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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 367. You Don't Want to Marry Me?

Translation courtesy of newbienoona

Editing and proofreading by anks and greenapple

TN: To HQL, talking about not having money is akin to swearing.

The more Han Qilu argues with An Chuxia, the more it shows that he doesn't know. This is what she's afraid of.

She doesn't know what she fears, but in the end, she's still afraid of something.

Han Qilu ignores her playing dumb, and changes the subject. He verbalizes his inner thoughts. "You know, when I heard what you said, I realized I've never been so scared of you leaving me."

As he confesses, Han Qilu hugs An Chuxia's waist tightly. He, then, grabs her hand firmly, holding her flush against him.

An Chuxia falls into silence, and she stops pretending to be stupid. She quietly stares at the golden ceiling. For the longest time, she doesn't hear him speak. When she thought he was asleep, he hears her whisper in his ear.

"Han Qilu, if we get married, would we renovate our house like this?"

"How much?" Han Qilu suddenly opens his eyes, flashing her a glimmer of hope.

"It looks so cool! It's like… sleeping in the golden house. I will definitely wake up in a dream." An Chuxia actually chuckles.

The hand on her waist finally lets go, but both of his hands are planted on the sides of her face, pushing himself up. His eyes darken. "Are you sure you want to marry me?"

An Chuxia shakes her head. "It depends whether you want to marry me or not! Work hard, ge, and be rich. I will follow you willingly. Otherwise, who would follow you? You think everyone is like Xiang Mankuai?"

Han Qilu lowers his face to hers. "If I marry you, then I do the world a favor, my little fan!"

"I'm taking off. There are more people out there with money!" she says with disdain.

"No swearing." Han Qilu frowns. "Since you decided to marry me, then I should come up with the requirements."

An Chuxia gives him a look. "In that case, I won't marry you."

"You dare!"

The room looks magnificent in white. They were both playing in bed, and soon… An Chuxia didn't mind falling asleep with Han Qilu. He just closed his eyes and fell asleep.

An Chuxia looks at Han Qilu's cat-like curled up position. Han Qilu's mouth twitches. He thanks Mankuai. Without her, he wouldn't have met An Chuxia.

An Chuxia wakes up early the next morning. She was dreaming that she was rushing to the toilet, and just sitting on it. Then, she wakes up.

"Idiot, let me go!"

An Chuxia wakes up. She suddenly gets anxious, afraid of the dream. If one sits on the toilet… then it means… she wet the bed!

"You're finally awake." Han Qilu rolls his eyes. "Hurry up and get dressed. I'll give you ten minutes."

He walks out after giving instructions. An Chuxia doesn't dare to move. She watches him walk out before reaching for her bottom, and fortunately, it is dry.. .

She goes into the bathroom, and sits on the toilet. Tragedy is finally found It's not bedwetting, but… damn visitor… it's usually late, but this time, it's right on time!!!

CHAPTER 368. Then You Obediently Stay At Home

Translation courtesy of newbienoona

Editing and proofreading by greenapple and anks

Han Qilu's mobile phone suddenly rings as he eats his breakfast. When he sees An Chuxia's name on the screen, he frowns in confusion before looking at the bedroom door. He snorts as he looks at the half-open door. "An Chuxia, get dressed quickly and come out!"

After bellowing, the phone stops ringing. As he drinks his milk, he hears the new message tone on his phone.

He reads the short note. Han Qilu, if you want me to marry you, then get me a sanitary napkin and come in immediately!!!!!

Han Qilu chokes on his milk. Steward Han, who's standing next to him, hands him a napkin. However, Han Qilu rejects it.

"Go buy [cough]… go buy sanitary napkins for our visitor."

"Ah?" After a few moments, the butler looks at the general direction of the bedroom before leaving for the entrance, laughing without saying anything.

Nearly ten minutes later, An Chuxia is handed a large bag of toiletries. Why the fuck did he have to give her a large bag containing different brands, lengths of napkins, day, night, everything… .

Does he want her to sell sanitary napkins?

It takes her a while before she finally decides on one of the more reliable brands… with wings.

When she came out to have breakfast, she didn't mention the incident at the table. She wanted to ask him if the reason he bought all those napkins was to show he had money… but she knew he was just being considerate.

Of course, what she doesn't know is that steward Han instructed other people to run the chore, and since they didn't know what brand to buy, they called Han Qilu. He instructed them over the phone to buy a variety of packages to cover all possible situations.

Compared to her silence, Han Qilu is a chatterbox. He is going on and on about attending the wedding of a Chairman's son. Her ears start bleeding from listening to him.

Once she finishes drinking the last of the milk, she becomes impatient. She swirls her right finger into her ear. "Aren't you tired yet?"

Han Qilu looks at her with piercing eyes. "I'm teaching you the rules! If something goes wrong at the wedding, they will laugh their heads off!"

Although what he said is correct, it's the way it is said that's wrong! An Chuxia lifts her gaze. "So, I won't go. I'm a country bumpkin. I am not fit for the big table."

He was going to scold her when Han Qilu realized her attitude changed. He looks at her in silence. "Then stay home, and don't cause any trouble."

He gets up as he glances at the time on his phone. He puts on the black suit jacket before gracefully moving toward the entrance… .

An Chuxia blinks. She can't believe Han Qilu is allowing her to stay home.

"Hello!" The word extended with the last word dragging the "w" sound. By the time the door closed, she just lets out a slight "pa" sound.

"Little miss, do you need me to accompany you?" Steward Han looks at her, bowing slightly.

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