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CHAPTER 445 Wake up (2)

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Please don't get over excited."

An Chuxia wants to get up, but someone immediately pushes her back to the bed so she won't move.

"Yes, don't get agitated, and listen," another female doctor says. "It's two o'clock in the morning, and Mrs. Han and the Chairman have returned to the Han residence at 11 p.m. You can rest assured that tomorrow morning, Mrs. Han will come see you. When you were unconscious, Mrs. Han has been visiting you everyday, calling your name."

Another doctor adds, "Yes, even the people who work with the Chairman of the Board come visit you after they're done with their work day."

"Yeah, yeah. And all your classmates visited. But we were afraid that too many of them visiting would hamper your recovery, so we stopped them from visiting. But now that you're awake, and once we've checked on your injuries, you can go home," the youngest resident says.

"Please let me go." An Chuxia frowns. She recalls getting hit by various tree branches, being stabbed by thorns and bushes as she searched for Han Qilu.

The person holding An Chuxia down releases her, afraid she might get hurt.

"Please forgive us." A tired-looking nurse says. "You can't agitate yourself. If you have any questions, please ask Mrs. Han tomorrow. We can't afford to have anything wrong happen to you."

The nurse tries to placate her, and the person next to her turns to let the other nurse speak.

"I'm sorry," An Chuxia sincerely apologizes. "I'm sorry to have troubled you. I'll ask Mommy tomorrow about what has happened."

"It's great that you agree," the female doctor says. "Are you hungry? You've been unconscious for four days. You have to be nutrient deficient. We can prepare a bowl of porridge for you. For the time being, you can't eat anything too greasy. Otherwise, your stomach won't be able to take it."

An Chuxia isn't feeling hungry. She just wants to know how Han Qilu is doing. But the nurse said she's not allowed to ask anymore questions. Dejected, she listens to the female doctor and realizes she does feel pangs of hunger. There's no use arguing.

"Then, we'll excuse ourselves first. Xiaohui, please stay and take care of xiaonainai."

Then, everyone leaves the ward. The nurse named Xiahui soon returns with a bowl of porridge with preserved egg. It takes her about two to three mouthfuls to finish the meal. She wants more, but her request is turned down. She says that since she hasn't eaten in days, eating more than what's been given would be too much for her stomach.

Once her IV is taken out, An Chuxia tells Xiaohui she doesn't need anyone to watch over her. So, the nurse leaves. When the door closes, An Chuxia immediately sits up. But as soon as her foot touches the floor, she reflexively retracts her foot, feeling pain on her feet. She realizes her blister must have burst and gotten worse when she was walking. Grinding her teeth, she drags her slipper-covered feet on the ground.

An Chuxia withdraws the curtains the moment she reaches the window. A faint moonlight comes in. It is the kind of night that would allow a person a deep sleep. She sees an occasional car or two pass by before disappearing from her field of vision.

Somehow, she has always felt like she doesn't belong in this world.

Then, there's Han Qilu. How is he… he must not… 

She dare not think about it again. An Chuxia leaves the window and returns to the hospital bed. He body is still very tired. It didn't take long for her to return to sleep.

CHAPTER 446 Wake Up (3)

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The next time she wakes up, the sun has been up for a while. As soon as she sits up, she hears someone outside the hall shouting, "Awake? My Chuxia has woken?!!!"

The shrill sound that made An Chuxia's toes curl couldn't belong to anyone else but Jiang Yuan. She can't help but be nervous. Jiang Yuan should know about Han Qilu's condition. Just as she's about to get out of bed, she was pushed back.

Along with hearing her name, a black shadow rushes toward her. She isn't able to dodge the hug. The soreness she feels makes her breathless.

"An Chuxia, you're awake! Do you know mommy was worried that you're dead? I haven't updated my readers these past few days! The doctor just told me you're conscious. I thought they were just trying to cheer me up!" Jiang Yuan says, crying, while holding on to An Chuxia. She wouldn't let her go.

Woof! Woof! Woof! A dog barks outside the door.

Steward Han hurriedly approaches Jiang Yuan. "Mrs. Han, please let go! You can see xiaonainai is overwhelmed. She's still hurt."

The words snap Jiang Yuan out of her daydream. She remembers Ah Chuxia is hurt. She immediately releases her grip on her, but remains holding her hand. "Have I? Has mommy hurt you?"

"You haven't," An Chuxia says. "It doesn't hurt because I know you're worried."

"Silly child!" Jiang Yuan says as her tears fall. "How can you not feel hurt? Mommy knows that you were looking for Qilu despite being hurt yourself."

The moment she mentions Han Qilu, An Chuxia's heart tenses. "Han Qilu? Mommy, how is he?!"

"Oh, xiaonainai, don't be too excited. The doctor said you need to relax. Otherwise, you might faint again… Oh, look at my mouth. Oh!" Steward Han scolds himself. Stupid tongue.

On his side, Batian wags his tail to attract An Chuxia's attention, but steward Han walks him out. The dog shoots her a pitiful look to remind her… .

"Then, tell me how is he doing? Why hasn't he come to visit?" An Chuxia tries to keep her cool, but she can't relax.

Jiang Yuan returns An Chuxia's hand on her lap. "You can rest assured. The gunshot wound inflicted on Qilu is grave, but he's lucky that nothing vital was hit. And since he was saved in a timely manner, he was treated accordingly. He was out of critical danger the next day, but he's still in a coma. He's been flown to the United States for treatment, and is currently being treated by a specialist. So, now, you just have to take care of yourself. Compared to Qilu, Mommy is more worried about you."

Upon hearing that Han Qilu is out of danger, the fear in her heart finally seizes. God bless. God bless!

"Xiaonainai, you continue your talk with madame. I will go find some food for you. You must be hungry since you've not eaten for days."

"Well, thank you, steward Han." An Chuxia says her gratitude.

Steward Han turns so a tear can roll down his cheek. This silly girl is distressing him.

"An Chuxia, do you want to lie down? Are you tired of sitting up?" Jiang Yuan asks with concern.

An Chuxia smiles easily. "No. I've been lying for so many days, I'd be considered sick. I'm feeling better. Mommy, can you have me discharged from the hospital today? I can't stay another night."

Before this, Jiang Yuan would've agreed with her, but this time, Jiang Yuan's resolve is firm – she is not to be discharged until she fully recovers from her injuries. She doesn't want any relapses before going back home.

An Chxia can't convince Jiang Yuan to change her mind. Since they are at an impasse, An Chuxia waits until Han Liuhai visits after work. He glances at Jiang Yuan before realizing An Chuxia is finally awake. He says he wants to stay, but he has an important banquet to attend. An Chuxia asks him if she can be discharged. Liuhai agrees with his wife. She shouldn't be discharged.

An Chuxia gives up. Fortunately, steward Han is able to calm the distressed An Chuxia. He brought her a laptop so she won't be bored.

She opens her QQ, and sees there are a lot of messages. She opens them one by one. She replies with a thank you to each of her classmates who wishes her well.

After a while, another QQ avatar flashes. It is the bookshelf editor asking her to post soon. An Chuxia looks at when she last posted. It's been almost three weeks since she loaded a chapter.

Embarrassed, she promises to update. The editor asks for her bank account so they can make a deposit while she works on an update.

She opens the bookshelf homepage and finds "Master Devil Don't Kiss Me" in second place in red envelopes. The novel at number one is "Sauce", Jiang Yuan's novel. Her eyes jump and her hand trembles as she opens the page to her novel. There are more than 2000 comments on the page. Most of them are reminders, while a few are a book club discussion about the novel.

She patiently looks through the posted comments, occasionally responding to a few. It takes her an hour to go through everything. As she thinks, a "Manuscript Inquiry Fee" lights up on the background. She receives a red envelope with 2000 RMB.

Her mouth opens and she laughs with glee. Xiaohui, the nurse, comes into her room to replace a bottle of water. An Chuxia smiles at her.

"Xiaonainai, what are you laughing it? You look like you won five million bucks." Xiaohui teases. An Chuxia smiles until the nurse walks out of the ward and closes the door. She slaps her thigh violently. She was seen like this! Since Xiaohui has seen her get excited about money, she knows she's not dead yet.

Now that she doesn't see the red envelope, she quickly opens a blank document and starts writing. Once she is done, she proofreads before posting.

She's about to write more when another QQ avatar flashes again.

Hovering over the avatar, the box reads Cinderella's Big Sister. An Chuxia smiles and opens the QQ message.

(Remember, Meng Xiaonan is Cinderella's Big Sister while An Chuxia is Shunu Nanwei which means Lady Cook.)

Cinderella's Big Sister: Is it you?
Shunu Nanwei: Yes, it's been a few days. How have you been doing?

Meng Xiaonan doesn't reply. Instead, she clicks on the video call button. An Chuxia fixes her hair before accepting the call.

"Bit*h! How are you still laughing?! You know what happened?" Meng Xiaonan is on the video wearing pajamas with teeth gnashing.

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