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CHAPTER 409 Silence Is Equivalent to Death

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Due to his brother's announcement, Xiao Mingluo decided to stay at home with his brother and not participate in the excursion. However, he realized that he had accidentally left his mobile in the music room the night before, and now, he needs to rush to claim it before the school locks its doors.

After retrieving the device, Xiao Mingluo walks out of the building, and manages to run into the headmaster.

"Headmaster!" He hurries toward the principal. "Are you heading for roll call?"

"Young master Xiao. I just heard about your brother. I heard you'll be spending some time with him." The headmaster's smile is full of regret. Xiao Mingluo's face changes as soon as he hears his pitiful tone. "Regard this moment as something to consider!"

"I will!" Xiao Mingluo waves his hand. "If you feel apologetic, please do me a favor. Would you happen to know if the seating arrangement in the bus is random?"

"Yes, the seats are computer generated. What's wrong?" The headmaster is confused.

"Would you be able to arrange An Chuxia and Han Qilu to be in the same vehicle?" Xiao Mingluo raises an eyebrow. His face is full of deterrence.

"You're telling me as well?" The headmaster laughs out loudly. "Rest assured, Mrs. Han has already called to make the arrangements."

It so happens that Xiao Mingluo's phone rings. The moment he sees who's on his caller ID, he answers the device. "What's the final diagnosis? What did the doctors tell you to eat? If my brother is just slightly off, you will encounter your own burial!"

Xiao Mingluo's slovenly appearance is now angry and scary. The headmaster, who's standing beside him, is now afraid. He bows, but he's also afraid to leave.

"I'll head to the hospital in haste. I'm going ahead." Xiao Mingluo hangs up the phone and then bows toward the headmaster, who reciprocates the greeting. He smiles as he watches Xiao Mingluo take his leave.

A few minutes later…

"Laoda, don’t you think the atmosphere in this bus is… abnormal?" Meng Xiaonan lowers her voice as she whispers to An Chuxia, who's pretending to be asleep.

It's not unusual for the air to be charged when there's a school trip. Everyone is smiling, or singing a song. But the air in this bus is different, the sound of a needle dropping can be heard clearly.

For the lively Meng Xiaonan, this kind of silence is equivalent to death!

If Meng Xiaonan doesn't know the reason [for the change], how can An Chuxia know? She bets that Han Qilu is mainly responsible for the repressive atmosphere. He must've said something to everyone before they got into the bus, causing everyone to be quiet.

"They're probably recharging their batteries. You can take a nap at this time." An Chuxia smiles sweetly. She doesn't want to explain anything to Meng Xiaonan. Otherwise, she will bug her the whole time.

At this moment, a tall, thin boy walks over to their seat (He hits his head on the roof of the bus).

"Miss An, would you change seats with me?" The boy looks like he's about to cry. (T.T)

"Hey, why would laoda want to change seats with you… ." Meng Xiaonan's words suddenly stop midway.

CHAPTER 410 It Seems That You Really Want To…

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia finally realizes why no one dares to make a sound. It turns out that the young master is sleeping!

However, is Han Qilu actually sleeping? If he isn't, why does this boy want to change seats with her so suddenly?

A smile spreads on Meng Xiaonan's face. "Laoda, tell him we're willing to change seats. I have something to say to that little boy!"

An Chuxia didn't know this boy sat next to Han Qilu, so she was confused with Xiaonan's statement. Does Meng Xiaonan know this person? She's unsure, but what's she supposed to say?

"An Chuxia jie, may I call you jie? I beg you to change seats with me!" The boy sees her hesitant gaze. He turns red as he tries to implore her unwillingness to change. "Please, please!"

"(=_=) Fine, I'll switch seats with you. Where are you seated?" She stands up helplessly as the bus takes off on the road.

"Thank you,, An Chuxia jie. You're such a wonderful person!" The boy says. "I'm sitting… there."

An Chuxia looks at the direction the boy points, and it lands on the sleeping Han Qilu. An Chuxia looks at the boy again. His red eyes haven't recovered. If she thinks on her feet, she can assume Han Qilu definitely forced him to change seats.

Suddenly, she doesn't want to change seats. However, she's already agreed to the arrangement.

"I know." An Chuxia nods as she slaps Meng Xiaonan's hand who is laughing. Chuxia heads over to where Han Qilu sits, and slides her behind next to his.

"When does a grown man cry? Also, don't be offended by other people's jokes!" An Chuxia hears Meng Xiaonan scold the boy who exchanged seats with her.

"Hey–." An Chuxia shakes her head helplessly. She grabs a snack bag, breaks the seal and starts eating.

"Hey, can you chew quietly?" Han Qilu frowns and opens his eyes in displeasure.

Humph! AN Chuxia snorts internally and doesn't look his way. Instead, she exaggerates her chewing.

"Yah, An Chuxia, do you want to die?" Han Qilu says in anger. The blue veins on his neck bulge violently.

Here comes the violent version of Han Qilu. =_=.

For a moment, she stops chewing and brings her face close to his.

"What are you doing?" Han Qilu suddenly looks like he's about to vomit. His cheeks turn red. And although she doesn't want to admit it, it's tempting (to mess with him)!

"Don't show any violence. Otherwise, I won't be able to stop myself from doing something." An Chuxia spits back what Han Qilu said to her earlier that morning, word-for-word. Then, she couldn't help but laugh.

"It seems like you really want to court death." Han Qilu's voice is low, and his face turns green.

"Do you really hate that small box?" An Chuxia frowns, puzzled. "I didn't throw it away, and this made you really upset. I don't know why you're so angry when you don't even care about me?"

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