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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 95 Saved

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: Earth has a tendency of being dangerous, and she really wants to return to Mars– ACX feels like an alien in the Han residence (Earth) and she wants to return to her old life (Mars).

Jiang Yuan is shocked. An Chuxia laughs and says nothing. She finishes her lunch and takes a washed apple before heading out.

“Xiao Xia, tell me!” Jiang Yuan isn't willing to chase after her.

Gnawing an apple, An Chuxia helplessly shrugs. "It's nothing! That day it rained… .”

“An Chuxia!” Han Qilu's dog food is tossed her way. Batian was ordered to get it slowly but he runs past her.

“Ah! Help!” She cries out, her legs pump quickly as the dog flies toward her general direction.

The servants at the gate stare as Batian chases An Chuxia. Although An Chuxia runs at top speed, Batian catches up. He deliberately plays along.

As soon as he catches up with her, he deliberately slows down and leaves some distance. That's when An Chuxia starts running again.

“Open the door! Open!” She waves frantically, shouting at the servants to open the door.

The servants heed her call and open the car door quickly. She bends over and gets into the car. She attempts to close the door quickly when the dog catches up to her.

"Saved!” She hears the dog outside of the car. An Chuxia taps her chest as she tries to catch her breath. She suddenly notices the nail print embedded on her apple.

This is horrible. Earth has a tendency of being dangerous, and she really wants to return to Mars… .

Not a minute later, the door opens. Han Qilu sits in the car. While the car idles, Aotian, the guard, tries to suppress his laughter at An Chuxia's expense.

"Well done! I will see you in a few hours!” Han Qilu pats Batian's head. As he pulls back, the dog cleverly backs away so the door can close.

Well done? What is this? An Chuxia cocks her neck upon hearing his words. A few seconds later, she reacts. Daggers are thrown with her eyes. "Han Qilu!"

He nods in agreement. “Okay, okay, I instructed Batian to get you in the car and he did it."

Before An Chuxia can ask, he says, "Who told you to say such disgusting things? What you said is so disgraceful and it needs to be erased from my memory!" It would've been laughable if she tries to explain how Han Qilu didn't mistake her for having an abortion. However, it could've been a great mix-up… .

"But you know Batian scares me! You knew I'd be scared!" she roars at Qilu.

"I… ," Qilu is about to say something when the door opens. Both he and Chuxia stop talking.

"Ah, Miss, you've arrived. Should we leave? Were you about to say something?" Steward Han adjusts the car rearview mirror.

“No!” The two answer in unison.

In the classroom, An Chenchuan quickly finishes his meal and gets back to school in time in order to retrieve his note from An Chuxia's pen pocket and rips it to pieces.

If she finds the note, wouldn't it bring him great embarrassment? He takes out his phone and texts An Chuxia instead.

CHAPTER 96 Are You Rich?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl

Her cell phone suddenly vibrates. She pulls it out of her pocket, expecting a phone call. Instead, she sees a text message: This afternoon, can you accompany me to get review books? I don't know which one to buy. -sender: An Chen Chuan.

An Chuxia texts back: Yes. She also wanted to buy study guides outside of tutoring. After all, she cannot take the city exams lightly.

She touches her backpack and remembers she didn't bring her card. Jiang Yuan gave her a card under Han Liuhai's line. She can spend as much as she wants. She also has the card Mo Xinwei gave her the day she bought chicken. That card remains untouched.

It is her bad luck she forgot to bring her card.

She turns and looks at Han Qilu. He should have his card with him, right? However, he might be stingy with it. She'll feel remorseful borrowing from steward Ham. He is old… .

Every time An Chuxia sees an elderly person, she perceives them as poor. She doesn't know why but her heart goes out to them and it makes her sad. Although steward Han isn't really at the point of being called elderly, he is not young.

She musters her courage and speaks to Qilu. "Do you have any money?"

She doesn't like mentioning money around him so it took him awhile to react. He glances at her indifferently. "Why?"

"I forgot to take my card. Can you lend me some?" She might as well think people under eaves are bowing, hoping he'd keep his temper. Her eyes dodge his in fear of being turned down.

Qilu turns his head to look at her. "What do you want to do?"

She bows her head so he wouldn't know she's lying to him. She knows he'll be less inclined to loan her money if she says she's accompanying An Chenchuan to buy books.

"I would like to see the city this afternoon. I'd like to go to the bookstore and buy a few review materials and extracurricular tutoring books so I won't do poorly in the exams." She spits out the lie, pretending to easily look at Han Qilu.

Qilu wrinkles his eyebrows. “I heard you aced the test and got the department full score?"

Steward Han, who has been quietly driving, suddenly turns his head and excitedly says,”Full score, really? Miss An Chuxia, you got full score?"

Is that so strange? She asks herself. Ever since she was little, she didn't want to disappoint her mother so she continued learning. Each test she took has to reach a satisfactory grade. She disciplined herself. Testing has become natural to her.

What she didn't know is that Han Qilu is last in his class not because he got all the answers wrong but because he got a zero.

Han Qilu can be considered a failure at Stein College, especially at this school with high ranking. However, Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu are of the same ranking. But among the three of them, Qilu ranks the lowest.

It surprises Chuxia she didn't know this whole time.

"Ah," she nods. She is serene about the whole situation.

Upon hearing An Chuxia's answer, steward Han pulls over to the curb and asks, "Why don't you tell the master and wife about this? They'll be very happy."

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