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Chapter 79
CHAPTER 79 My Dear Fiancée


ranslated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

              Forget the past. He doesn’t remember you. You don’t have to remember him.

“But what if he recognizes me?” Her face fills with dread. “That… .”

He sighs. He puts his hand on her shoulder. “Listen, he owes you, not the other way around. So what if he recognizes you, shouldn’t he feel embarrassed for owing you?”

“In fact… ,” she pauses. She looks into his dark orbs. “In fact, I do hope he recognizes me.”

“So you want to pretend nothing happened?” Han Qilu

gives her a little shake. She is silent, and looks up at him. Once you’ve stared into his eyes, you’d learn to trust him. She lets out a frustrated gasp. “Ah!”

“An Chuxia!” a voice is heard from the other side of the street. A car door opens and An Chenchuan jumps out and runs toward them. He looks at her nervously from head to toe.

An Chuxia looks at An Chenchuan and gauges he’s a few months older than the other boys in class. She knows his mother has been divorced, and they don’t share a father. Despite not sharing

sharing blood, she secretly resents him.

She knows she shouldn’t. It’s not his fault. But she can’t control her feelings.

“How are you? Are you alright?” An Chenchuan’s eyes are full of worry. He’s been anxious since he went after her. Since he didn’t know where she ran, he searched for her like he lost his mind.

She moves her lips, but words elude her. Fortunately, Han Qilu, full of deadpan and wit, lightly says, “My dear fiancée is shy. Who would’ve thought your father would be so handsome?”

Dear… fiancée? An Chenchuan is stunned. He stares at them intently. His eyes pop out

pop out like big copper bells.

“Don’t!” An Chuxia hurriedly denies. “Bofu and Ayi just don’t want me bullied at Stein. That’s how I became Han Qilu’s fiancée.”

“Ah, is that so,” An Chenchuan says, relieved. Then his forehead wrinkles as he shows concern. “But in this case, wouldn’t there be more girls bullying you?”

This is the first time this issue is brought to light and Han Qilu is surprised. He wouldn’t think the girls who liked him would bully her. It explains a bit why Mo Xinwei and Ying Taoqiu deliberately framed her.

An Chuxia hangs her head. “Yes… Bofu and Ayi Bofu and Ayi didn’t take this into account… this is why I deliberately told steward Han not to publicize my identity. Chenchuan, please help me hide my identity by not talking about it?”

She stares at him, pleading. Stunned, he firmly nods. “Of course!”

During their pact, they seem to have forgotten the stoic figure next to Chuxi Han Qilu!

Frustrated, he glances coolly at An Chen Chuan and leaves An Chuxia. He walks back to the An residence. Since he left without a word, An Chen Chuan is confused. “An Chuxia, what did I say to make young master Han Qilu unhappy?”

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