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Chapter 41

Xiao Mingluo’s eyes suddenly light up at the sight of the beauty.

It is not because of lust, but because she will save him from death.

If anything else, he’ll strike up a good conversation with her and then sidle up next to Han Qilu.

Beautiful, if you die, I’ll burn incense on your anniversary! Xiao Mingluo immorally praises her in his heart.

“Handsome guy, don’t you need me to accompany you while you drink?” The beauty eyes Han Qilu. Not only does she sit on his leg, but also reaches out and hugs his neck.

It appears she’s new. Didn’t she not know the rule in Atlantis? A person

can strike up a conversation with anyone, but absolutely no one should approach Han Qilu.

Han Qilu stares coldly at the girl’s red lips for a long time before finally asking, “Are you new?”

The beauty smiles. She is about to paste her body to Qilu’s.

“I’m not completely new. Today’s my second day.” It looks like she hasn’t noticed his murderous stare.

“Since you’re not new, then… I do not have to be good to you.” Han Qilu’s evil smile spreads. The beauty thought Han Qilu is thinking about something more enticing. She couldn’t help but smile more brilliantly.

“Bring it on, bad boy!” She whispers, wanting to

to kiss Han Qilu. By then, Han Qilu has raised his ring finger and a bartender immediately and ubiquitously lifts the beauty off of Han Qilu.

As Xiao Mingluo watches stoically, his heart surges. He is happy to spend on the flowers he sends to her grave.

The weight on his shoulders is now lifted, thanks to the appearance of this beauty.

“What are you doing? Are upi getting rid of me! Let me go!” The beauty struggles as she looks at him. Han Qilu gives the bartender a look. He releases her hand and she suddenly falls to the ground, grimacing in pain.

“What happened?” Onlookers ogle, but

ogle, but as they see Han Qilu, they understand.

She must be lying on the ground because she doesn’t know about the rule about not provoking Master Han.

Tut tut, she deserves the treatment.

“Why aren’t you laughing? Aren’t you happy?” Han Qilu gets up and walks around the beauty. He squats before her and asks, “What is your name?”

He asks harmlessly, but the beauty doesn’t dare to make further contact with Qilu. Trembling, she replies, “My name is… Jasmine.”

“Jasmine? Beautiful name, ah.” Han Qilu smiles as he laughs coldly. People familiar with him know as long as he laughs, the other person would suffer an ugly death.

“Thank you.” ugly death.

“Thank you.” Jasmine breathes a sigh of relief. She is unaware this is only the calm before the storm.

“Take her to the box.” He gets up quickly. As she lets out a cry, he picks up his phone and presses a series of numbers.

A cell phone somewhere with a distinct ringtone is answered. Han Qilu orders Mo Xinwei to wear a hot red skirt and run over to Atlantis.

Mo Xinwei interprets Han Qilu’s phone call as him sparing her of her grievances in the playground. This time, she is just happy to help, happy to please, happy to leave and change into the clothes he requested.

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