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CHAPTER 443 Good Brother

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Nangong Zijue's vision blurs. A lot of things happened when he instructed Tom to follow An Chuxia. He realized that the people he hated the most are the ones he loved the most. He didn't think Nangong Zifei would kill the woman he loved, but in reality, he had lost her long before Nangong Zifei got to her.

If she didn't sell him out and leak the news about the assassination, he would've been the mafia boss, not Nangong Zifei. He thought his brother was looking for him in order to kill him. In reality, Zifei wanted to find him to give him the position.

What he believed in, and what he learned as the truth was something he had to ponder on the way back to the cabin. He couldn't believe that it was his woman who deliberately misled him. If he just did his own investigation before things went bad, he would've realized what was true. But he didn't allow himself. He hated the fact that back then, he was too naive.

It's why when Nangong Zifei tried to give him the ring that symbolizes power, he refused it. Instead, he pushed it back to his brother. Perhaps, this is the only thing he can do for his twin.

And Tom still knows nothing.

"Please punish me. No matter what it is, I'll accept it," Tom says firmly, unafraid.

Although they have a master-subordinate kind of relationship, they have regarded each other as brothers in all the time bullets rained over them through the years.

"Will you?" Nangong Zijue wakes up from his memory and looks at Tom seriously. "Go. Your life and mine won't intersect again."

"Jue… Master Jue?" Tom is shocked. If Zijue says he has to die, he won't be surprised at all. He won't hesitate. But Zijue is telling him not to follow him anymore. Their lives have to be entwined.

Nangong Zijue stands up and throws the cigar on the ground, putting out the embers that still burned. "I've put $20 million on your credit card. It's the last thing I'll give you. Go."

"No!" Tom refuses stubbornly. "Master Jue, you can make me face death, and I won't blink. But I won't allow you to let me go! I've protected you my whole life. This is my purpose."

Nangong Zijue, who hasn't expressed emotion, develops a hazy gaze.

He walks back to Tom. "I've disbanded the group. I gave everyone in the organization some money to leave the underworld. I'm penniless now, and you no longer have to follow me. Just go."

Zijue, who isn't afraid of death, tears up.

"Master Jue, I didn't follow you for money. I will be with you, no matter what happens, till the day I die." Tom remains determined.

Nangong Zijue turns back to Tom and says, "Good brother."

CHAPTER 444 Wake Up

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

She could sleep for days, but she thinks someone is calling her name. She wants to open her eyes, but they wouldn't budge. She tries and tries… but her body remains asleep. And the voices keep calling her name.

Who is it? Who's calling for her?

She really wants to know who wants her to wake up.

When darkness settles, her consciousness disappears, including the voice.

Where am I? She opens her eyes, and all she can see is the white ceiling, and the white walls… the white bed, and the white fluorescent lights… An Chuxia tries to move her fingers, but her body is numb from pain. She wants to speak, but her throat is very dry.

The door opens and a student nurse wearing pink uniform enters the room. She has with her a cell phone and a medicine tray with a prescription bottle. Before approaching the bed, the nurse looks at the bottle and writes something down.

"How long… ." An Chuxia tries to speak, but her voice sounds hoarse and strange.

"You… you… ." The nurse drops the pen, shaking. She doesn't wait for An Chuxia to talk. Instead, she runs out and shouts, "Doctor, doctor! The patient in intensive care just woke up!!!"

Soon, some doctors fly into the room. An elderly physician looks at her. He glances at the nurse with dissatisfaction. "Why all the fuss? She just woke up. You'd think you saw a ghost."

As soon as he says the words, he blanches. The doctor stops talking and the little nurse gives him wide berth.

"Xiaonainai, you're finally awake. Mrs. Han specially arranged for me to care for you. Do you feel uncomfortable?" Another physician, one with spectacles, asks.

Cough cough. "Water… ." It is easy for her to say the word. Then, a nurse wearing a special uniform hands her the drink immediately. An Chuxia lifts her head and tilts the bottle to take in a few sips.

As she slowly empties out the cup of water, An Chuxia coughs until she can find her voice.

"Do you want more water?" Someone asks again.

Seeing so many doctors and nurses around her makes her feel weird. An Chuxia coughs again and shakes her head. "No, thank you. Excuse me. Where am I? Why am I here? Who are you? Why are there so many people?"

She tries to recall what happened, but it feels like something is preventing her from remembering what happened. Her memory remains blank. She feels dizzy, sore, and uncomfortable.

"Xiaonainai, do you remember anything? You're at Center City Hospital. You fainted from overexertion and dehydration. Plus, you went through a traumatic event. As for everyone else… I'd like to ask you if you know who you are?" The doctor with spectacles asks her patiently. He sounds warm and comforting.

"I… fainted?" An Chuxia frowns. Then, like a dam that just broke, her memories start flooding in.

The blood on the ground, the jungle that won't reveal the sun, the kidnapping, Nangong Zijue, the tall foreigner, the helicopter… .

All the memories are starting to piece together.

"Han Qilu! Han Qilu!!!"

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