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Chapter 93
CHAPTER 93 You Are My Exclusive Maid  

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Obviously, the angel with the same smile says it like a messenger from hell. Three hundred times… .

So every class, whether it’s Class A’s classroom, corridor, the playgrounds, the Stein College gardens, the libraries, or toilets, anyone can hear Class A reciting various theorems,

This makes the students in the other classes feel terrible. Is this inspiration or the end of the world?

Lunch time arrives and Han Qilu, for the first time, stands in front of class A classroom’s door waiting for her. This, of course, causes a

great stir in the crowd. The girls in the other classes glare at her, giving her a bad feeling.

“Let’s go, you’re so slow!” Han Qilu pulls her. She has to trot to catch up with his pace.

He didn’t care about her but he drags her all the way to the Stein school gates, and then shoves her into the car before sitting in his usual seat. A lot of students stare out the school gates, stunned.

Do they eat together? Is the rumor that An Chuxia is young master Han’s fiancée true?

Mo Xinwei leads a bunch of girls to the school gate. Her driver has been waiting for her there, but she did not get in. She’s sullen. With both arms crossed

crossed at her chest, she angrily looks at the Han’s Bentley as it leaves.

Isn’t it obvious she is Han Qilu’s real girlfriend?

Ying Taoqiu suddenly yells. “How could young master Han be pleased by that thing?!”

Mo Xinwei looks at Taoqiu, puzzled. “What thing?”

Taoqiu doesn’t speak, but waves her hand toward Mo Xinwei. “Rest assured, An Chuxia is just a passing fancy to Han Qilu. He has been looking for opportunities for An Chuxia.”

“Really?” Xinwei doesn’t dare believe Taoqiu but it has to be unlikely, right?

Mo Xinwei looks at Ying Taoqiu. She opens the door to the Bentley and sits. “Believe it or not, this isn’t the time to ask or think about An Chuxia. Where are we going?”

The door closes with a loud

a loud bang. The car quickly disappears in the line of sight.

“Hey! Doing this will make me public enemy number one to all the girls!” An Chuxia shoots Han Qilu a dissatisfied look. He just slowly closes his eyes. He doesn’t want to look at her.

Her mouth twitches. She knows Han Qilu doesn’t like talking when she’s talking. Upset, she looks at the window and stares away.

What she doesn’t know, Han Qilu heard the school bell from the third music classroom and ran out to pull her to the car just because… he didn’t want An Chuxia to hear An Chenchuan’s confession.

“Remember who you are You’re my exclusive maid.” He suddenly makes a statement. Shocked, she doesn’t speak.

But in her heart, she scolds heart, she scolds him. Naive! Too naive! His naive approach will kill her little life!

Back in A class, An Chenchuan sits pitifully staring at An Chuxia’s empty seat. Today, he thought, finally, he can confess to her once classs have ended. What he didn’t expect is Han Qilu picking her up from the classroom to take her home.

Didn’t he say he didn’t want to let everyone know she’s his fiancée? Then what is his case?

“Huh? Chenchuan, you haven’t left yet?” A boy who came back to the classroom to pick up his cell phone finds Chenchuan in a trance.

An Chenchuan comes back to the moment and smiles wanly. “Ang, it was too crowded. I wanted to leave when everyone has left.”

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