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Image courtesy of Weibo CHAPTER 97 I Will Go with You

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In these following chapters, Jasmine and Kang Wen make an appearance. As a refresher, Jasmine was the girl who didn’t follow the rules in Atlantis and was sinking her claws into Han Qilu. Kang Wen had to save her from utter embarrassment in “the room”.

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

An Chuxia tilts her head and inquires, “They'll be very happy?"

“Of course!” Steward Han taps the steering wheel. “Because the young master scores zero points every time."

An Chuxia is surprised. For someone so good-looking, he actually gets zero points? She hates to admit it but he looks like the type who'd do well testing.

Han Qilu shoots a disapproving look by raising an eyebrow. "Yes, I test at the last minute. You can go to your department and spread the news. And tell my mother and father. They will reward you with a lot of monetary things. They are your biggest fans."

Is she materialistic? She is not materialistic!

Saddened, An Chuxia drops her head and looks down. “I used to take full marks in the whole department but my mother just smiled. It wasn't a very happy look. So I thought I wasn’t good enough. I had to study hard to make mother happy, and college will be my proof."

Han Qilu won't dare look at her.

“Your mother is very happy. Do not be confused about her pride and your ability to work harder. She's in heaven so missing you is probably her greatest loss. Be happy for yourself," the steward says with great care.

His words gave An Chuxia some comfort but… it got them off topic.

She keeps her head down as she hears silence from Qilu. "I guess you won't lend me money, ah? Big deal. I'll put your name on the test paper as a gift."

Fool. Han Qilu lightly replies as he stares at her. "I'll lend it to you."

An Chuxia smiles with excitement. Then Han Qilu adds, "But you have to tell me who you're going with. An Chenchuan?"

Her face stiffens. Puzzled, she asks, "How do you know I wanted to go with him to get books?" She already leaks the information; she simply can't hide it.

As soon as Qilu hears her answer, his expression changes instantly.

"I want to go with you." He makes a decision shocking both An Chuxia and steward Han. The butler grins. The young master has never been so active in pursuing girls. Not even his previous girlfriend.

"What are you going to do with us?" An Chuxia raises her chin, showing a strange expression.

"I, too, would like to buy some review books. Isn't that okay?" He glares at her before turning his gaze toward the window.

Outside, he sees two unknown birds fly the blue skies. What he sees is comparable to what one finds in the countryside courtesy of the excellent environmental protection program in A City.

This generosity is owed to Xiao Mingluo's elders. Although their concerted efforts are in tourism, they are environmentally conscious. Their business also involves urban environmental protection, and beauty and medical care. They have close business ties with the government.

Compared to Han Qilu's good mood, An Chuxia's disposition is terrible. Han Qilu is like a bomb: you don't know when he's going to go off. He is a bomb who will be buying things and the thought makes her feel uncomfortable.

CHAPTER 98 Aren't You A Man

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

It wasn't only An Chuxia who's in a bad mood. Someone else out in the city is feeling lousy. That person is Kang Group’s prospective successor.

"Aren't you a man?!" Jasmine pushes Kang Wen to the ground. For two days, Jasmine wanted to teach Han Qilu a good lesson. Kang Wen is open to the idea, but he finds reasons to shirk.

Jasmine doesn't know Han Qilu's reputation. She can't swallow her pride. This is who she is. If it was someone else who was ruined, they'd commit suicide. However, she sees herself as an innocent girl who wants to deliberately stick to Han Qilu.

Kang Wen gets up from the ground. He walks behind Jasmine and wraps his arms around her waist. "Baby, shouldn't I worry about you? Have you forgotten, you've provoked Han Qilu once."

Jasmine stares at him fiercely. She is disgusted with Kang Wen. She unwraps his arms from her waist. How did she find a man who is so useless?

"If you do not find an opportunity to teach him a lesson, don't come and visit me again! And… I will send Han Group and Han Qilu an abominable letter through the mail and sign it with your name."

Kang Wen's face turns dark.

He likes Jasmine because she has a face so seductive and a body so hot it makes people have nosebleeds. But she's just an ordinary woman. He didn't think she'd embed herself in his life and do things to threaten him!

Kang is very angry but he doesn't dare say anything. He is afraid she would actually send a letter to the Han corporation. Not only will he be in trouble but his father and his whole group would also follow in his misfortune.

Kang concedes to his setback in finding such a woman. He drinks the last of his wine and leaves Jasmine's room.

"I'm giving you three days," Jasmine says from the room. Irritable, he slams the hotel door on his way out.

There is no benefit in teaching Han Qilu a lesson. However, if he doesn't exact justice, Jasmine will continue holding a grudge and that's unacceptable.

Kang Wen's brow wrinkles like a caterpillar. He comes down with a headache as he takes the elevator down to the lobby.

Stein Royal College

"Well, today's test results are good. Actually, all of you can come to school at the regular time. But I want to remind you, don't put off studying this weekend. You will forget it come Monday. Focus on all subjects."

The voices in the room barely reaches a hum. No one complains but a voice passionately calls out, "Sister An Chuxia, we guarantee you we will complete the task!"

The school bell rings and An Chuxia leaves the podium and heads to her seat. The students say good bye to her one by one as they head home.

That Friday, they leave ahead of the three o'clock dismissal. The students get together and hang out.

"An Chuxia, are you done?" An Chenchuan stands in front of her, unconsciously clenching his fist. Then, he nervously sits next to her. He is excitable.

He knows they're not on a date but his heart is still tense.

As she finishes, she picks up her backpack and stares irritably at An Chenchuan. She doesn’t know how to explain to him a bomb is accompanying them to buy guides.

“An Chuxia!” Han Qilu's cold voice bellows from the door.

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