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Chapter 60

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie

The teacher is standing on the podium rehashing his lectures. Students are carefully taking notes. The classroom is so quiet the sound of a needle falling to the ground can be heard.

Of course, that’s only her imagination.

In reality…

Paper planes seem to be attracted to her. As soon as she walks in, a very technically folded plane grazes her cheek. Despite the late bell ringing five minutes ago, there isn’t a teacher on the podium. In fact, there isn’t a teacher to be found!

If there were any notes being jotted, it isn’t for class.

It is for commissioned artwork. A brush is taken and a cartoon painting appears on paper. As for the classroom sits so quietly the sound of a needle falling to the ground can heard part? That’s all nonsense.

“Hey, An Chuxia! Fasten both when you come back, understand clearly what one lacks!” Some students at the door greet her.

Okay... how can she often forget Stein College’s school spirit?

“No,” she says with a disapproving face. When she sits down, Fei Lixiya takes a hamburger and offers it to her.

“Do you want to eat?” She is elated to see An Chuxia in class.

In the past, she was

was the disciplinarian; the squad leader. The most common thing she said was, “Quiet! It’s class time.”

But now, there seems to be no need for disciplinary actions.

Just as she opens her textbook to self-study, the class teacher walks in with a stack of papers. He is not surprised to see the chaotic atmosphere. However, he is momentarily stunned to see An Chuxia earnestly studying.

To satisfy his curiosity, he walks over to An Chuxia and grabs the textbook from her hands. He is dumbfounded when he realizes there aren’t any comic books falling from the pages.

“You’re reading the book?” The class teacher asks

teacher asks her.

An Chuxia blinks. “Is that a problem?” It is an inexplicable question. He has seen her with the textbook and hadn’t found any contraband. Shouldn’t he have confirmed this?

“So, ah… .” The class teacher conceals his excitement. He dramatically closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. After opening his eyes, he says heavily,”Students! Stop what you’re doing, including the preview… .”

The students are unnerved seeing the teacher so excited. Everyone stops, including those taking a bite out of their burgers.

“We are doing next month’s general examination simulation right now!” He raises the papers at the podium. He distributes the sheets distributes the sheets to the students on the front row to distribute the tests to the back.

While the papers are being passed, Fei Lixiya takes the time to explain to An Chuxia that the simulation tests are a tradition at Stein. Before each test, the city and its vicinity picks a class to take the examination. Although it is a simulated test, the problems are streamlined. Non-key questions are taken out.

Since the exam takes all morning, students are allowed to use the facilities twice. For every student using the toilet, two deputy class teachers accompany the student to deter cheating.

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