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Chapter 57
CHAPTER 57 His Indifference

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

An Chuxia smiles and nods. As she picks up the book, she suddenly remembers she didn’t ask permission from Han Liuhai to take it with her.

“Uncle, I went to the study last night and found your copy of I Have a Dream. I was wondering if I may take it to school to read?”

Just as she was asking permission, Han Qilu comes down from the steps dressed in his uniform.

“Obviously, my dad will lend you. How pretentious of you to ask, An Chuxia.” Han Qilu’s words are laced with annoyance.

Lowering her head slightly, she didn’t think asking for

permission was contrived. She just wants to be courteous.

“What did you say?” Han Liuhai’s voice booms so that Han Qilu doesn’t talk back. Consequently, Qilu shoots her a cold stare.

“Uncle, please don’t get angry. I’m fine,” she says before running out the door. She races to the car before Qilu gets in. She’s afraid he’ll tell the driver to leave for school without her.

Jiang Yuan’s face looks a bit heavy as she watches An Chuxia from behind. She turns around and stares at Liuhai as he eats his breakfast. “Liuhai, I don’t like what’s going on between them. I thought he would be a little different

different when it comes to An Chuxia.”

Han Liuhai isn’t distressed.

“Well, my wife, they’re young. Don’t worry too much. Let them develop their own relationship. It’s good for them. You know Han Qilu warms up slowly to people, especially… .”

His words were comforting. She says a quick prayer to the spirits, hoping things change.

“Do not remind me of that slut! Hearing her name makes me sick! In fact, for their own sakes, she left Qilu and made him more eccentric than he already is. I will never forgive her!” Jiang Yuan stops eating and stands. “I feel unwell today. I want to kiss readers in the QQ group

QQ group and have them curse that damn slut!”

Jiang Yuan says her piece before running upstairs. Liu Hai stays in his seat, dumbfounded.

“How much personable and child-like can she get?” He shakes his head. He looks at his breakfast and loses his appetite. He stands up and takes his jacket from the maid.

The atmosphere in the car is dead. An Chuxia steals glances at Han Qilu from time to time. In the end, what made him so angry? It seems he was unhappy since the incident at the hotel.

Well, let me have nothing to do with him at Stein College.

The car stops at the Stein College gate. Han Qilu opens Han Qilu opens his eyes. His gaze meets hers.

An Chuxia immediately recovers from his line of sight. She can’t say anything to him. She is, however, indifferent when the door opens.

“Would you like to eat breakfast?” She couldn’t help but ask. But Han ignores her. He shuts the door and walks straight into Stein.

She sits in the car until the driver reminds her, “Miss Xia, you only have ten minutes left before class starts.”

“Ah!” Recovering from her fugue, she hurriedly picks up the stack of books and runs through the gates. Stein College is so large, it will take her ten minutes to get to class from here!

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