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CHAPTER 427 The Wild Adventure Begins

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Thank… thank you, master Qilu. Don't blame An Chuxia jie. I know she's not directly upset with me. It's my fault. Please don't blame her!"

An Chuxia feels like vomiting after hearing Xia Xinyu's plea. An Chuxia bites her lip and looks straight at Han Qilu.

"Of course I won't!" Han Qilu relaxes his tone, but his eyes become as cold as his mouth. "But I don't want to hear you accusing her of bullying you among her classmates."

Xia Xinyu is stunned. Han Qilu's meaning is implicit. He's telling her that whether or not she accuses An Chuxia of bullying her, he will stand by An Chuxia's side.

Xia Xinyu unconsciously clasps her hands together as she gradually regains her composure. "I won't say anything about this, master Qilu."

''Of course, this is best for this instance." Han Qilu's mouth pulls to a curve on his face.

He turns and walks to An Chuxia. He reaches out and pokes her on the head. "Why don't you sleep some more?"

"Well, it's almost time to get up," An Chuxia answers casually. Her eyes look over Han Qilu's shoulder and sees Xia Xinyu turn away.

"Ah… ." Han Qilu lazily stretches. "I'll look around. Go freshen up."

"Okay." An Chuxia nods as she looks back at Han Qilu before walking away. Her wariness against Xia Xinyu disappears.

Then, An Chuxia stops in her tracks and calls out to Han Qilu. "Do you know Xia Xinyu?"
He glances at her. "Why do you ask? Should I know her?"

Seeing his reaction, An Chuxia suddenly shrugs her shoulders and waves her hand. "I don't know why I asked. I'll go wash my face."

It's too early to have so much commotion. Of course, An Chuxia didn't explain that she didn't bully Xia Xinyu. There are many people in the world who are as stubborn as An Chuxia, and Han Qilu isn't a stranger to it.

"Our long-awaited wild adventure officially begins!" The headmaster announces with the megaphone. Let me talk about the rules… (N thousand words are omitted)."

The rules are similar to previous years. The change is going from a pair to a trio. Each group starts at the same starting point, and ends at the other end of Snake Mountain. All modern tools are confiscated, including Batian, whom she took with her. (Remember that domineering dog?)

Each team can join another team, or each trio can act as a single unit. Of course, each group has to find the ten flags hidden throughout Snake Mountain, and they're marked with the Stein school logo. Everyone has three days to complete the task, and the group with the most flags wins.

Of course, to prevent accidents, each group is given three signal flares. In case of danger, the college will immediately send out a search and rescue team.

Han Qilu has never been fond of group activities, so he's fine just starting out with An Chuxia and Xia Xinyu while they started off with other teams. Soon, they enter Snake Mountain, and they're completely surrounded by trees. Shortly after, they don't see the other teams as well.

CHAPTER 428 Wild Adventures 2

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Snake Mountain is a well-protected, old forest. The trees within are really tall. Snake Mountain remains cool despite the hot weather.

After all, it's summer.

An Chuxia wipes the sweat from her forehead. She just crosses over a thick root protruding from the soil. Her eyes guiltily fall on Han Qilu, who happens to be carrying a heavy backpack. It wasn't until they got to the starting line did she see him carry the small box that's quite heavy. Inside the box is the sunscreen that is completely unnecessary.

Moreover, there's a rule that doesn't allow them to leave anything behind. So, the more items you bring, the more you have to be responsible for during the trip. Han Qilu has been carrying her pack the whole time. The guilt she feels has risen to another level. Her heart has moved.

"Ah!" An Chuxia accidentally swipes her arm against a shrub that pricks her.

Han Qilu quickly turns around the moment he hears her. He drops what's in his hands and immediately runs to An Chuxia's side once he realizes An Chuxia is hurt.

"What's wrong?" Han Qilu asks, frowning. His eyes are filled with worry. He bypasses Xia Xinyu, who happens to be walking next to An Chuxia. A glimmer of light appears in her eyes.

But she suppresses it quickly and pretends to be concerned about An Chuxia.

An Chuxia doesn't know what happened to her that she scratched her arm against the shrub. She couldn't help but laugh and not say anything. An Chuxia may be innocent, but Xia Xinyu is far from that. She deliberately took advantage of An Chuxia's distraction. She kicked a piece of wood under An Chuxia's foot to cause her to lose her balance. However, she caught herself, but it let her get accidentally jabbed by the sharp leaves when she leaned to her right.

"How can you be so careless?" Han Qilu scolds her as he takes the medicine box from the backpack he threw on the ground.

"I'm coming, young master Qilu." Xia Xinyu volunteers. "This will slow us down. I'll apply the medicine. You go look for the flag."

He is unhappy to hear Xia Xinyu's recommendation, but it makes sense. He nods and says, "Then, I'll see if there's a damned flag."

He turns and searches nearby.

"Don't go too far!" An Chuxia feels uneasy until Han Qilu waves at her. Xia Xinyu continues to help her with the medication.

Xia Xinyu skillfully applies the disinfectant, using cotton swabs soaked in alcohol.

"Disinfecting with alcohol will sting a bit, but you have to bear it." Xia Xinyu's expression is quite serious. Internally, An Chuxia wonders if Xia Xinyu is bipolar. All of a sudden, she feels the medicine burn.

The sting radiates in her arm, feeling the alcohol burn against her wound. It starts ice cold, but she can stand it.

"What are you thinking, An Chuxia? What's with the attitude earlier?" Xia Xinyu asks as she blows against her wound.

Caught, An Chuxia nods. "Yeah, I do wonder if you're bipolar."

"Ha!" Xia Xinyu couldn't help but laugh out loud. "I'm not bipolar. I'm just… ."

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