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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 61 Full Division, Full Score

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Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please welcome Anks to the editing/beta team!

Another point is that the class itself organizes the examination. The top of the class are elected to work as cadres.

An Chuxia attempts to gauge the class' confidence. It's not that it's difficult for the class to have much confidence. Afterall, they're as lively as a vegetable market on a daily basis. The students barely listen to the teacher. They don't feel pressured.

It only takes An Chuxia two class periods to finish the test in the air-conditioned room, half the time alloted to complete the exam. That includes reviewing her results, twice, before handing it in.

Despite the number of students taking the test, the results are out a little past noon.

"I have the results," the teacher says as he stands at the podium.

"An Chuxia, you were asleep half the time. Do you think you scored poorly?" Fei Lixiya whispers to a confused Chuxia. She doesn't speak. Instead, she smiles as she looks at the teacher.

Grinning, the teacher announces, "This year, I'd like to announce, our class is ranked first!"

“What?!” The students are surprised. After all, the result is the average of the class taking the test. The first-ranked class will surprise all the regular-sectioned students.

The class teacher waves his hand to calm the class. "This shouldn't be a surprise. Our class has a good reason for ranking so well in the test. Only one student… that is, has scored generally higher."

"God… who went to worship Confucius? Which temple should I worship next time so I can chant?" Some students shout.

"Quiet!" The class teacher says feebly. "Take this time to give your attention to An Chuxia, students!"

Fei Lixiya looks at An Chuxia with disbelief. Is she a god? Not only did she run a dozen laps yesterday but she aced the test! If someone has full markings, the city takes that into consideration and the class wins! The simulated tests are 20 times harder!

The average person in the first year usually gets up to four hunderd points because of the test's difficulty.

Is she really that unique? Fel Lixiya asks herself mentally.

For once, the class is quiet. Compared to yesterday's penalty incident, An Chuxia stands tall. Her perfect score makes her proud. She can just imagine how her classmates view her.

"So congratulate An Chuxia, students," the teacher says. "Next, I would like to announce another thing… Our school has decided, in order to meet city standards, our class is specifically chosen to be monitored. Our class perormance is next year's project. Most of the participants are first year classes. We have to raise $500,000 in class fees. Since this class has historically scored the lowest, there aren't any scholarship funds for us to avail."

This is how bad this class is? An Chuxia mentally groans.

CHAPTER 62 I Want First in the City

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie

“Of course, the class fee is a small problem. As class teacher, I am upset that teachers always exclude our class. This is equivalent to everyone looking down on us!” Having said that, nearly half of the class, along with the teacher, start tearing up.

“Teacher! This time, we will definitely take the first!” An Chuxia could not help but stand up and take the podium. Tears run down the class teacher's face.

“Yes! We will, An Chuxia sister, we will take first!” She didn't know who made the statement but everyone in class starts chanting: "An Chuxia! Come on, An Chuxia!"

The cheering made her emotional. What's going one? Everyone wants her to participate! If they only count a person's score, truly, she'll take first. But the goal isn't about getting first place, it's elevating the class average! As long as there are three or four zeroes in the group, it's an all-or-nothing situation.

“Quiet!” She picks up a book and slams it on the table. Immediately, the whole class becomes quiet, waiting for her to speak.

She looks at the class with excitement. "I can't win this game alone, okay? What's needed is the class' average. Average!"

The class remains silent.

“Teacher, is our class time over?"

Stunned, the teacher looks at her at the podium. “Yes, we're now in the review stage."

"Then, teacher, would you be able to give me the opportunity… just for the rest of the week, to transform our class?" He sees the sincerity in her eyes. She stands in front of the class like she was a teacher. He didn't want to acquiesce.

However, this is her second bag of miracles. The first is being transferred to Stein College. They said she will be legendary. But for now, she's more of a contradiction.

"Please, teacher, give me this moment to give the review."

Despite the moment of shock, he readily allows her to teach. He simply walks down the aisle and says, "Students, if this review scrapes you from the bottom of the barrel and make you soar to the top, I will offer my weary bones and work extremely hard for your success."

An Chuxia's mouth twitches. "It's not enough that we just get out of last place. What I want is to be first in the city."

The students are shocked. She is so imposing as she radiates in confidence. The student folding origami trembles as he looks at An Chuxia.

"Teacher, can you sit at my desk? I want to start the review." As soon as the teacher sits, she starts.

The first thing she does isn't head for the podium. Instead, she heads to the table with the lighter and the box of cigarettes. With one hand, she shoots the box into the trash like a basketball.

Picking up the lighter, she heads toward the poker players. She takes the cards and burns them. Everyone watches her with astonishment.

Then, she throws away the mirror a girl was peering through. She looks god-like on the podium once she gets in front of the class.

"Starting today, I don't want to see anything in class that has nothing to do with learning."

Quietly, a sentence is uttered. "Fine… ."

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