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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPER 43 Not to Seduce You

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Disclaimer: Master Devil Don't Kiss Me, its contents and characters, are the property of Jin Xiamo. This is a work of fiction. This is an amateur translation of the novel. Please support this site by reading translations from this page.

Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

“Kang Wen, save me! Do not…”

Kang Wen cannot believe his woman stands in front of him. Amid the violence, he rushes to her to avoid a tussle.

“You really don't see us?” Xiao Mingluo pulls Kang’s collar from the back like a cow being pulled tightly from behind. Kang is prevented from taking a step forward.

As soon as Kang Wen hears the warning, he comes back to his senses. The bartenders remain cool. Kang's arrival in itself stops any action.

According to logic, there shouldn't be much of a reaction, unless… he disregards Han's presence.

Kang's body stiffly turns over to the left and looks back. Han Qilu leisurely walks toward him. He puts his hand on his chest, then raises his chin so he can look at Kang coldly. Kang can't fathom the thoughts in Qilu's head.

Kang knows in his heart, whatever this is… is bad!

How could Jasmine not know he is young master Han? He is not to be provoked. Everyone in Atlantis and the whole city of A knows no one messes with Han Qilu!

“Young master Han, young master Xiao.” Kang Wen backs away. Satisfied with the acknowledgement, Mingluo takes off his hand.

Mo Xinwei assesses the situation and stares at the men. She can tell from his appearance that he is fairly decent, although from his bones, cowardly.

“Don't I know you, young master Kang? I'm not sure who left me this package in my box. Is it yours?” Han Qilu leers, referring to the offender. He puts a foot up next to Kang Wen's side. Then, he puts a hand on Kang's left shoulder.

Kang Wen swallows before forcing a big smile. “I just heard… .”

The statement is left unfinished. The box's door opens and Ling Hanyu appears along with the bartender. Any thoughts about An Chuxia, at this point, is an afterthought.

“Oh, why are you here?!” Ling Hanyu shouts, surprised to see Mo Xinwei.

“Young master Ling…,” Kang Wen politely nods and acknowledges him.

Ling Hanyu frowns as he looks at Kang. “Don't you cherish your twenty years as the Young Master?"

Kangshi Group is a small family business. Its business mainly involves diet and real estate. But the biggest shareholder of Kang’s real estate is Han Liuhai, Han Qilu's father. It can be said that if Han Liuhai withdraws his shares, Kang Group would be greatly impacted. So Qilu and the two other young masters were invited to Kang's 20th birthday. Although they're unfamiliar with each other, they're not strangers.

“Hanyu, your 20th birthday is not a big one.” Xiao Mingluo states the friendly reminder like he was mentally incapacitated.

“It's not?” Ling Hanyu's perfunctory response seem scripted.

“Kang Wen, save me!!!” Jasmine is now desperate. Panic seeps in when the door opens and she is still ignored. Afraid for Kang Wen, she deliberately bites her lower lip, keeping herself from moaning out loud.

Ling Hanyu watches her in the box… a child like her should not be the scene.

“You allow this woman to seduce another man? How did she get in there?” Ling Hanyu inadvertently asks the shocked Kang Wen.

“No! I wasn't!” Jasmine quickly explains.

Han Qilu silences Ling Hanyu. Smirking, he explains, “Young master Kang, the woman in question, ah… .”

CHAPTER 44 He Simply Wants Her Embarrassed

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie

Kang Wen's face turned gloomy. Gritting his teeth, he replies, “I… .”

He wants to say he that loves her, that he wants to have a life with her. But at this time, he feels like he has been severely slapped on the face and ashamed for her actions.

But for now, he can't admit Jasmine's actions makes her a slut and it certainly taints the light. He has nothing but hate for Han and his gang.

The fact they're dazzling, and as he is the birthday boy, all eyes are watching them. Subconsciously, he hates all of them.

“Well, Master Kang’s eyes are really… unique,” Han Qilu speaks naturally. “Since we're just playing… return Jasmine to the young gentleman."

Voices down and without expression, security releases Jasmine from the box.

His men are well-trained!

“Kang Wen… ,” Jasmine sobs, tears streak down her face as she rushes into Kang Wen's arms.

Kang Wen takes her in his arms and turns to Han Qilu. “Sorry, young master Han, for giving you trouble."

Han's smile does not matter. “It's nothing. It's not big trouble."

Kang wonders about the man. How can he be so popular with his half dead/half thorn-on-the-side personality? He can't find any potential. But at this moment, he'll just cherish his life away from Han Qilu.

Kang Wen flashes an embarrassed smile. Facing Han Qilu, he nods. “We'll take our leave."

“Goodbye. No need to see us off.” Han Qilu leave these four words as Kang and Jasmine leave the box.

“Han Qilu, you put everyone's health at risk and an ugly light on young adults. Did you see his forehead? I thought his blue veins will burst.” Ling Hanyu shakes his head, watching the door close behind them.

Xiao Mingluo wasn't paying attention. In the end, he's grateful for Jasmine's interference.

Mo Xinwei walks over to Han Qilu. She sits by him and clings softly to his arm. “Han Qilu, so why did you call on me? Are you going to tell me?"

“Get a few bottles of red wine and bring them over,” Han Qilu instructs the bartender instead. Han Qilu turns his head and smiles at her. “This is all about An Chuxia."

Everyone around him immediately quiets down. Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu glance at each other, anticipating Han Qilu to go on.

Mo Xinwei’s face suddenly turns very dour. It turns out he has a thing for her! She still thinks… .

“Please don't misunderstand.” Mo Xinwei's expression is filled with haughtiness. “I wanted to say, what happened this morning… I was helping you make persistent efforts."

Her eyes flash a trace of joy despite being highly confused. Han Qilu isn't always guarding An Chuxia, right? How is it that this time, he's actually supporting her?. This is not consistent with scientific truth. Could it be that… .

Quickly loosening her grip on Qilu, she carefully says, “I’m sorry, Han Qilu, I will never be her. Really! Do not be angry, okay?"

His hand caresses Mo Xinwei's cheek. Han Qilu smiles and says, “Baby, you seem to misunderstand what I mean. I just wanted to embarrass her so she won't attend Stein."

“Han Qilu, do not do this…!” Xiao Mingluo couldn't help himself from saying.

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