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CHAPTER 417 Destination: Snake Mountain

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Hmm." An Chuxia nods. Han Qilu has gotten into the car from the other side.

Seeing there is nothing for her to say, steward Han nods and quietly closes the passenger side door.

"Young master, do you want to go home or… ." Driver Chen starts the car and asks.

Han Qilu looks at An Chuxia before closing his eyes. "Go to Snake Mountain."

"Yes, young master." Lao Chen nods and drives the car at high speed.

"Han Qilu." An Chuxia elbows Han Qilu. "This place, Snake Mountain, does it have snakes?"

Han Qilu's eyes move, and he opens his eyes to her. "Why, are you afraid? If you are, you're going to regret it."

"Who says I'm afraid?!" An Chuxia projects her voice. "Me, afraid of that little thing? You've got to be kidding!" She may be confident, but her volume starts getting softer and softer.

Steward Han laughs from the front passenger seat. "You don't have to worry about it, xiaonainai. The reason it's called Snake Mountain is because the people there used to worship the snake like a god. To this day, they won't eat snake meat. People who don't protect the snake aren't allowed to go up the mountain, and it's why it has become a nature reserve. The land there isn't allowed to be developed."

"So there are snakes there?" An Chuxia asks tentatively.

Steward Han nods. "You don't have to worry. There are snakes, but not a lot. And even if you are bitten, the teachers have the antidote. The bite isn't fatal."

"If you say so. (=_=)" She nods, suddenly regretting that she's not afraid of snakes. Obviously, she's afraid of dying, but they've already set course. Time for regrets has passed.

Since Lao Chen is a fast driver, they've arrived at their destination quickly – the foot of Snake Mountain.

Everyone arrived within the hour, and they all worked in their groups. Under the teachers' guidance, the tents are erected, and prepared lunches are set. Pictures are taken to show their enjoyment. Of course, there's no shortage of that… .

"What, you're not sleeping at the hotel but the tent? Didn't you see the hotel we passed?"

"Don't let anyone hear you talk like that. Let the teachers discuss it."

"Ah! This is insane! I want to go back, go back!"

But most of the students are excited.

Han Qilu continues his conversation with steward Han while Lao Chen stopped the car and took the luggage out the car. An Chuxia offered to help but it was rejected. Lao Chen says, "How can the young lady do such kind of work. The mistress will kill me!" She is driven away.

With nothing to do, she searches for Meng Xiaonan, but she can't be found. For the excursion, they weren't allowed to bring any modern tools. She can't call her with a cell phone. So, aided with only a flashlight, she searches for her friend by yelling.

"An Chuxia jie!" Some classmates passing by call out to her. "Are you looking for Meng Xiaonan?"

"Yeah!" She nods. "I've been looking for her for a while now. Do you know where she is?"

CHAPTER 418 Are You Really Embarrassed?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"I just saw her when we were by the river. She was with a boy I don't recognize. You might find her there."

An Chuxia expresses her gratitude. She's curious who Meng Xiaonan is with, so she hastens her steps toward the river.

She goes over the small mound before reaching the river. She unexpectedly hears quarreling. She listens, and it seems like the argument is fierce. Her fast pace decelerates as she continues listening.

"Would you really be embarrassed?" She hears Meng Xiaonan say. She sounds exhausted.
"Oh." An Chuxia hears the cold laughter and was surprised. Isn't this the person Meng Xiaonan was nervous to meet? Chuxia takes a step to see what's going on when she hears Meng Xiaonan again.

"You keep saying I should feel guilty but let me ask you. The only reason you're going out with me is so that you can be friends with Han Qilu. You used me because I'm friends with his fiancee. I don't have that much influence!"

After a moment of silence, Meng Xiaonan speaks again, sneering. "You know why I'm with you? It's because I wanted you to fall in love with me. Only then would I have opened up [to you]."

"Why?" the boy asks.

"No reason… Maybe because I hate boys who betray themselves because of money. Are you satisfied with my answer? I like someone else, and it's impossible for us to be together. You tire me. Goodbye!"

An Chuxia's face is crestfallen. Meng Xiaonan made herself clear because her father betrayed her biological mother for this same reason.

And she… has the same experience.

Alas, she knows too well how her friend feels. Despite Meng Xiaonan acting like nothing bothers her, it does. She regards her father as a stranger regardless of how he tries to make amends.

An Chuxia doesn't judge because she thinks it's okay to think that way. They are, after all, human. When Chuxia was young, she cried when she was ridiculed by her classmates for not having a father. However, Meng Xiaonan was never picked on because she never showed a weak side. She has always been boisterous [to avoid being picked on].

A tear falls without warning.

"Ah-!" An Chuxia hears her friend exclaim. She hurriedly climbs the small mound as Meng Xiaonan falls on her behind. He left a palm print on her face.

"Hey!" An Chuxia calls out to the boy as she approaches the small mound and sees her. Suddenly, he looks at An Chuxia and panics. "I didn't mean… I just happen to… ."

"Fu*ker!" An Chuxia looks at him coldly before walking toward Meng Xiaonan.

The boy scurries away, disappearing with the wind.

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