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CHAPTER 79 My Dear Fiancée

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

              Forget the past. He doesn't remember you. You don't have to remember him.

“But what if he recognizes me?” Her face fills with dread. “That… ."

He sighs. He puts his hand on her shoulder. "Listen, he owes you, not the other way around. So what if he recognizes you, shouldn't he feel embarrassed for owing you?"

"In fact… ," she pauses. She looks into his dark orbs. "In fact, I do hope he recognizes me."

"So you want to pretend nothing happened?" Han Qilu gives her a little shake. She is silent, and looks up at him. Once you've stared into his eyes, you'd learn to trust him. She lets out a frustrated gasp. "Ah!"

"An Chuxia!" a voice is heard from the other side of the street. A car door opens and An Chenchuan jumps out and runs toward them. He looks at her nervously from head to toe.

An Chuxia looks at An Chenchuan and gauges he's a few months older than the other boys in class. She knows his mother has been divorced, and they don't share a father. Despite not sharing blood, she secretly resents him.

She knows she shouldn't. It's not his fault. But she can't control her feelings.

"How are you? Are you alright?" An Chenchuan's eyes are full of worry. He's been anxious since he went after her. Since he didn't know where she ran, he searched for her like he lost his mind.

She moves her lips, but words elude her. Fortunately, Han Qilu, full of deadpan and wit, lightly says, "My dear fiancée is shy. Who would've thought your father would be so handsome?"

Dear… fiancée? An Chenchuan is stunned. He stares at them intently. His eyes pop out like big copper bells.

"Don't!" An Chuxia hurriedly denies. "Bofu and Ayi just don't want me bullied at Stein. That's how I became Han Qilu's fiancée."

"Ah, is that so," An Chenchuan says, relieved. Then his forehead wrinkles as he shows concern. "But in this case, wouldn't there be more girls bullying you?"

This is the first time this issue is brought to light and Han Qilu is surprised. He wouldn't think the girls who liked him would bully her. It explains a bit why Mo Xinwei and Ying Taoqiu deliberately framed her.

An Chuxia hangs her head. "Yes… Bofu and Ayi didn't take this into account… this is why I deliberately told steward Han not to publicize my identity. Chenchuan, please help me hide my identity by not talking about it?"

She stares at him, pleading. Stunned, he firmly nods. "Of course!"

During their pact, they seem to have forgotten the stoic figure next to Chuxia- Han Qilu!

Frustrated, he glances coolly at An Chen Chuan and leaves An Chuxia. He walks back to the An residence. Since he left without a word, An Chen Chuan is confused. "An Chuxia, what did I say to make young master Han Qilu unhappy?"

CHAPTER 80 Come See Me in My Room

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia shrugs like she doesn't care. "Don't worry about it. That's just how he is. Let's go."

Although her heart holds a grudge against An Chenchuan, she isn't malicious. This is not his fault. She smiles and looks at him, and her heart quickly lightens. The only person who owes her is the man who betrayed her and her mother. He is the person she called 'father'.

An Chenchuan calls the car over. When they finally arrive, Han Qilu has already arrived.

"Xiao Xia, you scared mommy!" Jiang Yuan changes her title for the purpose of telling An Yishan and Lingkong Ya who An Chuxia belongs to: her!

“Sorry, Bofu and Ayi, I just… ."

“I know… ah… you're just nervous An Yishan wouldn't like you. Rest assured, An Chuxia, our family likes them well!” Jiang Yuan throws her arm around Chuxia’s shoulders while leading her to the table. "Are you hungry? See if you like it."

An Yi Shan and Lingkong Ya seems to be accustomed to Jiang Yuan's manner of speaking: uncensored. They know this is just her personality.

Lingkong Ya smiles as she puts chicken wings in front of An Chuxia. "An Chuxia, I call this dish Coke chicken wings. I specifically asked the cook to make it. Would you try it?"

The chicken wings look drool-worthy in the blue and white porcelain plate. However, An Chuxia has no appetite. Her heart is disgusted right now!

But out of courtesy, she picks up her chopsticks and puts a chicken wings into the bowl. Lingkong Ya anticipates her response when she takes a nibble.

“How does it taste?” Lingkong Ya asks her.

She swallows the piece of meat she nibbles. Barely squeezing out a smile, she says, "Tastes good."

Relieved, Lingkong Ya proudly admits, "I told you, it's delicious. It's Chenchuan's most favorite meal. Everyone, enjoy."

Jiang Yuan becomes pompous. "This isn't what you do to make someone happy. How naive!"

Lingkong Ya's mouth unconsciously pulls as she sits back quietly. Han Liuhai and An Yishan start talking about a business deal. As they finish eating, they walk upstairs, laughing.

Jiang Yuan and Lingkong Ya are left alone, hoping for a less hostile environment.

“Chen Ma, take a few bottles of red wine to the office!” An Yishan loudly orders the servant as Liuhai sits by the table. Dinner was lively again as the two men talk loudly.

After dinner, Han Qilu doesn't know where to go. Maybe he should head back home and hang out in the garden. His mother seems to be imbibing in the kitchen and talking to the cook. Taking her away is not an option.

From time to time, he glances at An Yishan. He was preaching about doing the right thing while he has this child he didn't do right by. In the end, the years haven't been forgiving to him. His once dark head is filled with silver.

“An Chuxia, would you come up to my room? There's a problem I don't fully understand.” An Chenchuan musters great courage to ask her.

She looks up from the table and says, "Sure."

She follows so she can ask what was written in the letter. She just hopes it's not a challenge question from the exam.

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