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Chapter 59

“You… .” An Chuxia takes a deep breath, suppressing her impulse to beat her.

However, Ying Taoqiu releases her chin before she can react. Anticipating the slap on her face, An Chuxia shuts her eyes tightly.

But before her eyelids call, she sees a zombiefied Ling Hanyu who’s sobering up to Ying Tangqiu’s surprised expression.

“Young master Ling … .” Ying Taoqiu reacts, busy bowing to him.

Still too early to think, Ling Hanyu realizes An Chuxia was about to get slapped. If she was struck, would she not fight back? How could she close her eyes like a fool? How passive!

If this is the case, there is no way for her to continue in Stein and blend in.

Ling Hanyu looks down on Ying Taoqiu with impatient eyes. “You know you shouldn’t mess with us unless you court death! If I see you next time, I… .”

He pauses and grabs Ying Taoqiu’s hair from behind. “I’ll shave your hair into a hairstyle!”

Ling Hanyu loosens his hold on her mane. In fear of having her head shaved, she runs away hurriedly.

“Thank you,” Chuxia mumbles, nodding her head. “I hope next there won’t be a next time for you to help me.”



Confused, Ling Hanyu clamps the comic under his armpit. “What do you mean?”

The class bells ring. An Chuxia has given up all worries about being late since she’s already tardy. Instead, she straightens her back and looks at Ling Hanyu. “Please, don’t misunderstand me. This won’t happen again. Just, please, if you think I need help, please don’t be impulsive iand come help me. I’ll eventually win them over. I just don’t want to get into more trouble.”

She is very understanding. To quote Leng Yu Mao, she can only be described by her goodwill. With a direct point, it means

it means volumes.

Such as… idiot with intellectual disabilities, brain damage, idiots, knuckleheaded, stupid, and the like… .

“So what you mean is, next time I see them holding a knife to your heart, I should look away and pretend nothing is happening?” Ling Hanyu asks, grinning. “You know, jealousy is the most horrible thing a woman possesses. Once jealous, they just don’t say they’ll kill you. Putting feces on the corpse is very much a possibility!”

Jealousy, An Chuxia thinks. There is nothing she finds in this place to possess such a feeling.

Ling Hanyu guesses what she is thinking. He smiles and says, smiles and says, “Don’t feel there’s nothing you possess others are jealous of. You have capital! Think about it. Learn what’s appropriate, and make a timely counterattack. All they know is how to bully blindly. Let’s go. We’re late for class.”

He pats her on the shoulder and turns to a different direction. Instead of class, he goes to the political building.

Doesn’t he have class? She asks, puzzled. But she didn’t think too much. She runs to her class like she is possessed.

She’s later than late. She is deader than dead.

Panting, she didn’t know there was another surprise waiting behind the door… .

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