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CHAPTER 435 Nangong Zijue

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Her brain was spinning, trying to come up with an answer. Alas, she failed.

An Chuxia tries to ignore "Nangong Zifei"'s smile by looking around. It's bare: not even a chair is in the small room made of wood. The only light in the room is an emergency light Xia Xinyu installed when they arrived.

She sees the darkness outside the small window. But as she thinks of the cabin's layout, there has to be another room where Han Qilu is being held.

But how would've little Xia Xinyu restrained Han Qilu? There must've been a lot of things that happened when she was unconscious. She doesn't even know where Han Qilu is right now… .

All of a sudden, she starts worrying about him.

"You're not going to ask why I kidnapped you? Clearly we don't have a good relationship." Nangong Zijue asks playfully as he kneels in front of her.

An Chuxia collects her feelings before fearlessly raising her eyes to him. "Why should I ask? If you're itching to confess, just do it. Don't fish because I couldn't care less."

The smile on his face brightens. "Interesting."

"You… ." She pauses. She bites her lip before saying, "You're not Nangong Zifei!"

An Chuxia is hoping he'd be stunned, or at least, act embarrassed. However, Zijue isn't fazed. He doesn't even blink as he smiles.

He extends his hand and cradles his chin, laughing. "Oh, why do you say that?"

He didn't deny or admit, which annoys An Chuxia since she can't figure out the truth. Is he really Nangong Zifei?

"Because he doesn't look at me the way you do. He'll never hurt me." She forces herself to calm down. "You may look alike, and you may sound the same, but you're not him. Who the hell are you?"

"Ha ha!" He laughs as he stands up. "You're really interesting. I am not Nangong Zifei."

"Then who are you, pretending to be him?"she asks. Is he someone who admires Nangong Zifei and has gone through great lengths to look like him? But current technology hasn't gotten to the point to make him sound like Zifei.

Nangong Zijue stops smiling. "It seems like I need to make a formal introduction. I am Nangong Zijue, Zifei's twin."

Twins… An Chuxia is getting more confused.

"Looks like things are getting interesting. How about we play a game?" Zijue's smile may be as handsome as Zifei's, but there is a trace of darkness.

"I don't want to play a game with you!" An Chuxia refuses.

"Oh… ." Zijue laughs out loud. "Look, you need to know the story."

This time, An Chuxia remains silent. He proceeds to talk about how he and Nangong Zifei were orphaned at an early age. At the American orphanage, they met the mafia head of the American Black Street [mafia], and they were "adopted" and trained to be brutal [gang] members.

CHAPTER 436 Han Qilu's Life and Death

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The mafia boss aged as time passed by regardless of how much power he had amassed. So he concocted the assassination game for the brothers to compete. Who ever kills an American policeman inherits the boss' position.

The game was brief, according to Zijue. He said Nangong Zifei cheated to inherit the position. Since only one of them can be the boss, Zijue was forced to leave the gang. He claims Zifei sent someone to assassinate him, and now, he has to live his life in hiding.

It's only now that Nangong Zijue felt like he can compete with Zifei on equal footing. He received word his brother not only came back to China, but for a woman.

Xia Xinyu is Nangong Zijue's only henchman. There's a reason Han Qilu seemed to recognize her. He and Xia Xinyu used to attend the same middle school. During that time, Xia Xinyu developed and inferiority complex for being fat and ugly. She once got the courage to confess to Han Qilu, and he ruthless hurt her by turning her down.

She tried to seek death after his rejection. During that trip, she happened to run into Nangong Zijue, who was trying to hide from Nangong Zifei. So now… .

"So now you found me, and kidnapped me. Do you want me to marry him?" An Chuxia is trying to understand his plan as Zijue finished telling his tale.

He sneers. "I don't need a woman to marry him. I just want him to taste the pain of losing a loved one."

"Loved one?" An Chuxia is confused.

Nangong Zijue's face turns gloomy. "During that time, there was a girl I loved a lot. But he killed her."

"That's impossible!" An Chuxia shakes her head. "You're lying. He said he's just a businessman. I can't even see him killing anyone. If everything you've said is true, shouldn't he be in jail?"

He sneers. His eyes ridicule her.

"You're so naive. How many prisons are there in the world? Believe it or not, I'm not trying to build a relationship with you. I just want you to understand that the ruthless Zifei can't do anything when you're dead." Then, he looks back at An Chuxia. "But I digress, didn't I tell you we should play a game? It's fine if you don't want to play, but the life of the Han's only child is on the line… ."

"What did you say? What do you mean?!!!" An Chuxia asks in terror. "What happened to Han Qilu? What did you do with him?"

If she wasn't tied with a rope, she would've rushed to beat Nangogn Zijue. Her heart is shaking uncontrollably, her thoughts are filled with Han Qilu. She must do something, no matter what… .

If something happens to him, what should she do? She is not prepared for Han Qilu to leave the world.

Tears suddenly fall uncontrollably.

"I asked! What did you do to Han Qilu?!!! The person you hate is Zifei. You want him to suffer. Kill me. Why does Han Qilu have to get hurt?"

At that moment, she realizes that she's really trapped. Han Qilu's shadow has long ingrained itself in her mind. She realizes how much Han Qilu means to her. Is it too late? The only thing she regrets now is getting involved with Nangong Zifei.

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