”

Chu Nan smiled and did not answer this question. Instead, he flipped his palm and his Internal Breath circulated. A moment later, a small ball of black gas surged out.

Seeing this black gas, Princess Romanti’s eyes immediately narrowed. Beside her, Supremacy Chloean and Paramel also revealed shocked expressions.

The weakest of the three, Princess Romanti, was also a third-stage Heaven Control Martial Artist. She was extremely sensitive to spatial energy, so she naturally easily sensed that the activity of spatial energy in this black gas was extremely weak and was even close to collapsing. It was exactly the same as the characteristics of the Exterminating Heart Technique!

“This… this is impossible!” Princess Romanti cried out in surprise and pointed at the ball of black gas in Chu Nan’s palm in disbelief, “How can you… know this?”

Chu Nan shook his head, “Your Highness, this is not the Exterminating Heart Technique. I believe you should be able to sense it.”

“Hmph! Of course, I know that this is not the Exterminating Heart Technique, but how can you do this?” Princess Romanti’s expression suddenly changed, and she asked sternly, “Tell me! Did someone privately teach you the Exterminating Heart Technique? Or did you capture a member of the royal family and threaten him to teach you the Exterminating Heart Technique?”

“If I really did this, do you think I would show it in front of you now?” Chu Nan asked bluntly.

Princess Romanti was stunned before realizing it.

That was true.

If Chu Nan really did this, it would be too late for him to desperately hide it, so how could he show it in front of a member of the royal family like him? Moreover, Supremacy Chloean and Paramel were beside him.

No matter how stupid he was, he would not dare to do such a thing that was like walking into a trap.

“Then how did you do it?” Princess Romanti still stared at Chu Nan, “Don’t say that you comprehended it yourself. I don’t believe it.”

“Of course, I didn’t comprehend it myself, but a little comprehension I obtained from fighting with the descendants of the royal family of your country.” Chu Nan looked at Princess Romanti and revealed a rather amused smile, “This includes you, Her Highness.”

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