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Chapter 7
She is a Dinosaur?

An Chuxia freezes. She holds the book stiffly as her anger builds.

What does this kid want?

“Master Han is calling me?” An excited girl stares at him.

“Stupid head! He called An Chuxia.” Someone refutes the girl immediately.

As Chuxia puts the book down, ten thousand eyes impatiently look at her because Han Qilu sits in front of her and narrows his gaze at her to one meter. She clearly sees his eyes. Asshole… tease.

“What happened?” She makes an effort to appear calm. After all, if she acts against their master, his gang of sycophants will definitely cut her into a million pieces.

Han Qilu obstinately says, “Should there be any reason for me to find you?”

If he was a lowly citizen, and not from wealthy stock, his words would’ve garnered him a beating from his mother and father to the point of no recognition!

She takes a deep breath, paying attention to Qilu. “Master Han, how may I assist you?”

Han enjoys the way she addresses him. A smile escapes his lips before he instructs. “Go buy a box of iced cola and deliver it to second year, Class A. Remember to do it quickly!”

“Hey… Hey!” She replies. She quickly chases after him outside the classroom door. She sees Han Qilu disappear at the end of the corridor.

“I said, An Chuxia, what is your relationship with Young Master Han Qilu? Why did he personally come to see you?” a voice filled with jealousy asks.

An Chuxia bites her tongue. She smiles, walks around, and replies, “In fact, I am the Young Master’s maid. The young master is not here to see me. He wants me buy iced cola.”

“Oh dear! An Chuxia, if you have any difficulties, tell me! We will help you!” The girl immediately shoots her an amiable look.

“Now there is a difficulty …,” An Chuxia says with an embarrassed smile. “Who can tell me, where does one sell Coke and… where is second year Class A located?”

Ten minutes later, An Chuxia, holding a box of iced cola, appears in the teaching building on the corner of the third floor stairs.

“Han Qilu, look at this! You will go to hell!” She takes a deep breath and strides into the corridor. If not for someone on the other side quickly catching the toppling box of soda, that box may have been declared sacrificial Coke.

“I’m sorry!” She looks up to a pair of beautiful eyes. From the hairstyle, she recognizes him as Xiao Mingluo.

She is surprised this guy is …really nice! Compared to Han Qilu, his handsome quotient is different. Mingluo is handsome mixed with a little sunshine. That Han Qilu… too dark!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Yes, my name is Xiao Mingluo.”

If his eyes didn’t steadily stare at her face, she would like to think Xiao Mingluo is someone she’d be attracted to.

“Hello, my name is…”

“An Chuxia.” He actually knows her name. “You’re called An Chuxia, right? Really nice name!”

She despises compliments because they too fake. But this guy seems decent. One can see he is definitely sincere.

“How do you know me?” She looks surprised.

“This… ah, because Qilu asked me to come to pick you up…” He blinks. “I did not expect someone so pretty. Ah, Han Qilu also said …”

“What did he say?” That kid’s mouth must not spit anything!

“Says you are … a dinosaur…”

His voice faded. An Chuxia peels Xiao Mingluo’s hands off the box. She is too enraged to enter class A’s door.

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