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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 51 Avoid Sets?

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Disclaimer: Master Devil Don't Kiss Me, its contents and characters, are the property of Jin Xiamo. This is a work of fiction. This is an amateur translation of the novel. Please support this site by reading translations from this page.

Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

“Prepare dinner, but no fish. I hate it."

“Yes, young master. Should I prepare for two?” The attendant knows the quantity is excessive, but he's afraid that if he miscalculates, the result would be even worse.

Han Qilu holds back the impulse to kill the attendant. Taking a deep breath, he says, "Why not three? Or more? The pig may want two servings. For now, prepare three."

“Yes, young master!” The servant bows and takes the clothes away.

“Hold on!” Han Qilu calls the attendant back. “Also, go buy… that one."

His face is flush with embarrassment despite them being alone.

Confused, the attendant respectfully asks again. “Will the young master clarify… what are you asking for? I'm afraid I don't understand what you're implying."

Han Qilu clenches his fist and rests it against his chin. It takes a long time before he loudly says, “It's that… just go get those things girls use."

“Yes… to avoid pregnancy?” The attendant is really clueless. He assumes the young master brought the girl to the hotel and is asking him to procure delicate items to avoid a pregnancy.

“Damn!” Han Qilu can no longer help himself from blowing up. He grabs the servant by the collar and roars, “Did you see a woman trying to avoid a pregnancy?"

The attendant suddenly understands the young master when he remembers him saying “strawberry sundae”. Cold sweat forming, his mouth hastens to reply, “I understand, young master… .”

Han Qilu releases his grip. “Send the clothes together with that item speedily. Otherwise, do not return to Milestone tomorrow."

The servants know never dismiss Han Qilu's word. At top speed, he hurries toward the elevator.

Han Qilu returns to the suite. He calls home to let them know it is raining so hard they've taken refuge at a place to eat so they don't have to wait on them.

Leaning on the suite's high-grade soft leather sofa, the more he thinks his concern has taken a turn for the strange. Before, his heart couldn't wait for her to drop dead in the rain. They wouldn't control each other’s life and death. But what is he doing now?

He would never accept that in two days, she, the outsider, has tempted him. So what is it about An Chuxia? He thinks this through for the longest time until he finally figures it out. It is because she is too rebellious? Similar to a father's big heart, it is his duty to try every means possible to make a daughter good.

Although this idea seems far-fetched to an outsider looking in, An Chuxia is only a year younger than him. However, he can't think of any other way to interpret the situation.

“Master.” Qilu raises his head as he hears the attendant knock on the door.

He looks at the two bags the attendant carries in his left hand. Qilu states with a poker face, "Your manager will reimburse you for the cost of the items you purchased."

“No, no, no, you are too polite," the attendant says. "Dinner tonight is really good. I’m going to get it now.” The servant bows at ninety degrees before leaving. Despite being an attendant, his wages are higher than the ordinary white-collar jobs. What he spent on the young master is nothing compared to his happiness.

Han Qilu takes the bags to the bathroom door. He raises his hand and knocks on the door. “Are you showered? Open the door. I have your clothes."

The bathroom door opens a little bit. Qilu shoves the clothes through the gap. He then retires to the leather sofa and lights up a cigarette.

CHAPTER 52 Thank You, and …

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie

Be careful when you fish, Qilu. You just might catch something you didn't want in the first place… .

When An Chuxia receives the bag, he says, "To take care of your 'strawberry sundae'." She can't help but turn beet red.

She won't usually see things from this perspective, but this key moment is quite intimate! She dresses up quickly before heading out to meet Han Qilu.

“Dinner is over there,” he says, pointing to the three course dinner on the table.

An Chuxia doesn't speak. She quietly eats dinner with relish. After getting a hot bath and eating dinner, her stomach feels like she won't be able to eat like this for three days. She's not felt anything but hunger and panic.

She actually eats the three meals. She feels sated; not very full but not hungry.

The dinner provided by the five-star hotel has a variety of dishes but they're only a few mouthfuls. The quantity served is not for ordinary people who eat fast food.

Han Qilu inhales his last smoke as he watches An Chuxia finish her meal. The smoke surrounding him looks like a vulgar fantasy.

He throws the cigarette butt into the crystal ashtray. He picks up his wet jacket. Looking at Chuxia, he asks, "Full?"

She knows they have to go back home. "I'm fed."

"Then let's head back," he says as he turns for the door. An Chuxia is anxious to stop him. Her eyes stare at his chest. Her mouth, slow to speak.

He smirks. Throwing her a cynical look, he asks, "What, you don't want to leave? Do you want to be with me here and spend the night?"

Her face instantly turns red. She takes a step back, putting her hand against her chest. "No! That's nonsense!"

Han Qilu's face broke into a huge grin, letting her in on the joke. "Then let's go. It's getting late."

As they step out of the presidential suite, An Chuxia has a moment of ideological struggle. Should she thank him or pretend that nothing happened? He gave her the shame of her life, but she can't forget how many times he stepped in to help her in her time of need.

She bites her tongue as she chases after him. "Wait!"

"What else do you want, Miss An?" he sighs, standing in place while waiting for her to speak.

An Chuxia didn't stare at his chest this time. There is nothing but open silence. Then, she utters, "Thank you very much for helping me today."

She's referring to Mo Xinwei's provocation in the classroom and the playground where she was penalized. She's also referring to him finding her in the rain and taking her to the hotel so she can clean up and not shame herself in front of her benefactors.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, she owes so much to Han Qilu's humanity toward her.

“Thank you?” Han Qilu's eyes flash. “Do you have anything else to say?"

Other words…

An Chuxia's mind starts racing, wondering what he's referring to. She pauses, raises her head and says, "I'm sorry for everything I've done to you before. Rest assured, I won't do it again. I will not tell you what to do with your relationships, nor will not make you feel disgusted, and I will try to avoid meeting with you."

What she doesn't notice after making her statement is the bleak expression on Han Qilu's face.

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