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CHAPTER 425 Conversation With Xiao C

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chxia thought she was still talking to Xiaoya, but in reality, she's talking to herself. With the moonlight shining through the tent, An Chuxia realizes her tent mate is already asleep.

She sighs before rolling over and closing her eyes.

She still has to sleep whether she likes it or not.

Chuxia sleeps rather well, opening her eyes to the new day. Xiaoya still remains asleep. She looks at her watch, and it's only five forty. With light in hand, she dresses up and walks out, making sure she doesn't awake Xiaoya. Realizing she sleeps like a pig, she crawls out of the tent.

Most people are still asleep. The morning is already bright, coloring the sky and the clouds at the distance.

"An Chuxia jie, you're up early?" A lazy voice comes from behind her. An Chuxia turns around to see Xiao C. Her eyes are filled with sleep.

An Chuxia nods quietly before saying with a smirk, "Aren’t you up early as well?"

"Not at all." Xiao C shakes her head in honesty. "I just needed to use the toilet. Haha. I won't bother you anymore, Chuxia jie, as you enjoy your scenery. I'm going to catch more sleep."

Xiao C turns to leave when An Chuxia finally decides to go after her. "Xiao C, you… you…"

After taking a while to spit out "you", An Chuxia can't really ask… She is a little afraid to ask Xiao C about Xia Xinyu and whether she has designs on Han Qilu. Honestly, there's a slight uneasiness not about Han Qilu being taken away [from her], but… she really can't tell.

An Chuxia suddenly regrets participating in this event, but she doesn't know why.

"Chuxia jie, you're not treating me like a sister!" Xiao C is somehow dissatisfied. "I'll die before you say something!"

"Oh… it's nothing serious." An Chuxia coughs. "I just heard you were originally assigned to my team. What happened? Why aren't you in my team anymore? Do you dislike me?"

"Of course not!" Xiao C immediately erects three of her fingers, swearing. "I like An Chuxia jie a lot! Really!"

Remaining calm, An Chuxia asks, "So why aren't you with us? I am slow in making friends, but I'd be more likely to participate in activities like this with people I know."

Xiao C nods. "Is that so? I was afraid, An Chuxia jie, that I'd be a third wheel with you and master Qilu. I was embarrassed, and someone volunteered to switch with me. If you don't want her in your team, I can tell the teacher to switch the team again. It won't be troublesome."

As soon as she says this, she heads over to the teachers' tents. Will this be possible? An Chuxia hurriedly stops her. "Don't trouble yourself. I don't know about this new person. No worries. I'll go wash my face and brush my teeth. Go back and get some sleep. It's still early."

"Oh, okay!" Xiao C quickly runs away.

An Chuxia's face turns gloomy a moment later because she saw it… .

CHAPTER 426 Would Rather Be Misunderstood

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

She sees Xia Xinyu come out from a tent. There was a coolness, a faint smile on her face.

She walks toward An Chuxia the moment she sees her, keeping that strange smile on her face. It seems ironic.

"An Chuxia, you can ask me directly." Xia Xinyu walks around An Chuxia. She seems pleased with the discomfort seen in An Chuxia's face.

However, An Chuxia's lips hook to a smile, and she raises her chin up high. "Tell me, Xia Xinyu. Why did you switch to my team? I don't like people with hidden agendas."

The smile on Xia Xinyu's face widens. Her eyes shine. She seems to be in a good mood.
"You don't like people who beat around the bush, but I do." Her tone is relaxed, making An Chuxia feel uncomfortable.

Chuxia steps forward and grabs Xia Xinyu's collar. Her eyes are full of anger. "I hate hypocrites!"

The moment she says those words, Xia Xinyu's eyes suddenly change. Her mouth twitches and she starts acting pitiful. Tears suddenly fall, like she's the one being berated. "I'm sorry, An Chuxia jie, I'll immediately tell the teacher to switch teams. Please don't hit me… ."

An Chuxia is suddenly confused. Then, she hears Han Qilu.

"An Chuxia! What are you doing?"

There is a strange lilt in Han Qilu's voice. It's like he doesn't know her.

An Chuxia involuntarily releases her grip on Xia Xinyu's collar to face Han Qilu. Han Qilu looks at her face, searching for something. She wants to explain, but all she hears is Xia Xinyu crying, and it pisses her off.

She clamps her lips tightly as she turns to Xia Xinyu. Then, she turns and leaves.

"An Chuxia! Stop!" Han Qilu shouts from behind but she ignores him.

An Chuxia is the kind of person who won't be the first to explain. She feels that if a person loves you, believes in you, there's no need for explanations. Explaining to people who don't love or believe in you is just being redundant.

So she'd rather be silent.

She'd rather be misunderstood. So what?

"An Chuxia, you better come here!" Han Qilu quickly reaches for An Chuxia. "Didn't you hear me calling you?"

"I heard you." She raises her face, staring at him with calm, cold eyes. "So what if you called? What did you want to say?"

Han Qilu grimaces. "What's with the attitude? What did I say? An Chuxia, your husband's disposition is slightly worse [right now]."

Her heart asks if Han Qilu knows that she didn't bully Xia Xinyu.

Taking advantage of An Chuxia's stupefied state, Han Qilu gently pats her shoulder. "Wait."

He walks toward Xia Xinyu and hands her a wad of tissue from his pocket. "Wipe your tears."

Xia Xinyu lets out a deep breath and takes the tissues handed to her. At the same time, her eyes land on An Chuxia. The pitiful look in her eyes quickly disappear.

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