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CHAPTER 397 Boss, You Must Not Row for Two

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

T/N – Clothes horse : a person who is very fashionable

"Don't touch me!" Maliya pushes the girl away as she stands up. Her footsteps are faulty, and she stumbles a few times, but she doesn't allow the other girl to help her. She seems to hate the girl. Now that the bar is getting crowded, less people would notice.

The girl tries to approach her a few times, but she was warned away with Mailya's fierce eyes. In the end, Mailya walks out of the bar and the other girl hurriedly keeps up, but doesn't dare to get too close.


Maliya carelessly walks in the parking lot as she heads for the driver's door. Her heel finally breaks and she falls to the ground. The girl quickly steps forward to help Maliya, preventing her bottom from hitting the pavement. But as soon as she regains her composure, Maliya immediately turns to her face. "Didn't I tell you not to touch me? You dirty woman!"

"Miss Maliya, you misunderstood. Nothing happened between me and Jieke. Nothing. I just happen to run into him when I forgot to bring an umbrella that night. Jieke took me home to take a hot bath and a change of clothes. You know I'm forgetful. I forgot to bring the change of clothes into the bathroom, and that's when you happen to come home from work. This is the truth. I didn't lie to you… ."

"I don't want to hear about it! Go away!" Maliya was even angrier. She bends over and picks up the broken high heeled shoe and flings it at the girl who doesn't have the time to dodge… .

———————The above is just a narrative, returning to the topic———————

"How come you're still a student? You look like… ." An Chuxia's face changes.

Nangong Zifei frowns. "What? I look too old? Hmm?"

With that being said, An Chuxia quickly smiles. "Of course not! You're very handsome! The most handsome person I've met!" Who wouldn't be a flatterer? What's more, what she said is true.

Nangong Zifei is not a typical clothes horse: his style of clothing is unique. Before giving him the shirt she bought, he was dashing; cold and domineering. Now, the Stein uniform makes him look bookish and sunny.

"Handsome guy! What's your relationship with my laoda?" Meng Xiaonan lost the bet. At first, she was sad, but when she realized the money she bet was her stepmother's, she becomes less gloomy. She raises a smile and digs into the gossip.

"She is… ."

"Shut up!" An Chuxia replies as she naturally pulls Nangong Zifei's hand. "Ignore her. This child won't let us leave."

An Chuxia is worried Meng Xiaonan would say too much.

"Don't go!" Meng Xiaonan pushes Fei Lixiya to help stop Nangong Zifei and An Chuxia from leaving. "Why you, laoda? Doesn't big master Han satisfy you that you need other guys? Be careful, Han Qilu will kill you!

An Chuxia's face looks like she just ate a hundred stools. She knows there's truth in the words coming out from her mouth.

After seeing An Chuxia's face worsen, Meng Xiaonan snorts internally? Does she have to row two boats? If she dates both men, then she's not really in a relationship, but if the two men fight because of the boss, then it's a sin!

"I just remembered I didn't bring the receipts to the clothes I'm returning. I'm heading home. Fei Lixiya, let's go!" Meng Xiaonan takes a deep breath and changes her expression.

CHAPTER 398 Not Accustomed to Anyone Touching Him

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia lets out a long sigh as a taxi stops in front of them, and the passengers exit the vehicle.

She subconsciously tugs on Nangong Zifei's hand to get into the vehicle, but he shakes off her hand.

She looks at him strangely. His look is complex. She looks at the cab again, and another person occupies the vehicle instead.

"Sorry." Nangong Zifei flashes her a look of remorse. It is something An Chuxia won't understand. "I'm just not accustomed to anyone touching me."

Does he mean no one touches him on a frequent basis? Is he an alien? When An Chuxia scratches her head, she says, "I don't care." Awkward silence falls as they wait for transport.

During that time, An Chuxia uses the light to look at Nangong Zifei. The fact that she thinks this isn't the same person she met is amazing. Seeing him covered with blood, then saying it's not his. But the next time they meet, he sits in a luxury car to meet her and says the car isn't loaned. But it's not his own. Or is it? When she met him for the first time, he couldn't even pay for the cab fare.

This is the third time they've met, and he is about to attend the same high school with her.

He isn't easy to know. He's a mystery.

She sighs when an empty taxi finally stops before them. An Chuxia asks to be driven to Stein College, and from there, she'll return in the Han family car. During that period, Nangong Zifei doesn't say a word, but only says a thank you when he exits the cab.


On the tennis court, similar-looking faces are sweating. They have both played hundreds of rounds, but they can't tell who's winning or losing.

The cell phone that has been set aside rings suddenly. Xiao Mingluo is distracted. The tennis ball hits him on the forehead. The ball bounces to the ground and rolls for a while before stopping.

"I concede." Xiao Mingluo tosses the racket, and smiles helplessly.

"No, you're distracted." Xiao Mingyuan shakes his head and puts down his racket. Xiao Mingluo looks at the the phone, picks it up, and heads to the chairs. He taps the answer button.

An Chuxia's voice clearly rings from the other end of the phone. "I've done your bidding. You owe me, remember that. Now I'm going to ponder what that would be, but be prepared to keep your promise."

Xiao Mingluo looks at Mingyuan, who is drinking mineral water. Retracting his gaze, he raises his mouth and asks, "Is it necessary for me to meet you now?"

"I'm forcing you to meet me!" An Chuxia says in agner. "Seriously, I need you to check up on a person. His name is Nangong Zifei. He's the transfer student you asked me to pick up. I think… he's very mysterious."

"I see, An Chuxia. Are you asking me to check up on him because he's handsome and he'd made you feel silly? If Han Qilu finds out that you asked me to investigate on an outsider for you, he'll be furious." Xiao Mingluo takes a big drink from the bottle his brother hands him.

"Would you help me?" An Chuxia asks angrily.

Xiao Mingluo stops teasing her and becomes serious. "Well, I'll report to you when we meet tonight."

He hangs up the phone to catch his brother staring at him thoughtfully. He wanted to say something until his brother said…

(what did his brother say????)

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