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CHAPTER 437 Don't Be So Narcissistic

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Oh, now I'm starting to feel pity for Nangong Zifei." Zijue sullenly smiles. "The woman he loves doesn't love herself… ."

He was able to read what's in her heart and mind. She turns her eyes toward him as she wrinkles her brows. "Mr. Nangong, sir. There are a few things in life I don't know. Please don't say that Zifei loves me. How can he be in love with me when all I did is save his life?"

In her head, as long as she can convince Nangong Zijue that Zifei doesn't like her, he might be merciful and let her and Han Qilu go.

She knows the probability of success is closer to zero, but she's desperate, and running out of options.

As soon as she ends her plea, his eyes look straight into hers with a sharpness that pierces through her heart. An Chuxia is red, not because he's getting the best of her, but because he is looking at her slyly… Fu*k!

"You… you… you… can't you see that I'm just being a good samaritan?" An Chuxia looks away, trying to break the eye contact.

"Oh." Zijue says, deep in thought. "I'm his twin, and I know him better than you. You're not playing tricks on me, are you? I ask one more time. Do you want to play this game?"
Honestly, at first, she didn't see why she should play this game. She bites her lip before bravely looking back at Zijue. "Fine. Let's play. What are the rules?"

The word, coward, might as well be a curse word to her.

"Very good!" Nangong Zijue snaps his finger. The door to the small room opens, and a tall foreigner with sunglasses comes in. An Chuxia's heart silently panics. Why the fu*k would someone think that wearing dark glasses would make them look cool?

"Master Jue, what are your orders?"

An Chuxia is surprised to hear the foreigner speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. She's embarrassed for stereotyping him.

Nangong Zijue points to her with his chin, and the foreigner starts walking toward her.

"What… what are you going to do to me?!" Her pupils suddenly dilate, and her face turns pale. She never imagined that this game would end up with her being raped.

The tall man squats down and reaches out to An Chuxia.

Just as she was about to scream, Zijue's cool voice reverberates in the room. "Don't be too narcissistic. He's just untying the rope."

His words are like a sedative, making her feel relieved. Sure enough, the tall man reaches out and unties the rope. He didn't do anything untoward like he did in her imagination.

Sure enough, wasn't she being too narcissistic?

"Tom, look at her and reassure her." As soon as Nangong Zijue commands him, An Chuxia suddenly feels her hands as the tall man focuses on her, giving her the dark glasses on his face. He glances at her quickly… .

"Now, you can go." Zijue faintly looks at An Chuxia.

"Wha… what?" She dare not look at him. "You're letting me go?"

CHAPTER 438 Just Find the [Han] Son

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"What?" Nangong Zijue smirks and smacks his cheek. Smiling, he asks, "Have you fallen in love with me and you want to stay?"

"You're insane!" An Chuxia blurts out as she blushes. He is such a rogue. She's just glad the blue light in the room is dim enough for him not to see the color in her cheeks.

Before she can put logic in the craziness, An Chuxia walks out of the room. Her hands and feet still feel the pinpricks from the position she was in for a long time. But she doesn't stay. She isn't sure how long she has got before Nangong Zijue changes his mind!

"Han Qilu has been dumped somewhere in Snake Mountain. You have to hurry. Otherwise, he might be swallowed by a snake… ." She stops in her tracks when she hears Zijue's voice.

She turns around, her face going pale. "You… what did you do to him?"

Nangong Zijue's face looks so innocent under the pale light shining on his face. But he just stuns An Chuxia by telling her he sent Han Qilu to his death… .

Deliberating on An Chuxia's question, Zijue reaches out and cups his chin. "I don't think you have the time to question me right now. If you dawdle, I might change my mind about this game… Will you be able to find him before he dies?"

Her expression is frozen in shock.

In contrast, his expression remains aloof as he stares at her face. He can't bear looking at her expression, if only for a moment. He raises his chin and squints at her. "The glasses you have in your hands have night vision. I'll be counting to three, and if you don't leave, you never will. I believe there are beasts on the mountain. They will take care of Han Qilu."

When An Chuxia wakes up from her stupor, she shoots Zijue a look of resentment before hurrying away from the cabin.

"Master Jue, why did you let her go?" Tom can't help but ask. Han Qilu is known for being a playboy, and playing games all day, but he's been warned not to underestimate him. If he dies, undoubtedly, his death will be a huge block to Nangong Zijue's grand plan. He isn't sure Zijue truly understands.

"Sometimes, playing this kind of game is advantageous." Zijue's mouth raises. "Is my bed ready? I'm sleepy."

"It's ready. It's next door," Tom quickly replies. He realizes the boss is quite talkative for no apparent reason.

But this time, Tom got things wrong. Zijue is just being whimsical. There truly isn't any reason for his change.

Zijue yawns as he walks toward the door. Tom calls out to him again. There was a strange expression on his face. He wants to ask Zijue more questions but he doesn't dare to ask before he leaves. Tom has worked with him for the past six years. He clearly sees what's happening.

"You should personally follow her. Don't give yourself away. If she knows she's being followed, the game is over. I'm off to rest. I have to prepare myself to meet Zifei. Go." Nangong Zijue disappears behind the door, and Tom is relieved.

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