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Chapter 74

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

A/N: Bàtiān (霸天)- means insolent tyrant

Bum-rush- means to attack/seize with an overpowering rush

I think Qilu’s dog is aptly named after his master’s personality.

An Chuxia can’t help but sigh at Han Qilu’s high-handedness. “Well… okay. I won’t ask, young master.”

She mouths a ‘wow’ at steward Han, and like the old man, she bows to Qilu. Satisfied, the young master turns away.

As soon as he’s far from earshot and line of sight, Chuxia chortles. “I won’t call him. I’ll just ask him in class tomorrow.”

Steward Han laughs heartily. He laughs so hard,

the smile lines on his face are evident.

Since dinner is announced, she heads toward the dining hall. A shadow rushes her. At first, she thinks it’s Aunt Jiang Yuan. But then, she’s bum-rushed and pushed to the ground.

But why is the shadow licking her face?

She opens her eyes slowly. She wasn’t afraid until she realizes it wasn’t Jiang Yuan hugging her but a giant black Tibetan mastiff! Warm saliva covers her face.

“Mama!” she cries out.

“Oh, my xiao Xia actually called me mama! Han Qilu, you need to get married tomorrow.” Jiang Yuan’s voice carries excitedly from the

the kitchen.

Half lying on the sofa, Qilu looks up impatiently. “Ma, we haven’t grown that close. Besides, who said she called you mother? Come out and see!”

Upon hearing Qilu, Jiang Yuan runs out of the kitchen with a spatula in her hand. She sees Chuxia being kissed again and again by the giant Tibetan mastiff.

“Help! Save… ,” Chuxia begs helplessly, as she tries blocking her face.

“Bastard! Let go of my An Chuxia quickly!” Jiang Yuan is ready to use the spatula on the dog when Qilu suddenly interferes and stops her.

“Help… save… I… !” An Chuxia helplessly hinders

helplessly hinders the dog from licking her.

“You’re going to use this to kill my Batian?” Han Qilu looks at his mother woefully. “Go back to your kitchen and leave this to me.”

“The kitchen! Yes… my food!!! Xiao Xia, remember mama tried to save you!” She takes off with her spatula. An Chuxia is left in tears.

Relief courses through Qilu but he suddenly laughs coldly when he watches Batian throw himself at Chuxia.

As he walks toward An Chuxia, he says, “Batian, you seem too friendly with her!” His cold voice shocks the mastiff. He releases An Chuxia as soon as as soon as Qilu approaches.

He finds it odd Batian is friendly with her. He’s usually indifferent when it comes to strangers. He also bites when he doesn’t like what he sees, or if there’s shouting involved. He remembers when Jiang Yuan sent the dog to training. He used to not bother spiders. Now, he’s protective and fierce.

An Chuxia is scared to get up from the ground despite the dog leaving her. She suddenly scurries backwards. Batian notices her move and thinks they’re playing a game. But in her mind, she is transported back to the past… .

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