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Chapter 53
CHAPTER 53 Was Lost


Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920


        – I will not have anything to do with you anymore.

  - I will not make you feel awkward.

  - I will try to avoid contact with you.

These words make Han Qilu stop in his tracks. She hates him that much. Feeling disgusted, he says to himself bitterly, Bravo, An Chuxia!

“An Chuxia, it’s not I who greets death that you don’t want to talk to me about relationships. Shouldn’t you just beg for mercy?” he asks, his tone cold. His eyes, filled with intimidation. However, his mouth betrays him since the sound of curiosity, despite the hint of anger, laces his words.

In Han Qilu’s case, the

angrier he is, the more bizarre his smle seems. There’s a trace of beauty in it. It’s such a shock one can’t just appreciate its dazzling superficial beauty.

An Chuxia lowers her head and laughs; such a pure sound.

“If my death makes you happy, I’d be honored.” She implies she will not beg him for mercy! She feels that in addition to what she owes others, this wouldn’t be wrong.

He lowers his head. An Chuxia laughs again. Its pureness seems to disturb him.

“Smart mouth,” he mumbles before turning away. Chuxia is relieved. Truth be told, Han Qilu’s expression scares her. Although he smiles at her, there isn’t any warmth behind it. It just makes it that much

much creepier.

An Chuxia’s eyes follow Han Qilu’s gaze. A man stands in the long corridor, making the atmosphere feel peculiar.

A second before the elevator completely closes, she moves to the side of the elevator next to Han.

He gazes at her slightly and doesn’t speak again.

To An Chuxia, it felt like it took a year for the elevator to reach the first floor. A pleasant chime rings as the elevator doors open. One after another, they get out of the lift.

“Master, the car has been cleaned.” The hotel lobby manager hands him the business records respectfully.

Han Qilu only slightly nods. He is too lazy to talk to the manager. He walks out of the hotel doors without care.

without care. The attendant at the door props the door open for him to walk through. He just takes off!

An Chuxia has no control over Han Qilu driving away. She stands in place looking at Qilu’s car disappear at the bend. She’s at a loss. He’s really the kind of person that once he’s angry, it doesn’t matter who lives and dies… .

As for Han Qilu wishing for her death, she wishes from the bottom of her heart it comes for her swiftly. This way, she’s forever freed from this moment, and maybe, joined with her mother.

Han Qilu looks at An Chuxia looking helpless from the car’s side mirror. He speeds up, and soon enough, even her shadow even her shadow can’t be seen.

But he eventually relents. Taking out his phone, he calls the hotel manager. “Find a car and send her back to the Han residence.” He hangs up and quickly heads to Xiao Mingluo’s home. He doesn’t want to stay under the same roof with An Chuxia.

The rain doesn’t stop. An Chuxia looks up at the sky and sees nothing but darkness. Looks like she has to trouble Jiang Yang to send someone to pick her up.

Since she doesn’t know where she currently is, she wouldn’t even know how to get back to the Han mansion. More importantly, she didn’t bring money for a cab so even that option is void!

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