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Image courtesy of the Meraki archives CHAPTER 351 Fearless and Willing to Sacrifice Against All Odds

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks and greenapple

Shoutout to who helped transcribe the title

TN: 粉身碎骨 (fenshensuigu)- idiom: torn body and crushed bones- means: to die horribly / to sacrifice one’s life

"Steward Han, when did you start enjoying teasing me, ah?" Qilu teases him back with a playful tone. Hearing that, the old housekeeper's heart quivers. [The elderly can't afford to get hurt… .]

The housekeeper takes a deep breath, and calms down his poor, old heart. He looks at Han Qilu's eyes. Ah, despite young master's cold demeanor, he knows the young man hopes his soulmate is here at the airport. Maybe he will immediately give up the important meeting in the United States. But would giving up the meeting be okay? Whatever. Having a harmonious marriage between the young couple is what's important.~[=.=]

"Young master, didn't you wish for the young mistress to see you at the airport?" Steward Han asks humbly as their eyes meet.

All of a sudden, the steward feels a spring (youthful) feeling in the wind.=.=

"Steward Han, if you want to retire in old age, naturally, I won't stop you." He lets out a noise between a snort and a hum. The housekeeper immediately closes his mouth. A drop of sweat forms on his forehead. If someone else watches the young master grow up, wouldn't one be scared to paralysis, right?

"Young master, the aircraft is ready for boarding." The bodyguard approaches Han Qilu and immediately lowers his gaze before whispering. "Young master, you see… ."

Han Qilu peers at the private jet before unconsciously scanning the airport. The women caught staring would squeal and pretend to be shy.

But Han Qilu doesn't give them the time of the day. His glance barely registers them in his eyesight. He can't seem to find the person he's looking for… .

There's a smile in the housekeeper's eyes, silently thinking that if the young master boards the plane and finds out that the young mistress he's looking for is in the wrong airport, the young master might not find the urge to kill himself, but he'll jump out of a plane to find her… .

Wrong! After he jumps, wouldn't he be broken to pieces? There won't be any poems to recite about: smashed to pieces, mixed in the mud, and not be beautiful upon leaving the world… .

The housekeeper shudders at the morbid thought. He looks at Han Qilu, who seems to look unperturbed. He already looks bored as he boards the plane with people following him. One of them is carrying his luggage.

Steward Han panics. He quickly says, "Master! Wait!"

Just when they are about to step into the cabin, they hear an excitable steward Han. It's like he's trying to say something, but he stands there in place, frozen. Han Qilu turns around. His eyes are without emotion. "What's wrong?"

Han Qilu stands on the gangway, looking back at the housekeeper. The butler can't read the young master's face. However, he feels the man is at a point of his life where his volatile temperament soon cannot be ignored.

Frowning, steward Han stops himself before saying, "Do you remember the chauffeur who's supposed to drive the young mistress to Stein College? Chen?"

CHAPTER 352. Long Live the Queen

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Focus. What did you say?" Han Qilu shoots him a piercing glance. A thin layer of sweat coats his palm.

"Lao Chen said that he didn't take the young mistress to the College, but he drove her to the airport."

"What did you say?!" Han Qilu squints at him before looking around again. He doesn't see Lao Chen or An Chuxia. His expression rapidly changes. It darkens. He steps off the ramp. Once the young master steps on the tarmac, the housekeeper kneels and shouts on impulse, "Long Live the Queen!"

Han Qilu walks over to the butler who is flashing him a dry smile. "I didn't want to tell you about Lao Chen's call because he's afraid he took her to the wrong airport, the larger one not far from here… ."

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?!" Han Qilu wrinkles his brow, upset at the steward. He quickly gets into the car and instructs the driver to pull away. In three seconds, the car disappears from the crowd's sight.

The steward was slow to respond because he was scared. He then runs after the car as he reacts. "Eh! Eh! Eh! That's my car!" He flags down a car passing by.

"Hello, sir," Steward Han says with a placating smile. "Would you mind selling your car?"

The owner is at a loss for words. He looks at steward Han and judges him by his clothes… It's obvious he's from a family of wealth. Now, his mind is mentally calculating an abacus. After a few seconds… .

"But this is a good car. Although it's been driven a lot, it performs well… ." [A few thousand words have been omitted because the owner is boasting how good his car is, which is obviously his tactic to minimize his loss by gaining maximum benefit.]

Of course, steward Han is not a fool, but his inherent upbringing tells him that he can't be angry at the calculating man.

So he stands there, smiling; listening to the young man's boasting. After almost half an hour, he becomes impatient… [Nima, people are still waiting to see the young master meet up with his soulmate. It would make a good scene!!!]

"Well, sir," Steward Han says politely. "You can say this is the price one pays for such an opportunity."

At first glance, the broken Volkswagen looks like it's worth five or six million; a month's salary can buy a dozen of these used vehicles. But right now, it's worth it for him to get to the airport.

Steward Han looks up at him, half smiling. However, after the look the man gave him, he tries to hide his laughter. Suddenly, the owner of the car is angry.

"What? You think having money is all that great? I told you! What I meant is, it's not all about the money. I just… ."

"Okay, this is my master's card. Please take it." The butler didn't know when Xiao Xia arrived, but she conjures a 24K gold business card. When the man stares at steward Han, confused, Xiao Xia innocently adds, "Sir, I would like to see xiaonainai arrive at the airport."

The driver doesn't want to take the card, but the golden business card catches his attention. He takes it and glances back at the butler. "Is this pure gold?"

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