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Chapter 77

Han Liuhai makes a conscious effort not to take any of the servants. Even steward Han wasn’t allowed to follow. The four of them drive away from the Han mansion.

Jiang Yuan sits in the driver’s seat to keep herself from talking about the bad news. She is apprehensive of the fact this might easily become An Chuxia’s home. An Chuxia and Han Qilu silently sit in the back. Occasionally, An Chuxia responds to Jiang Yuan’s questions.

“You have to respond like a good child,” Han Liuhai instructs her once they part in front of the villa.

Two servants open the car doors.

Compared to Liuhai’s home, the architectural style of the home is vintage European inspired. It is similar to Stein Royal College, but more low-key.

“Chuxia, don’t you think this house looks like one of those houses you see on-screen? The kind vampires live in: all gloomy and dark? Should we leave?” Jiang Yuan asks. She can’t wait to have her back in their home.

“She needs to know her lineage,” Liuhai tries to persuade Jiang Yuan. “No one can take An Chuxia away, not even you.”

The four of them walk slowly down the

the hall. There are three people already waiting.

As they appear, An Yishan greets them warmly. “Lao Han, Aren’t you nimble? I expected for you to arrive at least half an hour later! Instead, you’re a few minutes early.”

“Actually, I’m not here… .” The two joke with each other.

“An Chuxia?” An Chen Chuan cannot believe she has appeared before him. He knows An Chuxia’s history: her mother saved Liuhai, and now, she lives with the Hans. In order to not get bullied in school, she has to create an identity. What he doesn’t know is, “that girl”, as

girl”, as his father often calls her, is his daughter.

At first, he was reluctant to stand in line. It’s a waste of time. But now, everything is different. He’s excited, but at the same time, very lost.

If father became her father, then wouldn’t that make him her brother? He doesn’t want that identity!!!

“Chen Chuan?” An Chuxia is as startled. She settles down. An Chen Chuan… .

“You two know each other?” A red-headed woman asks. She must be Chen Chuan’s mother. Why does the woman seem familiar?

“Look at me monopolizing the conversation. I almost forgot why this meeting is important. meeting is important. Are you An Chuxia?” An Yishan asks as he looks at An Chuxia.

Shocked, she stares at his eyes.

The master of this house is… she refuses to admit it, even to her death! She doesn’t know how to respond. She didn’t think she’d be facing her biological father, An Yishan!

The master who walked away from her and her mother, as he walked away with other women. Her father… .

“What’s wrong? Is there dirt on my face?” An Yi Shan finds it strange staring at Chuxia. She looks very cute, like a lovely doll.

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