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Chapter 86
CHAPTER 86 Seeing a Man Bathe Live

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Where’s everyone? Chuxia asks herself. Han Qilu’s door is left slightly ajar. The light from inside the room spills out into the dark corridor. She doesn’t know where the hallway light switches are so she has no choice but look toward the lit room.

In fact, her fortitude is dwindling… .

“Hello?” An Chuxia calls out. No one is in the room. She looks back at the long, dark corridor. Despite no one being around, she opens the door. Bright light bathes her. Immediately, she feels a sense of security.

“Is there anyone here?” She

looks around the empty room. This is her second time in a boy’s room, right? Han Qilu’s room is actually very neat. It is to be expected. He is a picky person. She wouldn’t put past him if he kept the room clean.

The room’s color is dark. The walls are painted rose red, giving the room a romantic feel. One would presume a girl resides in the room rather than a man like Han Qilu… Suddenly, she thinks of his features. The room’s colors suit him.

Feeling bolder, she takes a lap around the room. She stops in front of the bed. Is the

the bed twice her size?

Come to think of it, her bed isn’t small. Jiang Yuan just bought her a lot of dolls and piled it on her bed saying a girl’s bed should be so. She just allows her to have the illusion of such a bed.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she jumps on his bed. All of a sudden, she’s 10 centimeters high!

“Soft bed…,” she says. She jumps a few more times. She happily bounces on it like a trampoline.

What she didn’t notice is Han Qilu’s bathroom door is slightly open. The insulation is just that good, she didn’t hear anyone taking a

taking a bath.

Qilu opens the door gently. He wraps his lower half with a white towel and leaves his upper body exposed. His hair is still wet, dripping. He holds a wrinkled towel in his right hand and uses it to wipe his hair.

He hears a strange voice from the room. He stops in the middle of drying his hair and looks up at his bed.

A girl in a white skirt dances on his bed. His mouth opens in slight surprise. He would’ve been upset any other time but at that moment, he can’t help but smile.

This time, his smile is genuine. It reaches his It reaches his eyes. Is his brain damaged? This can’t be right… After all, it’s An Chuxia!

He finishes drying his hair before tossing the towel aside. He quietly moves toward the bed and mischievously reprimands her. “Is my bed that much fun?”

An Chuxia jumps as she hears his cold voice. She panics. Caught unaware, her legs buckle from under her and she falls down. Her thought is that she hopes she doesn’t re-injure her leg!

Words escape her. All she sees is the rose red colored floor. She vows to hate the hue. It’s the most annoying red.

Time seems to have stood still… .

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