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CHAPTER 439 Looking for Someone in the Jungle

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Tom wanted to ask Nangong Zijue if it's better to send someone else to follow An Chuxia. But not wanting to waste time, he goes ahead and chases after An Chuxia… .

Nangong Zijue told An Chuxia the pair of glasses has not been given to her so that she'd look cool, but to be able to see in the dark. She didn't believe it, but she put the glasses on. Sure enough, the black lenses turned her field of vision green. It looks a bit strange; it's like seeing things in daylight.

When Xia Xinyu led them to the cabin, she didn't realize how big it was. The room she was being held at was on the second floor. She took off running once she reached the first floor landing. She didn't know where she was going, but she was going to run until the cabin was out of sight.

An Chuxia starts sweating after running for a while. She feels weak from the fever breaking. She tires out quickly after reaching the long end of the road.

She leans her back against a tree. She gasps for air as she rests her hands against her thighs. Tears roll down her face like a broken string of pearls. Han Qilu, where could you be?

How can she find him in such a big mountain?

"Han Qilu!!!" She cups her hands as she calls out for him. But the only response she hears is the sound of birds chirping as they fly away from the treetops.

Feeling powerless, she sits on the ground and starts crying.

After a good cry, her tears finally subside. She's all cried out. No matter what happens, she still has to continue looking for Han Qilu. She has to find him.

Making the resolution, An Chuxia wipes the tears off her face and becomes determined.
Desperate to find her way, she looks at the distance where the sky starts to brighten.

Is it dawn? She stares at the horizon for a bit longer, feeling out of sorts. Her feet seem like they have a mind of their own. The sky is starting to look like the Italian flag. She can feel the blisters on her feet but she has no time to tend to them. The only thing that's keeping her focused is finding Han Qilu.

Tom, who's been secretly following An Chuxia is feeling tired for her. He may not be gasping for air, but he realizes that Chinese girls are really determined. This girl has walked deep into the forest in the middle of the night, and keeps on walking. What's more, she just recovered from a fever, and her constitution is weaker than usual.

As he snaps out of his trance, he realizes she could've spotted him. He hides from one tree to another. He realizes she's holding a mobile phone in her hand. It has to be valuable. He can tell from the gold case.

Where did she find a mobile phone? While he is pondering, he realizes An Chuxia is about to make a call, and that causes him to panic.

Without hesitation, Tom jumps out of the tree and grabs the device from her hand, leaving her surprised.

"Miss Xia, do you know you're violating the rules of the game?" Tom shakes the phone in front of her face, scolding her.

"You… ." An Chuxia turns to him, shocked. She didn't know she was being followed. She remembers him as one of Nangong Zijue's men. With that being said, Nangong Zijue has sent someone to spy on her from the very beginning!

CHAPTER 440 Deal

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

She wants to swear that Nangong Zijue is a villain, but the rational part of her brain kicks in.

She lifts her head and, through gritted teeth, she says, "So Nangong Zijue asked people to follow me, huh? Is that wise and righteous?"

Her statement made Tom blanch. No, it's not wise or righteous to tail someone.

"Since he's guarded and dishonest, why should I follow his rules to this shitty game? I might as well have amnesia since he'll contradict anything anyway."

She truly didn't get far, and the road will only take her back to Nangong Zijue. She still hasn't found Han Qilu, and here she is, caught. Her frustration has made her tongue loose.

Although Tom's Mandarin Chinese is good, he knows he will lose debating against An Chuxia.

She didn't say anything untrue. Zijue didn't tell him he can't help her. But if he helps her now, their current disposition might turn for the worse. After all, they can't really be seen by anyone. Once they've been exposed, the police, the Han's bodyguards, and Nangong Zifei's men would gang up on them and permanently obliterate them.
He can tell Master Jue nothing happened. He can disappear… but he can't take that risk.

Tom hesitates as he deliberates his options.

"It would be best, Miss An Chuxia, if we make a deal."

An Chuxia just found the mobile she threw away earlier, and was elated when she realized it isn't broken. Now Zijue's henchman shows up. She can't truly describe her hatred towards Nangong Zijue and this tall man before her.

"I don't have the time to bargain. Please return the phone to me!" she says in desperation.

Tom speaks to her firmly. "If you don't make contact with the outside world, I'll help you find what you're looking for."

As soon as she hears his condition, she tightens up. "You… Can I count on you? Can I trust you?"

An Chuxia is skeptical. If she's seeing things from Zijue's point of view, she shouldn't hope for any kind of help. So what is this guy's endgame? Should she be hopeful?

"I don't lie." Tom puts the phone in his pocket and pulls out a round, glowing item. He quickly presses the button and shoves it back in his pocket. "Miss An Chuxia, please come with me."

Tom has started down the path. She stares at his back for a while before believing the tall man. After all, if she relies on herself to find anyone in this forest, she won't be able to find another person in a year's time.

She has no choice.

The tall man retrieves the round, glowing object several times, and An Chuxia deduces this is a GPS device.

"Why are you helping me look for him?" They've been walking for a while, and Tom hasn't spoken to her since they started, and she wantss to break the silence.

"I'm not helping you." Tom replies, still walking at a fast pace. "I just made a pact with you."

An Chuxia shrugs and stops talking. This tall man is really stubborn.

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