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CHAPTER 419 Your Face?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Get up." An Chuxia extends her hand to Meng Xiaonan. She hesitates but eventually reaches out for her hand.

"Laoda, I didn't want you to worry. I always worry about you." Meng Xiaonan swears as she pitifully looks at her while she extends her fingers in promise.

An Chuxia sighs. "I've never seen you being so stupid. Even when you want to break up, find a suitable reason. Saying you hate boys makes you look like you have low IQ."

Since An Chuxia doesn't say more, Meng Xiaonan brightens up. "But I don't really like him. I just wanted to see what a relationship is like, just like the one you have with Qilu."

"You want him? You can have him. He's at most a… ." Halfway through her spiel, Meng Xiaonan smirks and looks at her. She stops and asks, "Why are you laughing?"

Meng Xiaonan shrugs her shoulders. "I laughed… Laoda, you promised to try this time! Look, when you talk about young master Qilu, your eyes twinkle and shine."

"You are such a jerk!" She says, but she winces, sympathizing with her friend when she sees the palm print on her friend's face. "Is it painful?"

She shakes her head, not heeding the question. "The pain is inconsequential for the super invincible Meng Xiaonan, but… ."

Looking at her face, she didn't know she'd understand without saying a thing.

"You're just embarrassed to admit it. What did you want to ask me?" An Chuxia pats her shoulder as she laughs.

"It's last minute… I just don't want to participate in this big, wild adventure. I'm in a bad mood." However, Meng Xiaonan asks brazenly. "Anyway, have you talked to the omnipotent Han Qilu? What's going on? Is everything okay?"

"It's a gimmick… ." An Chuxia helplessly says, unable to refute. Suddenly, her heart feels unsettled. Will she really depend on Han Qilu in the future? She doesn't want to feel indebted to anyone. In the end, she'll end up being hurt.

After a slap and ten minutes later, Meng Xiaonan transforms herself again and helps An Chuxia find Han Qilu.
"Your face… ." Han Qilu looks at the palm print with amazement. "What happened? Who did you argue with?"

"My brother-in-law, am I the kind of girl who fights with others? I accidentally fell!" Meng Xiaonan laughs off the sensitive issue. "However, I need your help. Are you busy?"

"Why should I be busy?" Han Qilu lifts his eyes to her. He think Xiaonan is the kind of girl who's too proud. He may not agree immediately, but he can ask what she needs.

"It's… I don't feel comfortable being here and I want to go home. If you're not busy, would you be able to help me?" She knows that if she'll tell the teacher, she won't be allowed to leave.

There are quite a number of girls who have a fear of the deep forests and old trees, and they want to head back. If she opens up about this issue, she definitely won't be in the minority. The only person who can help is Han Qilu.

CHAPTER 420 Strange Girl

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

She thought Han Qilu is the kind of person who won't help anyone, but instead, he agrees without saying anything. He told the teacher to arrange for her to go back.

After he made the arrangements for Meng Xiaonan, An Chuxia's heart remains disturbed.

"Can you look less enthusiastic when helping a friend?" She kicks a stone that skips a few times.

"Isn't she a good friend?" Han Qilu asks her. Suddenly, he asks again, "Are you jealous?"

"What a joke!" She's just unhappy. Han Qilu was just teasing her.

"Young master Han Qilu." A teacher and a female student approach them.

"What is it?" Han Qilu is annoyed that their flirtation has been interrupted, but he still asks.

"Like previous years, the annual adventure is divided into three groups. Since there has been a group of students that had to leave, and some that have come in late, these students have to be reassigned [teams]. She's going to be a part of your team. Please be acquainted with her." The teacher presents the girl hiding behind her. "I have other things to do, so please excuse me."

Seeing that Han Qilu doesn't bother to reply, An Chuxia yells behind the teacher. "Sorry to trouble you, teacher!"

"Yeah." The teacher nods and leaves.

Her eyes leave the teacher and move on to the girl introduced by the teacher. The girl is cute, like a doll in a window. Her hair is golden and full. Her facial features are bold.
However, this girl seems to be afraid of her. Chuxia can see she's fascinated with her, but she dare not to look at her or Han Qilu.

"Do you know what's true as well? Two people would die. You have to find the antidote." Han Qilu says unpleasantly. He glances at the girl coldly, only to see the girl tremble and cry.

"I'm sorry… ." The girl's eyes are red and pitiful.

"What did you say?" An Chuxia looks at Han Qilu before stepping toward the girl. "Don't listen to him. He always talks like this. Don't let him get into your head."

"Hey, An Chuxia!" Han Qilu's neck stiffens uncomfortably. "What did you say?"

"Stop teasing, master!" An Chuxia says, pushing Han Qilu away. He shrugs his shoulder and walks away without ever looking at the girl.

He doesn't care about rubbish.

"Hello, my name is An Chuxia." She looks at the girl and extends her hand in a friendly gesture.

"Ah, is it?" The girl's eyes look up and she chuckles. An Chuxia chuckles along, breaking the tension.

However, it's strange that she isn't scared.

"What's your name?" An Chuxia tries to ignore the doubt in her mind.

"What's my name? What's it to you?" The girl responds coldly, contradicting her earlier demeanor.

"I'm just… ." An Chuxia doesn't know how to answer. What's it to her indeed? She was just being kind to her.

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