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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 365 Stupid… What’s Wrong

Translation courtesy of newbienoona

Editing and proofreading by anks and greenapple

Han Qilu is a monk with a dirty mouth. Today, he spits out, “you f**king”. An Chuxia thinks it’s a bit strange: Is it because he isn’t angry at Mankuai anymore and has accepted her for a second time?

But that can’t be right! She just saw Xiang Mankuai close to tears, kneeling in front of him! Were her eyes deceiving her, shouldn’t she be nauseated?

She definitely won’t open the door! Who knows what this angry demon would do to her weak self.

She’s happy to control her environment until she hears a loud noise that shocks her! Han Qilu slams against the door, agitated, until he sees An Chuxia in one piece. He is relieved, but at the same time, unnerved… .

Behind Han Qilu is that intruder, Mankuai, with her big, voluminous curly hair, craning her neck to look inside the room. An Chuxia says with a mousy voice, “Do you want to play? This game has a tendency to be perverted. The metropolis is actually a map of the night.”

Despite An Chuxia’s sincerity, the blue vein on Han Qilu’s forehead ticks. The surrounding temperature plummets. It is only then she realizes that something’s wrong. He wanted her to open the door, and she hesitated. Then he forced his way in, only to realize nothing is wrong with her!

“Seriously… what’s wrong?” An Chuxia awkwardly asks. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Then, steward Han bellows, “Young master! I found the key!”

When he sees the open door, the steward glances around before approaching An Chuxia with concern. “Xiaonainai, are you okay? Don’t be stupid! Whatever you do, please consider my old bones!”

The butler’s words leave An Chuxia puzzled. “Stupid?”

She recalls when Han Qilu was outside the door and asked her to let him in, he yelled for her not to do anything stupid. But… stupid thing… what does he mean?

“Miss Chuxia,” Mankuai says coldly, “Did you say, “I’m better off dead”?”

She rummages through her thoughts and realizes… She has just seen Han Qilu’s game character jump into a full-scale god-of-war in real life. She suddenly feels that God is unfair to people, she recklessly stated she didn’t want to live, without realizing the repercussions of those words!

She steals a glance at Han Qilu, and realizes he’s staring at her. His face looks like he’s eaten a hundred stools. [Children, if I tell you one day how many bowel movements have been eaten in this story, there would be too many to count! Puff….]

“You should go back.” Han Qilu gazes into her eyes. An Chuxia thinks he is talking to her when she turns to see him looking at Mankuai.

“Then I’ll take my leave. Thank you for [what you did] today.” Mankuai turns around, still beautiful despite looking desolate. An Chuxia tears up a bit. Has she been abandoned by the abandoned? That sad… .

“Steward Han, don’t you have anything to do?” Han Qilu raises his eyes and cooly stares at the butler.

Steward Han bows his head and says, “I am going to work… .”

CHAPTER 366 Can Kill Without Kindness

Translation courtesy of newbienoona

Editing and proofreading by anks and greenapple

She looks at steward Han beseechingly. She is in a mess! What was that look about?

The butler closes the door behind him. She thinks the door is rather sturdy. Despite being forced open, the door closes well. Sure enough, a high-end hotel has high-end equipment…. .

She snorts and realizes the room is quiet… The corner of her mouth lifts as she points to the computer screen. “Highest level… when do you practice? You play instead of attending class?”

He doesn’t speak. His dark pupils stare at her pointedly, as if he was boring a hole through her. An Chuxia suddenly freezes; she doesn’t know what to do.

Why is he looking at her like this? He’s scaring her! Wasn’t she just playing on his computer? He really is stingy. She swallows hard before looking away. She wants to say something to lighten the mood. Suddenly, she feels Han Qilu on her side.

Before she can think, Han Qilu has already positioned himself before her. He extends his right hand and pushes her shoulder. She falls backwards. Fortunately, she falls on to the big bed behind her, instead of to her death. And if that happened, she’d rather die [of embarrassment].

“F**k you… .” His burning lips attach to hers. Han Qilu swallows all the words that need to be said. She struggles, but he holds her down, pinning her hands over her head, as he arrogantly sucks nectar.

All day he couldn’t wait to get rid of his old love, while fearing that his little woman would be affected by overwhelming emotions.

She struggles because she is aroused, Her face is flush with lust, and Han Qilu finds it attractive. His lower body responds, and his member stiffens.

“You… .” He releases An Chuxia. “In the future, if you dare be capricious, and scare me so much, I will eat you!”

“… Eat?” A chill passes through An Chuxia’s body. She imagines Han Qilu cutting her body into a dozen pieces, while blood pools as he eats her flesh.

She doesn’t dare to look at Han Qilu. He glares at her. Then, he says, “I don’t mean that kind of eating. I mean… .”

His gaze travels from her small face to her neck and collarbone. He could see where he left marks as she struggled.

“You’re a rogue!” An Chuxia attempts to slap him when he catches her wrist in his big hand. When she can’t move, she turns and says, “Did I play with your computer? Are you retaliating against me? Are you trying to kill me?”

Han Qilu smiles unconsciously. He’s just stunned by her. She’s definitely a curse.

Suddenly, he’s tired. Han Qilu leans over and rests his head on her chest. =.=

“Hey! Dude, you have to sleep somewhere else, okay? This is wrong!” She bites her lip after saying the word “wrong”. After that, her face turns a deeper shade of crimson.

In a rare moment, Han Qilu couldn’t be bothered to argue semantics. He just contently sighs, “An Chuxia, when will you understand how I feel for you?”

An Chuxia suddenly panics, but she quickly recovers before flippantly saying, “Your heart? Dude, do you have a heart? If you have one, find another place to lay. And if I can trouble you, can you let go of my hand?”

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