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Chapter 42


Don’t Ask

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie


“You called, so I came.” Mo Xinwei smiles as she faces Han Qilu. “I’m sorry for being delayed. I had to go back to get a change of clothes.”

Xiao Mingluo wanted to ask why but Han Qilu called Mo Xinwei anyway.

“Don’t ask, I’ll take you to see the play.” Han Qilu grabs a wine bottle and drags her to Jasmine’s box.

“Please, Miss Mo Xinwei.” Xiao Mingluo’s gentlemanly act is in place to hide his obvious disgust for her.

Goose yellow lights illuminate the inside the box. Compared to the outside of the box, the dark lights give off more

of an ambiguous atmosphere.

At the moment, Jasmine sits on the sofa inside the box. Next to her stands four tall bartenders.

“Dear, why take me here?” She asks Han Qilu.

Xiao Mingluo and Mo Xinwei look momentarily at the the box. Seeing the woman sitting on the sofa, Mo Xinwei stares at his eyes and starts doubting.

“Han Qilu, who is this woman?” Mo Xinwei couldn’t help but ask.

Han Qilu doesn’t speak. He smiles and looks at Jasmine before asking, “Aren’t you missing some men?”

As she heard the question, Mo Xinwei immediately understood the situation.

“What do you mean…?” Jasmine’s thoughts are clouded. In the end, she doesn’t know what this

this handsome but arrogant man is thinking.

Han Qilu didn’t intend to answer Jasmine. The next voice they heard is one of the the bartender’s. “Brothers, follow me. This woman is my reward and gift to you.”

Jasmine’s blank staring eyes can’t believe what she heard nor did it dawn on her the meaning behind his smile. But her biggest disbelief was when the bartender begins to take off his pants.

Mo Xinwei’s mouth drops. Someone actually dared to seduce Han Qilu. However, the girl’s punishment is more than enough. She seems to forget he and the woman, in fact, have no essential differences.

“You can’t do that!” Jasmine shouts. She is

She is forced to sit up and get pinned to the sofa by the bartenders. These bartenders are well-trained. Jasmine can tell despite her hot body and beauty, they aren’t tempted. They only follow the young master’s orders.

The bartender completely takes off his pants in the first two seconds. Mo Xinwei flees to Han Qilu’s arms in a timely manner. He pats her on the head. Qilu did not push her away and instead, raises his hand and gently hugs her.

However, what Qilu exacts from this moment is not how happy Mo Xinwei is in his arms. It is Jasmine’s cry for help and how everyone ignores her. This ignores her. This is as far as Han Qilu takes this punishment… .

“Do not, I ask of you!” Jasmine’s tears fall from her eyes. She usually doesn’t see the point in life, but for this kind of man, she is willing to acknowledge it.

The door bangs open.

“Jasmine!” A twenty-year-old man sees Jasmine but he, too, remains rooted on the spot; too stunned to move.

He is Jasmine’s current lover, Kang. He is Kang Group’s general manager and the prospective successor of the company. As soon as he arrived in Atlantis, he is informed Jasmine was brought into the room by the bartender. That is his sign to claim her as fast as possible.

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