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Chapter 76
Going Home


Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks


Jiang Yuan smiles as she marvels at An Chuxia. She rushes over and hugs her tightly.

“Xiao Xia, mother will make sure you won’t get hurt again,” Jiang Yuan promises, crying profusely. An Chuxia thinks this family has been good to her. She feels safe.

She still feels the Hans owe her. However, her mother had late stage cancer, and helping others keep on living was what she wanted.

Now, she may have been wrong. Everyone experiences parting and meeting.

Everyone encounters sad and happy things. It’s important to experience the rain to smile again.

“Xiao Xia, mama decided you shouldn’t go to school. You’re more tired now! Stay at home and enjoy the break.” An Chuxia regards these words as the beginning to her end.

What is there to enjoy? She is not an old man. When did she suddenly turn into a mother? What would become of her?

“That… ,” she wants to say to Jiang Yuan but can’t find the words to say so.

Qilu glances

glances at his mother and impatiently pulls her away from Chuxia.

“Old woman, hold her any tighter and she’ll suffocate,” he says coldly, but without the usual frost. His mother has always felt powerless. Maybe it’s her naivete but he usually doesn’t question.

“I’m not the one distressed. My An Chuxia is!” she argues.

“Now you’re going to deprive other people’s right to education? Despite being an author, you still have much to understand.” Qilu suddenly frowns. He lifts his nose and sniffs. “What’s that smell?”

“Agh, my steak!!!” Jiang

steak!!!” Jiang Yuan screams before running back to the kitchen. Then she comes out shouting, “Fix it!!!”

Chuxia and Qilu tacitly look toward the kitchen, shaking their heads.

“What is there to fix?” Han Liuhai asks as he enters the hall. Steward Han quickly retrieves the master’s briefcase and jacket.

“My steak!!!” Jiang Yuan cries her eyes out. “I stubbornly asked the chef to let me make dinner, so I can cook the steak I’ve learned to prepare.”

Han Qilu mercilessly says, “You have no one to blame but yourself!”

Liuhai shoots but yourself!”

Liuhai shoots Qilu a withering stare. He walks to his wife and shows sympathy and affection. “There’s no chance of fixing it.”

She calms down a little bit but she pitifully states, “But if I don’t fix it, we won’t have dinner.”

“I just want you to calm down,” Liuhai says, chuckling. He turns his head to Chuxia and says, “Remember yesterday when I told you we will make arrangements to settle your identity at the school? Now, I will take you where you can be familiar with them.”

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