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CHAPTER 421 Are You Kidding?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

E/N : This new girl is so weird and irritating. I hope Qilu gives her a piece of his mind soon, because i doubt ACX is gonna do anything about her.

"Just kidding." The girl suddenly smiles, as if she were drinking honey. If An Chuxia were a man, she would've been captivated by her smile.

"Just… kidding?" An Chuxia doesn't respond. She just mechanically repeats her words.
The girl nods and replies, "I'm not a bad person to get along with! Hello, An Chuxia, I am known as the heart. I'm Xia Xinyu. Xia, summer. Xin, heart."

How can this person change so quickly? An Chuxia takes a deep breath and takes the hand extended to her. She says to the new girl, "You have a pretty name."

"Yeah, everyone says so. I do think it's at least better than your name, An Chuxia." Xia Xinyu blinks her eyes at An Chuxia as she tries to provoke her. "Just kidding. Your name is also very pretty, An Chuxia."

"Seriously… ." she smiles slyly. An Chuxia can't tell whether this girl is joking or not.

Nightfall arrives, and the moon hangs high in the sky. A few stars twinkle in the sky. At the foot of the mountain, mosquito repellent peppers the area. However, it's not really doing a good job since there are still mosquitoes flying around.

Sleeping arrangements have been assigned according to student number. Of course, the boys are separated from the girls. An Chuxia is fortunate to be paired with the language class representative. They talk about literature, making their bonding quick and easy. Actually, An Chuxia easily gets along with everyone in school.

As soon as the tents are assigned, the boys help in moving the luggage to the proper tents, while the girls help the boys in organizing the tents. An Chuxia and the language class representative were in the middle of organizing a tent when Han Qilu catches their attention.

"Come out." Han Qilu says before straightening himself and leaving.

"I… ." An embarrassed Chuxia looks at Xiaoya.

Xiaoya shrugs. "If you have something to say, go ahead. Don't keep young master Qilu waiting. But remember to come back soon so we can sort out the boys' tents. It would be troublesome to be caught by the teachers [in the male tents]."

An Chuxia nods and says, "I'll be back soon." She exits the tent quickly.

An evening breeze blows outside the tent. Not far away are a few bonfires. The tents are strung with different colored lights. Looking at it fills the empty feeling in her heart.

"How is it you came out without wearing heavier clothing?" She suddenly hears his voice as a black coat is hung on her shoulders.

Her eyes swing to the right to look at him. He smiles at her and all of a sudden, she blushes. Fortunately, Han Qilu is used to this reaction. He just grabs her hand and pulls her away from the tent.

"Did something happen for you to suddenly call me away?" She asks as they walk farther and farther away from the tents.

Han Qilu stops walking and looks at her. There is a bit of anger in his tone. "Why? Can't I call you away for no reason?"

CHAPTER 422 The Master's Temper

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Of course not!" An Chuxia scratches her head. Why is he so angry? He needs to control his temper.

Her heart still beats with an uneasiness as they walk toward a bonfire. She suddenly acknowledges a heavy weight on her shoulder. His hand is draped over it. Unconsciously, she's become so accustomed to this behavior that she doesn't shrug him off.

"Han Qilu… ." She stares at his handsome face. Her face flushes.

She's done. Really done.

She really likes him. Her heart already belongs to him, but she doesn't want to admit it. Never.

"Well?" His eyes look back at her after he stares at the dark sky. He knew she was staring, so he asks, "What? Have you just realized that your husband is quite handsome?"

"Asshole!" An Chuxia shoves him away before stomping at his foot.

"Oh, that hurts a lot!" Han Qilu bends over and looks at his injured leg, exaggerating the pain.

An Chuxia licks her lips, glaring at him. Her arms, akimbo. "Don't pretend. You've played this game before. By the way you're acting, you should have a broken foot. Come on, if you're going to exaggerate, make it a little one, okay?"

He isn't happy with her grievance. "Can't you act like you're worried about me, wife? Give me some face!"

Han Qilu approaches An Chuxia. A strange smile paints his lips, and the moonlight casts a strange glow.

"What?" Han Qilu swallows hard, thinking this girl is so dead. His laugh is dark.

"Nothing!" An Chuxia flashes him with big eyes.

"What the hell are you going to… ." (what?)

Han Qilu hasn't quite finished his statement when his hands cup her face. Since she's shorter than him, he has to tilt her head up.

"My young master, are you still hurt? Do you need to take off your pants so I can check your wound?" As she says this, she is repulsed with herself. She continues to talk, "Would you like me to? Huh?"

The expression on his face is akin to seeing a scorpion. He steps back quickly, and almost falls on the ground. If it wasn't for his quick response, he would've crashed.

"Hahahahaha!" An Chuxia laughs until her stomach hurts. She sighs with relief. "Didn't you say you want me to worry about you? How about now? Are you scared? Hahahaha. Do you still want me to worry about you?"

He knew she had him, and his face is cold. He remains mum.

Suddenly, the air cools. She knows that if he remains angry, it would be difficult to get back to where they currently are. She sits up and laughs. "I'm sorry. Are you angry?"

He looks back at her like she owed him something.

"Han Qilu ge, can you forgive me?" An Chuxia believes she's being patient. She swears internally that if he continues the silent treatment, she'll leave. If he doesn't appreciate her, she won't apologize.

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