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Image courtesy of Meraki Archive CHAPTER 385 The Mysterious Transfer Student

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

When she realizes she's been played again. An Chuxia grabs the discarded newspaper and slaps it on Han Qilu's face. He doesn't avoid it at all, but he raises his eyebrow at her. "Even if you fight me, I won't hide. But… you'll become a widow."'

"Become a widow?!" An Chuxia can't help but chortle just as the car stops in front of the school gate. She doesn't wait for Han Qilu to say or do anything, she quickly opens the door and runs out.

Once she arrives in the classroom, An Chuxia hears the same news about the party. Moreover, she's surprised that they're doing so much more to host this party.

"Don't you think this is a waste of money?" An Chuxia rolls her eyes as she opens the book to the day's lesson. Despite not attending classes the last few days, she has been reading at home. And since she didn't take a long absence, her grade hasn't dropped from missing homework.

Fei Lixiya reacts to An Chuxia's response. She shakes her head as she takes the textbook out of her friend's hands. "Do you know that we usually don't have a party like this? But being a part of the student union, I heard that there's a mysterious transfer student who donated to the school. No, the school isn't going to transform a scenic mountain into a huge, artificial lake, but he wants to give the excursion team a reason to participate."

"Yeah, right!" The sound of disdain is heard from An Chuxia. When she turns to look, she sees Meng Xiaonan stuff her bag into the drawer while she takes out a small gadget from her jacket pocket.

As soon as Meng Xiaonan makes eye contact with An Chuxia, she puts the toy away. They have been chatting over the phone these past few days, so she wasn't surprised to see her friend back in class.

"Laoda, don't listen to this little girl's nonsense! What mysterious transfer student? Does she think life is a fairy tale? Also mysterious… Atmost, he'd be a second generation rich kid. I'm not holding out any hope." After her statement, she calmly sits down and starts playing with her gadget.

"You can't say I'm lying! The student union people are always honest!' Fei Lixiya is unhappy.

Seeing the challenge in her eyes, Meng Xiaonan's eyes meet hers. "Fine. Then let's bet on it! I bet, this transfer student is a second generation rich and and handsome student."

Fei Lixiya is not to be outdone. She extends her pudgy hand and returns the shake. "I bet on it!"'

"Oh, class! How about a million yuan?"


"Get ready to pay a million!"

"Prepare to lose a million!"

As the two argue, An Chuxia loses her patience and stops paying attention. She takes out her pen and starts focusing on the textbook. May this be the case, however, a vague sensation tells her something wrong will happen tonight.

Is it a mind trick? She shakes her head and refocuses.

The morning class ends with her answering the English teacher’s question in fluent English. After her trip from the United States, she is determined to learn English even more.

"Hey… ."

CHAPTER 386 Fast Food Love?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

She was putting away her textbook and pens when she hears someone call her from the door.

Meng Xiaonan and Fei Lixiya stand close together because of their bet. As soon as the bell rings, the say their goodbyes to her. They rush out to inquire about the "mysterious transfer student".

There's only a few minutes of the day left to An Chuxia. She looks towards the voice and sees Ling Hanyu and Xiao Mingluo. When Mingluo catches her eye, he displays an exaggerated wink her way. All she wants to do is roll her eyes at him.

She takes a few steps towards them and asks, "What are two immortals looking for?" Can't she just have a good lunch? Absolutely nothing good happens when both of them appear!

"What's with that expression?" Ling Hanyu says. "Would you treat your laoda like this?"

When she hears his statement, her tone softens. "Hey, boss. What are you looking for?"

"Don't call me boss!" Ling Hanyu's expression changes before walking away.

"Hey—." It's clear he just claims to be the boss, okay? An Chuxia wants to go after him but Xiao Mingluo grabs her arm. She looks at him vaguely as a smile of amazement paints his face. "How about we take you to a chic place to have lunch?"

This isn't good… .

An Chuxia is about to answer his question when Xiao Mingluo starts pulling her away.

"Hey! Slow down! Where are you taking me?"

Mingluo doesn't heed her instructions. He leads her down the stairs and quickly takes her to a silver-white Mercedes parked at the school gate. Ling Hanyu is already in the driver's seat. The moment the door is shut, the car pulls away.

The way Ling Hanyu drives, it only takes a blink of an eye to go from the school gates to the business district. Neither Xiao Mingluo nor Ling Hanyu tell her where they're taking her. Xiao Mingluo finally relents when he says, "We're headed to your fiance's company. Don't you want to go see it?"

Despite her surprise, she feels strange about it.

She looks down and asks Ling Hanyu. "But… why now? Didn't you tell me you were taking me to a "chic" place to have lunch? Is this a chic place?"

As she waits for his response, Ling Hanyu's face turns bad. He snorts and says he's staying in the car.

"What's wrong with him?" An Chuxia is puzzled at Ling Hanyu's attitude.

On the contrary, Xiao Mingluo is very calm. "There are occasions when men are moody during the month… ."

=.= What's the logic behind this [thinking]? Only girls are moody during those special days?

Then, he continues. "The company is very busy these days. He can't get away from it. You've been on leave for a few days. Despite telling you he's been in school, he's actually in the company. This morning, he rode in with you, but went to the company. So, if you're his wife, you're supposed to see to him and give him your love!"

She is full of black lines. "But it's not convenient for me, nor do I have any love. And shouldn't such a large company send him food instead?"

"No, no, no!" Xiao Mingluo waves his hand. "Where's the love in fast food?"

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