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CHAPTER 413 You Son of a Bit*h

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

As soon as Jiao Daihu calms down, he says, "Boss went to the bar alone last night, and the result was… he got beaten by a bunch of sons of bitc*es. Boss could've been easily killed by the gang, but still he didn't want to fight back… ."

Jiao Daihu's shoulders start shaking as he starts crying.

"Don't cry, okay?" A big man shouldn't shed tears for his boss. An Chuxia tries to be sympathetic toward Jiao Daihu. She respects anyone who remains loyal to someone.

"When I finally got to him, he was already lying on the ground, unconscious. Someone broke a glass bottle and stabbed him. He lost a lot of blood, and he's still in a dangerous stage. I think boss wanted to see you. I beg you, please, go visit the boss!" Jiao Daihu says as he lays a hand on her. He squats right in front of her.

"You're a dead man! Your boss won't die, but you will if you don't let go of her!" Meng Xiaonan rushes forward toward Jiao Daihu to get a hold of his hand.

"Let me go, you son of a bit*h!"

An Chuxia tries to ignore Meng Xiaonan's mouth by chanting to herself, but she can't help but look at Jiao Daihu who's suffering on the ground.

Nangong Zifei exudes a very lonely existence. She can tell that he has lived such a lonely life, bringing out the urge in her to care for him. They are friends, and he's injured in the hospital, and she wants to go and visit him, but now… .

She wants to turn her head to gauge Han Qilu's feelings when she hears him say, "Well, let's go see him."

Huh? An Chuxia is surprised. Based on last night's party, Han Qilu should be hating Nangong Zifei, but why is he agreeing? Shouldn't he prevent her from visiting?

An Chuxia doesn't wait for Han Qilu to rethink [his decision]. He has said his piece. Han Qilu takes An Chuxia's hand and walks past Jiao Daihu and they exit the bus.

As they wait, An Chuxia realizes that there is a long queue behind the bus. Traffic cops have arrived and are redirecting traffic. The strange thing is that no one dares drive around them. They just stare at them through the windows.

But if one thinks about it, who dares go against Han Qilu unless you have a death wish?
A few minutes later, Han Qilu is sitting in Jiao Daihu's car with An Chuxia next to him. As Jiao Daihu drives the car, he keeps staring at them from the rear-view mirror. It seems he's unhappy that Han Qilu accompanied her. For some odd reason, he bites his tongue and drives.

They are driving really fast, and if it weren't for Han Qilu, she would've screamed. They finally arrive at the emergency ward of the hospital. They don't even stop to take a breath. Suddenly, the red light on the emergency door turns off and the doors finally open.

"Where's the doctor? Is boss okay?" Jiao Daihu rushes ahead of them and collars the doctor tightly.

The doctor is shocked, but he realizes there isn't malice. He shoves his glasses up the bridge of his nose when he lowers his head and says, "Sorry, we tried our best."

CHAPTER 414 This Isn't My Boss

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia's brain freezes. She is stunned. Her eyes widen as she looks at the doctor in disbelief.

Jiao Daihu lets go of the doctor’s collar and starts howling. The unlucky doctor picks himself off the ground after being released. Moments later, the nurse screams and screams, and security is called to clean up the mess.

The white sheet over the body is pulled away, and Jiao Daihu screams as he throws himself across the bed. "Boss! Boss, how can you leave us like this? Boss, boss! You can't die!"

"How is this possible?" An Chuxia shakes her head as she stares at the corpse. She can't seem to say the words.

Han Qilu is the calmest among the three. His eyes narrow as he is also shocked with disbelief. How could the black demon die so easily?

He treads quietly toward the bed and slightly lifts the sheets stoically. Under the sheet is an old, strange, pale but serene face.

"How could you lift the sheets? That's unnecessary!" The older physician hurriedly pulls the sheet from him and drapes it over the body.

"That's… not my boss!" Jiao Daihu fiercely states.

"We're in charge of this section. What's happening?" The security appears in front of them.

Then, the emergency doors reopen.

"I heard you wailing inside. I've not died yet!" Nangong Zifei is being wheeled in the gurney, holding his music player in his hand, resting. His expression changes as he sees both An Chuxia and Han Qilu. "Why are you here?"

Jiao Daihu is stupefied as he sees Nangong Zifei.

"Boss, we are late!" A large group of people come crying and screaming next to Jiao Daihu since they still think the body under the sheet is Nangong Zifei.

"It's all a misunderstanding." Han Qilu ignores Nangong Zifei as he reaches out for a cigarette from his breast pocket and hands it to the doctor who just collapsed. He leans over and says something in the doctor’s ear.

Flustered, the doctor looks at Han Qilu. The doctor waves his hand at the security, and the rest of the people leave.

"The deceased must go to the morgue anyway."

Minutes later in the Intensive Care Unit

"Sorry, boss. I called sister-in-law." Jiao Daihu says in a muted tone. "But I didn't ask for him to come."

Han Qilu looks foreboding.

"Since he's okay, let's head back." An Chuxia smiles. She can't cope with the embarrassing scene.

As An Chuxia stands up, Nangong Zifei reaches out for An Chuxia's wrist and stops her. "Sit for a while."

"Hey, let go of her hand!" Han Qilu takes a step forward and pulls away Nangong's hand.

"Don't do this!" An Chuxia immediately makes a face at Qilu.

Han Qilu grinds his teeth before taking a deep breath and walking out. "I'll be waiting for you by the entrance. Hurry."

The door automatically closes and An Chuxia sits. "I am here. What do you want to say?"

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