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1025 Frost and Flame

Five minutes passed.

In the hundreds of times Rowe had fought Chu Nan in the past, he had never lasted more than five minutes.

However, this time, Chu Nan still looked energetic and his aura was not chaotic. Be it his moves, Internal Breath, or the spatial energy fluctuations he mobilized, they were no different from when the battle first began. He even looked like he was at ease.

Rowe was a little surprised, but he was not too anxious.

After all, it had been a long time since Chu Nan last fought with him and Ankelu in the Merlinte Star System. Chu Nan’s talent was extremely outstanding, so it was not strange for his strength to increase during this period of time.

Moreover, after discovering Chu Nan on Planet Zidam, his performance was clearly stronger than the last time.

Ten minutes passed.

Rowe was increasingly surprised.

This had already far exceeded the time Chu Nan could last when he fought him previously, but his aura still did not decrease. No matter how one looked at it, there were no signs of him being unable to persist.

“How did this kid… improve so much?”

Rowe originally planned to hold back a little. This kid would not be able to hold on himself and he could easily win.

However, from the current situation, if he wanted to wait until this kid could not hold on, he really did not know when he would go.

When he thought of this, Rowe frowned slightly. With a thought, the star cloud in his dantian circulated at high speed. The frost condensed by spatial energy around him became even denser, and the temperature suddenly seemed to have decreased by dozens of degrees.

Chu Nan was currently fighting Rowe intensely and instantly sensed his change. He immediately reacted and slapped out. A ball of flames suddenly surged out of his palm. In an instant, the flames rose and swept through a large area of space around him.

The frost and flames collided. It was immediately as if ice and snow had encountered the scorching sun. In the blink of an eye, they were burned away.

Rowe was shocked and could not help but retreat to avoid the flames.

He looked at Chu Nan in surprise and doubt and could not help but ask, “What cultivation method is this? Why is it so strange?”

Chu Nan chuckled, “To deal with frost, flames are naturally the best. What do you think?”

Rowe knew that it was impossible for Chu Nan to kindly explain this cultivation method to him, but he was still very puzzled.

The battle just now was far from as simple as the flames melting the frost on the surface.

The frost condensed around Rowe was formed after he used a special cultivation method to specially transform the spatial energy around him. The frost was only a manifestation of spatial energy. In fact, the power of the cultivation method was mainly reflected in the powerful strength brought about by the spatial energy that was highly condensed in the frost.

After Chu Nan slapped out, the flames brought about were clearly extremely similar to Rowe’s cultivation method. They were both reflected after using spatial energy to condense. The true power was not reflected in the high temperature brought about by the flames, but the terrifying spatial energy contained in it.

The similarity between these two cultivation methods was extremely high, and it even made Rowe have the illusion that Chu Nan had secretly learned his cultivation method and changed it slightly.

However, when the flames collided with the frost, he clearly felt that the spatial energy contained in the flames was not powerful, but it carried an extremely shocking vibration, causing the highly condensed spatial energy in the frost to immediately collapse.

Therefore, on the surface, after the flames corroded over, this frost immediately faded and could not resist at all.

Rowe could not understand where Chu Nan had learned this special cultivation method, let alone why there was such a cultivation method that seemed to be specially targeted at him.

However, he did not have the time to think too much now. Seeing that the flames were about to corrode in front of him, Rowe knew that he could not continue like this. With a thought, he urged the star cloud to circulate again and the frost around him suddenly changed.

If it was said that it had only caused frost to condense in the space around him just now, the temperature of the space around him had suddenly decreased again. The frost turned into ice, and the entire space seemed to have been frozen.

After the flames collided, they could not take half a step forward and were directly extinguished.

Rowe raised his hand and the frozen space quickly spread towards Chu Nan.

Chu Nan narrowed his eyes slightly and felt the rapid change in the spatial energy around him. He did not dare to be negligent.

Previously, he had almost been killed by Rowe and Ankelu because Rowe had used this move, causing him to be instantly frozen.

Although he had done that on purpose, it proved that the power of this move was extraordinary.

The flames he had used just now were actually from the high-level fire elemental power cultivation method.

However, when he used this cultivation method, Chu Nan made a small adjustment and adjusted the spatial energy condensed inside to a high-frequency vibration state. The frost transformed by the Rowe cultivation method was miraculous.

Now, this was clearly not enough to deal with an even more special cultivation method like Rowe.

With a thought, Chu Nan continued to urge the flames to pounce over. As he tried his best to block the invasion of the ice, he pulled out and dodged. At the same time, he tried his best to collect the various details condensed by the spatial energy in the ice through the contact of the two sides. His mind spun rapidly as he calculated the method to deal with it.

Looking at Chu Nan dodging left and right, Rowe mocked loudly, “Heh, Chu Nan, didn’t you say that you wanted to fight me head-on and stop hiding? What? Do you think you still can’t defeat me head-on? With your ability, how can I persuade the Chamber of Commerce to agree to your conditions?”

Chu Nan did not have the time to pay attention to Rowe’s words. Angie Prairie, who was watching the battle from afar, could not stand it.

“Hey, do you think a head-on battle is like two people standing together and punching and kicking each other? This is simply a battle between two little hooligans, okay?”

Rowe laughed and continued to urge the ice to spread throughout the entire space and suppress Chu Nan’s mobility.

“In any case, we’ve long made an agreement. As long as Chu Nan leaves the area we designated, even if he escapes, he’ll lose. Kid, can you really persist?”

Before the official battle, Rowe had asked Chu Nan to agree to his conditions to prove that they were indeed fighting head-on and not escaping and healing like before. Therefore, he had set a range for the battle.

As long as Chu Nan left this range, he would lose.

The range of the two of them was the grassland below them.

To ordinary people, this grassland was naturally very large, but to Heaven Control Martial Artists, this grassland was only a distance that could be flown out in a few breaths. Not to mention large, they could not even completely use it.

When Rowe raised this condition, it was naturally a restriction on Chu Nan, forcing him to face him head-on.

In his opinion, Chu Nan’s true strength was inferior to his in the end. If he faced it head-on, it was impossible for him to gain any advantage.

The current situation simply perfectly proved his thoughts.

“Hmph, kid, let’s see how long you can escape.”

Rowe sneered in his mind. Just as he was about to continue urging the ice purity with all his might, he simply sealed the entire space and left Chu Nan with nowhere to escape, he suddenly discovered that he had stopped.

“Could it be that this kid… has given up resisting?”

Rowe was immediately overjoyed.

If Chu Nan still fled in all directions, he could not say the result. If there was really no other way, he could at most admit defeat and escape this area. He still could not do anything to him.

However, now that this kid was so arrogant, it meant that a huge opportunity was placed in front of him.

“Kid, die!”

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