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Chapter 54
CHAPTER 54 Back at the Han Mansion


Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie


“Hello, miss,” the hotel manager initiates conversation with her when she makes the decision to call Jiang Yuan.

An Chuxia is a bit surprised. “Hello! May I use your … .”

“Miss, before making a request, I have to ask first,” the manager interrupts her. “Do you intend to go back now or would you like to stay and play?”

“Huh?” She is too stunned to reply.

The manager smiles at her and explains. “Milestone Hotel belongs to the Han Group, and I just received an order. I am responsible for sending you back to the Han Mansion.”

She is puzzled, but seeing one of the managers of the

Han properties, she doesn’t hesitate to believe him. She nods and smiles and says, “May I trouble you to send me back home now?”

“Okay.” The manager nods. He waves the servant to get the car. He turns around and asks An Chuxia. “Yes, you just need to borrow my… what?”

She shakes her head again and again. It takes too much effort to return to the Han mansion.

“I’m so sorry for all the trouble, manager,” she apologizes to the manager before getting into the car. The manager keeps smiling long after she has been driven away.

She can definitely say the Han staff seems to be warm and dedicated. Whether it is intentional or not, clearly, they

they are people with boundaries. Maybe they’re that well-trained?

The rain has finally stops when she walks to the Han doors.

“Miss An, the lady and the master are waiting for you in the lobby. Please let them see you so they can be at ease.” The servant says while she smiles cheerfully to her. She is a bit surprised. She didn’t think they’d still be up waiting for her.

She has barely enters the hall when shadows approach her. She unexpectedly falls into soft arms.

“Oh my darling baby! You finally came back!” Jiang Yuan wraps her arms around her and wouldn’t let go. This child made her worry about her too much!

Jiang Yuan hugs her so tightly, An

tightly, An Chuxia is rendered breathless. If it weren’t for Han Liuhai approaching them and tapping Mrs. Han on the shoulder to release her, she would’ve suffocated!

“Good, your clothes are not wet. Your uncle and I were worried you did not wait for Qilu to pick you up from that rain.” Jiang Yuan looks at An Chuxia from head to toe and is relieved. “Where’s Han Qilu?”

She asks one question: Shouldn’t he already be here?

Jiang Yuan sees the puzzled look in her eyes. Chuxia is forced to lie. She smiles and says, “He said had a lot of things to do today and he may sleep at a friend’s house so that you don’t have to worry.”

“This have to worry.”

“This brat!” Jiang Yuan shouts.

“Well, your root cause is figured out in so many words.” Han Liuhai shakes his head and reminds his wife. “Don’t you have a writer’s interview on YY channel? An Chuxia is fine so you need to be preparing right now.”

Jiang Yuan stares. “Thanks for reminding me! Otherwise, I would’ve forgotten! I have to leave early! An Chuxia, go to bed early, ah?”

“Yes.” She smiles and watches Jiang Yuan jump up and to run to the stairs. Sometimes she thinks Jiang Yuan is like a child.

Han Liuhai shakes his head and turns to An Chuxia. “An Chuxia, I think, maybe, you and I need to talk about certain things.”

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