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Wow, only 10 more chapters to go before we Volume 1 ends. Time sure flies.

CHAPTER 441 Feeling Powerless

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Tom suddenly stops and squats in front of her. "Come, I'll carry you."

An Chuxia shakes her head. "No, I can walk."

"I'm afraid you'll walk to your death. It's why I'm carrying you. Now, hurry!" Tom frowns as she climbs on his back. He stands up and says, "Are all Chinese girls this light?"

Is that a compliment? An Chuxia doesn't know how to respond.

Two hours have passed, and the sun has risen high in the sky. Finally, Tom stops in front of a huge boulder and puts An Chuxia down. His eyes look at the boulder. "The person you're looking for is behind this."

An Chuxia's back stiffens. Now that she has found him, she is more anxious to face him especially when she heard Nangong Zijue has shot Han Qilu. Her feet feel like they're filled with lead. She has to make an effort to lift her feet and move.

"Don't say you saw me." Tom looks at her before turning away to leave. After what has just transpired, he decides to move faster. Kindness is such a disease! Tom mumbles to himself. Soon, he disappears through the forest.

"Han Qilu…?" An Chuxia whispers. Her voice is trembling. Why is death so close to her? Why is life so unfair to her? Why are all the people she likes, leave her, one by one?

Tears flood her eyes again, and she finally makes up her mind to walk around the boulder, step by step. The grass is sparse, and the path is filled with gravel. The path is about ten meters long, but it might as well be ten kilometers.

She stands in front of the boulder. If she walks around, she'll be able to see him – she just wouldn't be able to tell if he's dead or alive.

An Chuxia takes a deep breath before gritting her teeth and going around the boulder. She sees… streaks of blood before seeing the pool.

"No-!" An Chuxia covers her eyes, but the tears seep through her fingers. The air smells like grass with a tinge of iron. She slowly lowers her hands before walking toward Han Qilu.

He's still handsome, despite the closed eyes, despite the pale face. Despite being still, he remains as handsome as a prince from a fairy tale.

"Han Qilu!" Finally, An Chuxia runs to his side, using all her strength to hold on to him. She is shocked to find out he was shot on the head. She feels the powerlessness spread through her.

Fortunately, rationale didn't escape her completely. She gently lays him flat on the ground. She presses her ear to his chest. She hears a faint heartbeat. She is surprised. A heartbeat, a heartbeat!

"Han Qilu, hold on to me. I'll carry you down the mountain." She lifts Han Qilu, and a cylindrical item falls out of his grip. It catches her eye. She quickly identifies it as the top part of a flare gun and the canister of the signal bomb.

It seems like Han Qilu was trying to signal for help, but since his injury was so severe, he wasn't able to release it before unconsciousness claimed him.

An Chuxia is just too happy to piece the flare gun together. The pieces of the device are strewn around the boulder. She's unsure if the flare can be seen during daylight, but she can't wait any longer.

Bang! She launches the flare through the sky and red smoke streams. Since there's no wind, the smoke should hang in the sky for a long time.

CHAPTER 442 Rescue

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"What happened?" An Chuxia hears a voice around sixteen minutes later, and instantly thinks it's Nangong Zijue. But as she turns, she realizes it's a Stein College student. Immediately, she takes a breath in relief.

The student sees Han Qilu in An Chuxia's arms. Shocked, the student runs for help. She uses the medicine box left behind, trying to disinfect his wounds, knowing it is useless. She uncaps a bottle of water, hoping he'd drink. However, he can't swallow at all.

Anxious, she takes the bottle of water and sips it. Then, she tries to force the liquid down his mouth using her own mouth.

"That's so romantic… ." One student can't help but sigh the sentiment.

"You've got a pig's brain! That's not romantic. She's trying to save a life!"

"But it's so touching… What happened? Young Master Qilu shouldn't have encountered such danger."

"I don't know, but why hasn't the help arrived? Should we launch another signal flare?" Another student suggests.

An Chuxia was about to launch another flare when they hear over their heads three helicopters. The helicopters are marked "Ling Special Police".

Only one of the three helicopters is able to land. They are shocked the moment they see Han Qilu in An Chuxia's arms. The team provides him first aid, and then, they put an oxygen mask over his face. They place him onto the stretcher before loading him into the helicopter.

Two of the rescuers stay behind to be with An Chuxia. An Chuxia wants to be with Han Qilu, but there isn't any room in the helicopter.

As they walk down the mountain, her eyes get heavier and heavier. Finally, her line of sight blurs and everything goes black.


"Master Jue, I am sorry. I lost Miss An Chuxia." Tom's expression is mixed. He knows it's because he's lying to Nangong Zijue.

Zijue leisurely lounges on the seat, remaining still. A cigar elegantly lays sandwiched between his index and middle finger. White smoke rises from his mouth. His eyes don't land on Tom.

He doesn't talk, and Tom certainly doesn't have the courage to speak. It is why the air is suddenly cold.

In the distant sky, red smoke rises, and one can tell it's smoke from a flare signal. Tom guesses An Chuxia fired the flare. He looks at Nangong Zijue with a guilty conscience. Nangong Zijue looks at him with sharp eyes.

As their eyes meet, Tom kneels in front of Zijue. "I lied to you, Master Jue."

"Tom, how long have you been with me?" Nangong Zijue doesn't tell him to stand up, but he takes his gaze away from him.

Tom has a bad hunch, but he still bluntly replies, "I don't know how long it has been, but I have followed you for as long as I can remember. I learned your language, and learned how to use different weapons you've given me. I learned how to kill for you, and how to protect you… Just please, punish me!"

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