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Disclaimer: Master Devil Don't Kiss Me, its contents and characters, are the property of Jin Xiamo. This is a work of fiction. This is an amateur translation of the novel. Please support this site by reading translations from this page.

Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

T/L: Aunt, in this scenario, is the monthly period.

“Are you getting in the car?” His heart feels like it's being ripped out from him as he watches the rain fall on her miserably.

Is he actually showing brotherly love?

An Chuxia truly wants to get out of the rain, but her feet won't simply move. She stares at him with her big, pitiful eyes.

“Don't tell me your leg is sprained. Stand up.” Han Qilu's tone changes. She thinks he's actually crazy. He opens the door and strides toward An Chuxia. Impatience is written all over his face.

She can feel the warm heat emanating from his lower body and it makes her blush. Han Qilu takes a step closer, but she suddenly raises her hand, signaling him to stop.

“Don't come any closer. I… I can stand up.” She stares at him nervously.

But Han Qilu is completely unaware of her situation. His displeasure has become more obvious.

“An Chuxia, why are you being so stubborn?” He stares back at her fiercely. Regardless of her command, he briskly walks to her and squats. He notices bright red liquid on the ground. He can't help but be shocked.

An Chuxia can't believe her luck. In her life, does she have to go through this much humiliation? She already hates her aunt. But why did she choose this time to visit her?

Both heaven and earth, why do you tease me! She shouts in her heart.

But the fact is not that An Chuxia is suffering… .

Han Qilu slowly raises his head, his eyes are filled with shock.

“I told you not to come closer,” she whispers. But all of a sudden the air around her becomes cool. She looks up at Qilu. He has a look that could kill.

“When did you get pregnant?! Who got you pregnant? He has to be responsible. As a girl, don't you know at what point to stop?” Han Qilu explodes.

An Chuxia is confused. “What are you talking about? What man, what responsibility?"

“Oh, still playing dumb?” Han Qilu sneers.

An Chuxia frowns. Suddenly, she reads his mind. This guy isn't stupid to think she is having a miscarriage, right? God, is this what he thinks of her!

“It’s not what you think.” She replies, “It’s not an abortion, it’s an accident!"

Sometimes she feels she overestimates people's IQ. She suddenly wants to laugh at the play of emotions taking place on Qilu's face.

He glares at her mercilessly. Despite being dirty, Han Qilu carefully picks her up and puts her in the car.

Soon after he starts the engine, he hands her a towel to wipe her face and hair. He remains silent, a feeling she's been accustomed to experiencing.

“Aren't you afraid I'd mess up your car?” She talks cautiously through the towel. She's afraid of annoying him. After all, annoying him this time might lead him to throwing her out himself!

Han Qilu eyes meets hers through the rearview mirror. Seeing her pale lips made him frown deeper and deeper.

“I am more afraid of my mother freezing my credit card.” He finds a reason he thinks is good, but is, in fact, very far-fetched.

Is the credit card that important to him? An Chuxia just nods.

“Don't you know you should've stayed in the classroom while waiting for the car? As a girl, you sure are an idiot."

CHAPTER 50 Noodles On Your Body

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie

T/N: I thought the use of noodle here was quite hilarious and sarcastic. Oh Qilu!

Han Qilu finally couldn't help but scold her.

“Excuse me, but why… why would you come get me?” She asks stupidly. She doesn't believe Han Qilu drove all the way to school because he was worried about her. This isn't rocket science!

Gripping the steering wheel, he turns around and faces her expressionlessly. “Credit card."

Does his world revolve around the credit card? It is really sad if rich men are brought down by plastic.

The car runs smoothly and stays within the speed limit. Han Qilu doesn't take An Chuxia directly back home, but to a five-star hotel.

The sky is now completely dark, and occasionally, a flash of lightning appears.

Milestone Hotel belongs to the Hans. In fact, even if Qilu's credit card is frozen, his identity can be used to keep him from starving to death.

The Han Group is a major contributor to the financial industry in many and all levels. Han Real Estate Company is A city’s largest real estate group. Its economic strength in the country is second to none. In addition to real estate, the Han Group’s industry also includes food, clothing, and film and television media. They also have educational institutions, such as the Stein Royal College, where Han Liuhai is the chairman.

“Where are we?” An Chuxia looks at the hotel’s attendants opening the door for them.

“The hotel." Han Qilu gets out of the car and comes around to the back to collect An Chuxia.

“You took me to a hotel?!” An Chuxia begins to feel uneasy. He's not changing again, is he?

Han Qilu puts on a cold face. The attendants insist they'd be accompanied with umbrellas until they reach the hotel’s VIP elevator. As it slowly opens, he says, “Do you want my mother to see you covered in blood?"

She is slightly taken aback. Before she can stop herself, she buries herself in his arms. From the side, she sees a surprised look on the attendant's face. It takes a lot of effort on her behalf to hold back her laugh.

The VIP elevator is only used by special guests so it rises directly to the 18th floor.

The attendant opens the door of the exclusive presidential suite. When they are left alone, Qilu immediately takes Chuxia directly to the bathroom and leaves her there. He shuts the door and says, “Wash yourself. I don't want you to scare Ma."

An Chuxia doesn't speak. Instead, she looks around the luxurious bathroom. The bathtub is circular, like the rest of the bathroom design. From top to bottom, she can't describe its opulence.

Times like this are when she's mostly afraid. Once she leaves the Han's stead, would she be able to live a simple life after being spoiled in luxury?

“Don't just idle over there. Take off your clothes so I can immediately send them for washing.” Han Qilu hears no movement in the bathroom, leaving him very upset.

An Chuxia quickly takes off her clothes and stuffs them through the crack when she partially opens the door.

“Do not worry, I have no interest in your noodles.” With that statement, Han Qilu takes her clothes from the door.

What? An Chuxia is very uncomfortable. Her chest is not big, but she hasn't arrived at a noodle stage yet! She is rendered speechless! But for the moment, Han Qilu is proving to be very useful to her and her peace of mind… like this water bath.

Han Qilu looks out the door and hands the clothes to the attendant.

“I’ll give you ten minutes, tops."

There is no room for discussion. The servant nods and states, “Yes, young master. Would you like dinner prepared?"

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